Essay on road rage in 150 words

essay on road rage in 150 words

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Actually, lets talk about that body for a moment. Personality sure, now that he has his post-serum bod and the prestige of being, yknow, captain America, he could rack up lay after lay if thats what he wanted. But despite the fact that his body looks like it should be carved out of marble, steve rogers is actually evidence of the appeal of personality over looks. Ok, lets take a moment to stop laughing before we continue. As absurd as it may sound, its Steves personality that makes him so appealing to women. Yes, the body certainly helps, nobodys going to deny that. But at the end of the day, steve came thisclose to getting his v-card punched by peggy carter.

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In fact, in Winter Soldier, we learn that Steves been actively avoiding any intimate relationships. Natashas been trying to set him up with various women, and each time hes refused even when hes assured that some of these women would love to date him. But thats not what he wants. . So whats he waiting for? Its not that sex isnt important to him, its that its not important for its own sake. It doesnt define him. It doesnt mean that hes any less of a answers man because you can count the number of girlfriends hes had on the fingers of one foot because its not a measure of his summary worth and thats something thats been part of his personality since the. Even back when he was skinny Steve, he didnt define himself by his lack of luck with the ladies. It was just a fact, like being blonde or living in Brooklyn. But now that hes got that body, hes got the chance to make up for lost time, right?

And yet, nobody would question Caps status as a man, no? I mean, are you seriously going to look at someone who can quite literally command a god and say that because hes never entered the holiest of holies type (or ridden the baloney pony, for that matter) hes less of a man for it? Its almost as though his sexual experience has absolutely nothing to do with his masculinity Of course, it seems a little ridiculous that Captain fucking America couldnt get a date, no? . I mean, sure hes got no game to speak of Ouch. But come on, just look at him. He looks like chris evans! Except Caps not interested in just getting his dick wet.

essay on road rage in 150 words

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But its not Steves restraint or resistance to violence that makes him an example of positive masculinity. As a guaranteed matter of fact, its an area where, in the terms of traditional, toxic masculinity, steve falls far short of true manliness. Sex Doesnt make the man Steve rogers is a 98-year old virgin. In fact, we know exactly how much sexual experience Steves had. Weve seen all. Hes been kissed type three times. Once by Private lorraine, once by peggy carter and once by natasha romanova. And thats pretty much.

Similarly, in The avengers, his introduction to tony Stark and Thor is to try to stop the fight, attempting to disarm the both of them rather than attacking directly. During the invasion of New York, steves first orders are to protect and evacuate the civilians in the area. In the midst of an alien-fucking-invasion, his first instinct is to ensure the protection of the most vulnerable people around him. As opposed to certain other superheroes (ahem) Steve didnt earn his body; it was given to him. But his strength isnt the strength of his muscles, its the strength of his soul and his core. He was given that power and like a certain web-head, he understands that with great power comes great responsibility. And that responsibility is to help those who cant help themselves, not to prove how butch he is by pounding some dudes face into goo.

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essay on road rage in 150 words

Road, rage, essay, research Paper It seems

When it became clear that the only way to save the us from the red skulls super-weapon, he rode that sucker into the ground in order to make sure that nobody else would get hurt. In fact, its pretty significant that Caps signature weapon is a shield, an inherently defensive tool. Unlike iron Mans laser-ejaculating hands, Thors enchanted hammer with its long hard handle, hawkeyes flying phalloi and Banners rampaging Id, Steve has a disc. Its not lingam, biography its not a yoni. . It doesnt cut, it doesnt thrust, it doesnt penetrate, it blocks. Its there to protect, not to destroy.

And that shield is the symbol of Steves brave rejection of violence qua violence. In fact, hes far more likely to try to avoid fighting if it isnt absolutely necessary. Much like raleigh Becket, steve prefers to fight when its actually important. Consider this moment in Captain America: Winter Soldier Knowing that hes been betrayed, that hes boxed in and that his life is in danger, he still tries to give his opponents an out. He doesnt have any interest in hurting his opponents if he doesnt absolutely have. Its only when they attack him that he responds. He gave them the choice, they chose not to take it and now its.

Physical strength, a capacity for violence and the willingness to use it are among of the core tenets of toxic masculinity. Poke around forums and subreddits devoted to manliness and youll see the subject come up over and over again: threatening violent revenge against people whove wronged you, intimidating people in order to show how bad-ass you are, bro, do you even lift? That is part of what makes Steve rogers an interesting example of non-toxic masculinity. By all rights, he meets almost anyones definition of being an alpha male. Hes a physical beast of a man with a body like a greek god. . Hes the ultimate athlete, strong enough to rip doors off cars and shred logs with his bare hands.

His career, even purpose, is defined by violence. Hes a super-soldier, with the emphasis on soldier, having been at the forefront of Americas war against the nazis in World War. But whats significant is that despite his capability to perform violence, steve isnt Ass-Kick McGee. Hes defined less by his strength and more by the way he uses it and why. Steve rogers isnt a warrior so much as he is a guardian. His first instinct is to throw himself  into harms way in order to save others, regardless of whether hell survive or not. He quite literally threw himself on a grenade in order to save his unit during basic training. .

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You could knock him down, but hed get right back up again because someone had to stand up to bullies and by god he was gonna be that someone. Would the military not take him because he was 90 lbs sopping wet? Fine, hell keep applying until he gets in not because hes trying to be a badass but because he wants to help people who cant help themselves. Its that moral plan clarity that makes Rogers, even when hes a scrawny weakling, so compelling. When hes given what many people would see as the dream a body thats literally the peak of human performance he maintains that moral stance. . Instead of leaping at the chance to make up for lost time wrecking shit, banging chicks etc. he focuses on doing what he always intended to do in the first place: helping others in need. Speaking of, the purposes of Strength.

essay on road rage in 150 words

and that has informed everything about his character. Hes someone who was weak who gained power but still remembers what it was like to be weak. Pre-serum Rogers was someone who recognized that he was hardly writer the epitome of manly perfection. But rather than becoming a ball of resentment or looking for a magic fix that would let him become an alpha like his best friend Bucky, he simply kept trying to move forward. His greatest strengths were his moral core and the optimism that hed make it through eventually, no matter how much work itd take. . Hed do what was right regardless of the consequences to him. Would standing up to a bully end with his getting a muddy hole stomped into his spine? Probably but he had to do it anyway.

Core of Non-Toxic Masculinity, steve rodgers is an interesting exercise in contrasts. By any stretch of the imagination, rogers is someone who benefits from the traditional ideas of masculinity. Hes a bad-ass soldier, a leader of men, a 62 blonde ubermensch with abs like whoah and a butt like phwoar. His upper torso looks like a damn Dorito standing on its point. But while its easy to think of Rogers as someone who looks like this: Fun fact: this wasnt in the script. Haley atwell literally couldnt resist touching him. We tend to forget that hes spent most of his life looking like this: looking for all the world like a strong sneeze would break him in half.

Eu data subject Requests. This week, were returning to the online topic of masculinity and how to be a good man in an era when what it means to be a man is changing. And to look at modern masculinity, were going to take a look at a character from the past. A man out of time, even; dropped from his time into the present day. Its a surprisingly common trope in fiction using a character from the past to comment on the cultural and social mores of the present. It often ties into a belief that previous generations had it right and that ours has lost its way, as well as providing comfortable, distinct sign posts and guides for behavior. Ironically enough, however, this man from the past is a beacon for being a man today, rather than in his own time.

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Essay on road rage in 150 words
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