Management dissertation help

management dissertation help

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Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering, 75 (7-B(E). The impact of gender and emotional intelligence on career commitment among senior undergraduate hotel management majors in taiwan. A new mixed model measure of Emotional Intelligence. Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering, 75 (8-B(E). Dissertations from 2014 Abdulkarim,. The relationship between a leader's self-perceived level of emotional intelligence and organizational climate, as perceived by organizational members. Dissertation Abstracts International Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences, 74 (11-A(E). The relationship between emotional intelligence of a leader and employee motivation to job performance.

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The following list of dissertations represent research conducted in the area homework of emotions and emotional intelligence in organizational settings with adult populations. Click on a year below to jump to section., dissertations from 2015, adams,. Utilization of emotional intelligence traits by public school superintendents in the state of Arkansas. Dissertation Abstracts International Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences, 75 (7-A(E). Finding the right fit: Using organizational culture and emotional intelligence in the lead pastor search process. Dissertation Abstracts International Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences, 75 (8-A(E). Examining oil first-line managers' leadership practices, emotional intelligence, and workplace spirituality in the manufacturing industry. An examination of the relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership of texas superintendents. Dissertation Abstracts International Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences, 75 (9-A(E). Online education, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills for the 21st century workforce. The influence of interpersonal and intrapersonal self-regulatory variables on performance outcomes of counseling interns.

If you are diary interested in a program listed herein please first contact your University counselor for the most current information regarding availability of the program. The department of Education defines how an institution must calculate a program's On-Time completion rate for federal disclosure purposes. The On-Time completion rate is based on a program's published required number of months to complete all degree requirements as provided in the institution's catalog. Completion statistics are updated every january and are based on the cohort of students who started the program in the same year and then graduated within the published program length. Loading Content Additional Program Disclosures average number of continuation courses Since program inception, on average, doctoral students who graduated required.2 continuation courses to complete their doctoral degree. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for more information. Program subject to change.

management dissertation help

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Full-time faculty members and fully trained adjunct instructors, equipped with strong academic backgrounds and practical experience in their fields, support you every step of the way. Designed with the career-oriented professional in mind, our online classes provide an intimate environment that stimulates engaging and challenging discussions. Choose from programs across our distinct colleges, in high-demand employment areas. Evening Grand Canyon Universitys evening write programs cater to the demands of working professionals yardage who prefer an in-person learning environment. Our night classes meet just once per week and offer the interaction and discussion of a typical college classroom. Night classes are designed for a specific number of students, providing a warm and nurturing environment that supports an engaging experience. In an evening cohort, you will progress through your degree program with the same career-minded classmates, providing an opportunity to network and forge relationships that go beyond the classroom. Classes begin frequently at various locations, including our main campus. Please note that this list may contain programs that are not presently offered as program availability may vary depending on class size, enrollment and other contributing factors.

In addition to this course content, students learn to present the opportunities for further research that might have emerged as a result of this work and the potential that lies ahead for others to follow. Dba-965: Dissertation iii total Credits: 3 credits course description This course emphasizes the finalization of the dissertation and provides learners guidance for finding the appropriate venues and approaches in publishing their research findings. This includes the final steps necessary in pulling together what might have been earlier versions of chapters 1, 2, and 3, as well as the proofing and dissertation editing strategies that are required and the steps scholars can take to make sure their results are. This includes an exploration of writing research articles and preparing to present scholarly papers, as well as other publication venues. Program Locations Online pursue a next-generation education with an online degree from Grand Canyon University. Earn your degree with convenience and flexibility with online courses that let you study anytime, anywhere. Gcu offers the most experienced leadership in delivering online degree programs.

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management dissertation help

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Res-880: Formalizing the research Prospectus Total Credits: 3 credits course description learners complete a cogent research prospectus as the foundation for their dissertation research proposal. Emphasis is placed on fully articulating a study design and methodology that is aligned with the research questions and developing the first iteration (draft) of Chapter 3 of the dissertation. Prerequisite: res-855 or res-866. Dba-885: developing the research Proposal Total Credits: 3 credits course description In this course, learners formalize their research proposal specific to their topic. Emphasis is placed on fully developing Chapter 1 and incorporating Chapters 2 and 3 (drafts) from previous research courses.


This proposal becomes the first three chapters of the dissertation upon approval of the final draft by the college of Doctoral Studies. Dba-955: Dissertation i total Credits: 3 credits course description One of the most essential aspects of bringing research findings to the scholarly community is mastering the discipline of approaching this task in business an unbiased, benign manner. This course emphasizes the steps scholars must take in taking their findings and establishing a reporting mechanism that presents the outcomes of the research in a way that clearly articulates the fruits of the researchers labors without distracting or misinforming the audience. This work is typically done in chapter 4 of a dissertation. Also included in this content is the organization of data sets and the application of tables, charts, and graphs. Dba-960: Dissertation ii total Credits: 3 credits course description While chapter 4 focuses on the benign presentation of results, chapter 5 of the dissertation seeks to make sense of these findings in relationship to the overarching body of work that currently exists. Reflections include the synthesis of findings, comparing those findings to previous work done in the area; consideration of issues related to the research process used and the potential challenges and advantages of the approaches used; and thoughts on implications of these findings on the current.

Learners use the research prospectus template to guide the development of their Chapter. Prerequisite: res-850 or mgt-810 or res-825. Dba-815: Economics for Business Decisions Total Credits: 3 credits course description This course provides the student with the skills and competencies needed to be able to apply microeconomic principles to the solution of business problems. Specifically, the course examines the four market structures focusing on competition and utilizes microeconomic theory to provide solutions to business problems. Dba-835: The sustainable future total Credits: 3 credits course description This course examines organizational sustainability through the lenses of competitive advantage and innovation. It addresses the leadership skills and capabilities required to foster, lead, and sustain innovation in organizations, and it explores how these ideas can be applied to create competitive advantage leading to a sustainable organization.

Res-866: Approaches to research Design and Data Analysis Total Credits: 3 credits course description This course provides learners with an overview of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches with emphasis on conceptual and practical aspects of data collection, management, and analysis. Learners use their research prospectus to align the research question(s) and variables of interest with the appropriate data collection and analytical techniques. Res-845: Statistics Total Credits: 3 credits course description This course provides a study of theories of probability, descriptive and inferential analyses of data, and testing of statistical hypotheses. Practical experience is provided in the application of statistical methods. Rsd-881: Residency: Presentation of Progress or Results Total Credits: 3 credits course description This residency prepares students to present their scholarly work and to thoughtfully critique the work of others. Students orally present papers developed in their own classes and respond to questions from colleagues. Students are further prepared to become active members in academic communities by learning how to review papers and provide comments. Mgt-830: Management of Business Complexity total Credits: 3 credits course description This course provides the doctoral learner the opportunity to manage a fictitious business entity in which they balance conflicting resource requests. The doctoral learner applies the management, financial, marketing, technology, and economic skills acquired during the program of study to recommend policy decisions with the intent to increase stakeholder value, competitive advantage, and long term sustainability.

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Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methods are introduced and applied. The template for developing a research prospectus is also introduced, with emphasis on identifying a researchable topic related to the learners degree specialization. Rsd-851: Residency: Dissertation Total Credits: 3 credits course description This residency allows students to begin developing their skills as academic researchers. Residency sessions address topics such as research question development, design, item generation, subscale development and analysis, and basic hypothesis testing. Students have hands-on experience with quantitative and qualitative analysis software. Mgt-825: Contemporary business year Law Total Credits: 3 credits course description learners explore the legal aspects of business management in a global integrated enterprise. Emphasis is placed on ethically limiting organizational liability in a complex business environment by extending the perspective of business beyond profit. Res-861: Analysis of Existing Research Total Credits: 3 credits course description This course is designed to train learners in the conduct of a systematic literature review related to their research topic. Emphasis is placed on creating structure for reading, analyzing, synthesizing, and organizing prior research necessary for drafting the first iteration (draft) of Chapter 2 of the dissertation.

management dissertation help

Learners explore approaches to synthesizing literature and the application of files the major components of apa form and style, and learn to coordinate literature searches. Furthermore, they learn how to discern principal arguments, analyze research questions, and clearly identify the key scholarly attributes to journal articles and other sources of scholarly data. This course also introduces learners to the Universitys overarching values and beliefs regarding research and the responsibility scholars have in continuing a tradition of contributing to an ever-growing body of knowledge. Dba-805: Management Theory in a global Economy total Credits: 3 credits course description This course provides an overview of seminal management theories and their relevance, applicability, and/or divergence from current business practice. Students focus on understanding the application of management theories to support organizational sustainability in a global economy. Mgt-805: Designing Organizational Structures Total Credits: 3 credits course description This course examines the foundational considerations of organizational design and the relationship between design and structures. It presents the key considerations relevant in designing and structuring the optimal organization. The theoretical foundations for such decisions are also presented. Res-850: foundations for Research Total Credits: 3 credits course description This course provides a broad overview of foundational elements for conducting independent, original research.

structuring an organization for optimization, change and/or growth. Career Outcomes, prepare for Business, management, as part of the dba in management program, you focus your attention on the issues that administrators face in today's corporate world. Prepare for an executive-level career in domestic or international business corporations and consulting firms or faculty positions within postsecondary education. The programs offered at Grand Canyon University may vary by content and course length. You are currently viewing the program version available in Arizona. For information about specific course content, credit length and va approval in your state, please contact a counselor at 1-855-gcu-lope or click here to request more information. Major: 60 credits, total Degree requirements: 60 credits Program Core courses res-811: Introduction to Advanced Graduate Studies and Scholarship Total Credits: 3 credits course description This course introduces students to the principal elements of research and scholarly writing.

Frequent feedback and mentoring from faculty are database provided beginning with your very first course, helping you continuously polish your final dissertation to perfection. Online discussions and onsite residencies provide opportunities for beneficial networking, exchange and mentorship as you enhance your research and writing. This includes two four-day residencies, conducted on-site with faculty and fellow learners. Degree outcomes, research Business tools and Models, in the doctor of Business Administration online program from gcu, you will learn to survey leading edge tools and models in the field of business analytics, which are used create a competitive advantage. Study changing market structures and the new economics of business while also analyzing established strategies. What you will learn. Study to become a business leader. The dba management includes coursework focused on: Scholarly research and writing to properly disseminate evidence-based information.

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Doctor of Business Administration (dba management - online gcu. Offered By: College of Doctoral Studies. Overview, earn a dba in, management, the doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with an Emphasis. Management, offered online by the college of Doctoral Studies, is parts an immersive educational experience combining strategic management theory with transformative business practice. Gain in-depth expertise in the competitive needs of a global economy, perfect for those seeking to drive organizational change or advance careers within higher education. Learn to thrive in a dynamic global marketplace shaped by geo-political conflict, big data analytics, e-commerce, mobile technology and much more. Enhance your skills in financial management, planning, marketing, research and business decision-making in direct response to these and other constantly evolving factors. Broaden your perspective and sharpen your practice through our unique integrated Case Study, your chance to create and grow a complex business enterprise and re-evaluate its components as part of your dba management courses. The dissertation process is also integrated throughout your Doctor of Business Administration online program, a unique feature of doctoral studies at Grand Canyon University (GCU).

Management dissertation help
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  5. The following list of dissertations represent research conducted in the area of emotions and emotional intelligence in organizational settings with adult populations. Come see usLocated on 295 acres on the north side of Indianapolis, the nations 14th-largest city, butler is home to both historic buildings and park-like settings. March 4, 2018. Dissertation abstracts international online quiz, hire an essay writer, creative writing exercise funny. Visit Temple, texas 2600 s first.

  6. Gcu s online doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in management degree teaches strategic management theory that drives change and transforms businesses. Welcome to Essay writer. Essay writer is dedicated to offering a high quality and affordable custom essay and dissertation writing service tailored to your individual requirements. Management, systems office at Western Illinois University. Welcome to the new Titan Research Gateway, home to the Offices of Research and Sponsored Projects, research development, Grants and Contracts, and Compliance.

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