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missing homework

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Requirements analysis is a set of activities that includes _ (p63). Chapter 3 review question. Since the end user is the one who wants the proposed system, it can be argued that the user should be ultimately responsible for verifying that the requirements specification is adequate to meet their needs. . Why does Stiller disagree? What are the advantages of prototyping as a requirements refinement tool? . Are there any disadvantages? What purpose do "walkthroughs" serve? .

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What items does Stiller include that we have omitted? . What items do we include that are not found on Stiller's list? Give a one sentence description of each of the four stages of team development. Stiller lists six symptoms of conflict occuring in a team. Can you think of others? The suggestions Stiller makes for conflict resolution seem very formal, as though intended for a large organization. What informal strategies can you think of that could apply to bags a 205 team? What's the definition of a project "risk?" Stiller categorizes risks into "technical" and "human" risks. Think of two real risks in each category for your team project at the current time. One of the best ways to reduce technical risk is to deliver the product in a series of incremental steps, sometimes called "staged delivery." List the benefits of this strategy. Homework 3 due thursday select 12 of the following questions to answer using your own words.

Why book is it important for the manager to understand the interdependencies of each development task? . Explain, using an appropriate example. It seems that since dividing a project into functional partitions can increase the likelihood of successful implementation, why don't we divide the project into as many subprojects as possible? What is a "task network?" How is it useful to managers? What three scheduling tasks are facilitated by pert/cpm methods? How does a gantt chart differ from a pert chart? . What are the advantages of each? Why are milestones better than progress reports for assessing project status? Match the deliverables list in Fig.9 to our course deliverables list in a side-by-side comparison.

missing homework

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What three reasons does Stiller give for measuring software? . Think of another reason. For each of the three general schools of thought about how to measure software, give a one sentence description of the general approach, identify the phase or phases real of the lifecycle when the measure is computed, and list the major advantages and disadvantages of the. The best project estimates are based on what? What is the difference in purpose for size metrics and quality metrics? Fred Brooks in his classic book "The mythical Man-Month" is famous for his" "Adding people to a late software project makes it later." Explain this phenomenon. What is a software "configuration?" Invent an example of software that has multiple configurations. Two-thirds of the way through your project the customer presents a "must have" feature that he wants added to the software. . What procedure does Stiller recommend be followed for dealing with this proposed change?

What kind of software do they create? . In contrast, what kind of companies are frequently guilty of releasing software with known defects? Some observers believe that software companies won't shift their focus to quality until they are forced to by threat of lawsuit. Why have software firms been able to avoid product liability litigation so far? On page 293 Stiller says that three constraints - time, cost, and results - must be balanced by the manager. . Compare this with the "manager's diamond" model shown in class. Categorize the project manager responsibilities shown in the bulleted list on page 293 into those performed during project commencement and those that are performed throughout the project.

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missing homework

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Invent an example of each. Inheritance and templates are helpful programming constructs because they contribute to what characteristic of a good design? List the iso qualities of good software. Compare Brooks' team structure (p57-58) to our job descriptions. In her article, ludi describes several types of spoken behaviors. "Is everyone clear how to create the data dictionary entries for their use cases?" is an example of which behavior?

What are some examples of positive group wallpaper dynamics that Ludi describes? In his article "Why software is so bad" Mann argues that programmers wrote better quality programs before the 1970's before the advent of personal computers. The "code and fix" development style lacks adequate design and leads to what kinds of problems? In explaining the software industry's unreliable products, how do defenders claim software is different than other industries? Nasa and Lockheed Martin are examples of companies making progress in producing quality software. .

In a dfd (data flow diagram) the circles represent _ and the lines represent. Chapter 1 review question. Are modules in a functional design encapsulated? Explain the purpose for creating informal scenarios. For each of the criteria in Summary points.1, evaluate the scenario below and write "yes" or "no" to indicate whether it meets the criteria. .

If you answered "no" explain why. Mark opens the dishwasher door and slides the bottom tray out along its tracks. He picks up a plate and rinses it using the faucet. He stands the plate in the first slot of the bottom tray. He continues placing dishes in the dishwasher until there are no more dishes to load or the dishwasher is full. Give three reasons why modeling is helpful to software developers. Define each of the four criteria stiller provides for writing quality modules in a design.

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When is the waterfall process recommended? What is an advantage of the iterative development process? . What is a disadvantage? Homework 2, due tuesday, divide the questions among the member of your reviews team. . (Manager records who was assigned which questions). . Create a copy of your solutions for the instructor and one for each other team member. Answer the following questions using your own words. Define the following terms: first structured programming functional decomposition stepwise refinement structured analysis and design entity relationship diagram, lookup several definitions of the term "abstraction" and create your own definition.

missing homework

Week 3, week 4, week 5, week. Week 7, week 8, week 1, ch 1 review questions 1 - 4, 9 -. Betty Analyst has conceptualized a medical patient monitoring system as containing these elements: gost obtain patient vital signs, check safe limits, signal alarm. Is her conceptualization process or object oriented? How do you know? Which conceptualization scheme is superior, process or object oriented? . Chapter 2 review question. Briefly contrast the waterfall development process with the iterative development process.

numbers on the left and right sides of your screen. Homework will be normally be assigned each Thursday and due the following Thursday in class. Late homework will not be accepted. You are allowed, even encouraged, to work on the homework in small groups, but you must write up your own homework to hand. Only two random homework assignments (per students) will be graded on a scale. (Missing assignments will get zero score.). Homework set 1: nit problems.4,.6,.11,.13,.15,.16,.1,.3 solutions, homework set 2:.2,.4,.5,.6,.11,.14,.18 solutions, homework set 3:.7,.8,.15,.19,.20,.2,.4 solutions, homework set 4:.9,.10 (a)-(d.12,.4,.5. Homework questions, homework questions, week 1, week.

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Missing homework
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  3. This assignment is recommended for those who need more practice with design and class diagrams. This way, there is not a mad scramble for missing homework, notes, things necessary for school the next day. Final exam Equation Sheets (Let me know if anything is wrong or missing homework, assignments. Homework 12 (not collected). 2 points missing major parts. 1,0 points little or no effort.

  4. Homework will be normally be assigned each Thursday and due the following Thursday in class. Only two random homework assignments (per students) will be graded on a scale. Enjoy fantastic jackpots while you explore the folklore surrounding these mythical creatures of the night that eat everything - from missing car keys and lost socks to mysteriously disappearing homework.17b homework solutions English homework sites Microsoft math equation editor download Algebra 1 linear equations solver. Reasons for students not doing their homework, with suggestions to deal with the problem. Home go to the homepage. You may complete it to makeup a missing homework or for an extra credit homework.

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