Our world in 2050 essay

our world in 2050 essay

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Out of these possible solutions, i will be explaining about entomophagy. The word, Entomophagy comes from the greek term, entomos or entomon, defined as insects and phagein defined as eating. If you combine these two terms, it means to eat the insects. Of course these days, eating insects are rare in developed countries however insect is still popular as a food for developing countries in Central and south America, asia and Africa. Inhabitants of many countries still eat insects for its nutritional value and taste. So in general, entomophagy doesnt just mean eating bugs, but a lot more than that. The reason I chose entomophagy as a possible solution is that entomophagy is an efficient way to feed 9 billion of people and also, it is phrased as a creative and new way of interacting with nature. According to the Entomological Society of Ameirca, insects contain about the same about the same amount of protein but less fats than the original meats and 20 times better food conversion effects than original meats.

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On the other hand, people seem to be quite optimistic about the benefits of genetic engineering, as they story think scientists will use it to cure diseases like cancer and aids. If scientists manage to find a cure for these, we'll have a much healthier society. Some people worry about the future, while others are full of hope and enthusiasm. No matter how dark or bright it may seem, it is up to us to look after our planet and try to make it a better place to live. Feeding the world in 2050, the current world population is approximately 7 billion and it is estimated to increase to around 9 billion by the year 2050. However the land area available for growing food doesnt seem to increase much due to the land degradation. If we dont do anything, this world will be lack of foods, water and resources which means it will never be the same as now again. So, throughout this essay, i will be explaining about the causes of these problems and the possible solution to this problem. First of all, if this problem doesnt stop, there are possibilities of famine occurring anywhere. Famine, refers to an extreme lack of food supplies or food access compared to its population and death rate. One reason that famine show more content, however the food shortage can be solved by few ways which is entomophagy, production of meat directly from the stem cell, genetic modification of plants, growing food using hydroponics/aeroponics (without soil) and growing algae as a food source.

Space exploration will become increasingly popular. Fifty per cent of the people we talked to believe that man will regularly visit Mars. They also believe that travel on our own planet will probably change. Almost everyone thinks that there will be no cars in the city centers. Some even think that environmentally-friendly electric or solar-powered cars will have replaced the cars we use nowadays. Pollution is something that seems to worry many people. Some fear that it will continue to get worse, and that our planet will become impossible to live. Others even foresee that one day we'll have to pay for clean air just like we do now summary for clean water.

our world in 2050 essay

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Others, however, say that we will become much more isolated from each other because we will have little real human contact. Education will have changed a lot too. As more and more children will be using computers in schools, certain abilities, such as mental arithmetic will not be necessary since there will be computer programs. Even writing by hand will have become a thing of the past. According to the survey, home life will be better. Most people believe that by 2050 robots will be doing the housework and we will be eating ready-made food. A lot of people think that we might only cook for fun in the future.

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our world in 2050 essay

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China is a great blueprint to prevent the world from overpopulation, lot it is ironic because China has the biggest population in the world but the policies and benefits they offer is a great strategy that any country could imitate to avoid overpopulation. Even with that said; expect the world to overpopulate causing travesties, pandemics and disasters as 2050 approaches. Future life, can you imagine what our lives will be like in the year 2050? Perhaps you will be flying off for a holiday on the moon, or maybe you will be taking your dog for a walk in the virtual reality. We recently carried out a survey of 1,000 people from different countries to find out what they think life will be like in the future.

The results clearly demonstrate both our hopes and fears. The survey suggests that friendship - one of the most important human relationships -will have changed dramatically. People will make friends through the Internet. What is more, a large number of people will even come across their future husbands or wives in this way! Computers will have become absolutely essential by 2050. Even now, some people describe them as their best friend!

A tiny fraction of that amount can put an end to poverty but global security continues to be overlooked. Every other child is in poverty which amounts to one billion kids (Anup Shah). Most developing countries still face financial debts. Developing countries often spend the majority of the money received to pay off these debts, which is another case of poverty being ignored. With poverty comes a poor living condition, which will also cause very bad effects on the population, with diseases such as Malaria and hiv/aids. There are also lack of nutrients, poor health institutions and very poor sanitation.

Poverty is constantly overlooked and will continue to be a problem in 2050. At this rate, overpopulation seems inevitable but it is definitely not unavoidable. If these issues continue to be ignored then it could be much more difficult to solve these problems as they expand and as these current problems grow, new problems will be introduced. Overpopulation will have a fatal effect on the earths resources. There will be a tremendous increase in poverty as Earths resources run low because of the amount of people and how to spread it evenly so no one suffers from malnutrition. That is also the reason why world hunger will be at its worst point. It is definitely possible to eliminate overpopulation in 2050 5 these problems the world currently faces but the countries fail to seriously challenge these problems and find a solution.

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Continued revelation poverty in developing countries is a owl main issue when it comes to overpopulation. Poverty has been an ongoing issue for thousands of years. Almost half the overpopulation in 2050 4 world lives. 50 a day and over eighty percent of the worlds population lives on less than 10 a day (Anup Shah). The lack of humanitarian assistance from powerful countries leaves this issue unsolved. The world spends a massive sum of money on military but ignores global outcries such as poverty. In 2008, the world military expenditure was estimated to have reached. 4 trillion dollars (Anup Shah).

our world in 2050 essay

It is important for women to know their rights. Women fail to possess the sense of knowledge to properly use contraceptives. The lack of knowledge that many women fail to gain often leads to early pregnancy. The fertility rate in Canada is only. 6 (United Nations) thus and resulting in a smaller population considering this rate is maintained and ignoring other factors that affect population such as immigration. Developed countries have more well educated and literate women (United Nations) thus making them it easier for them not to reproduce whereas in developing countries they have females who do not have access to contraceptives due to their lack of knowledge in sexual education. The fertility rate of some developing countries such as Uganda and Yemen exceed seven. Women in developing countries are unaware of the excessive growth in population and will continue to reproduce many of the babies that will subsequently result in the massive population the world is expected to face in 2050.

person was once just forty years but with all the medical improvements that number now hovers around sixty to seventy years old (World development Indicators). It may sound ludicrous but is it impossible for that number to one day eclipse one hundred? The citizens from the baby boom are aging and entering their senior years, which will demand a lot of medical attention. With medicines still improving, these senior citizens will receive amazing health care to keep overpopulation in 2050 3 their systems running and with the younger generation entering the age of parenthood, a population will explode as the mortality rate becomes extremely lower than the fertility. In 2050, another population issue which we will face is lack of female education. It is commonly believed that knowledge is power. Millions of females all over the world are denied access to reproduction education. Only forty-three percent of girls in developing countries attend secondary school (Empowerment International).

The main population issues for 2050 will be overpopulation due to the advancement in medicines, the lack of female education and the continued poverty in developing countries. Due to overpopulation, there have been significant changes in the medical field with anaesthetics, artificial hearts and vaccinations. It is inevitable that new discoveries and inventions will continue to be made. We will write a custom essay sample. Overpopulation in 2050 or any similar topic specifically for you. Do not Waste, your Time, send, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally plan send you account related and promo emails. More Essay examples.

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Overpopulation in 2050 2 overpopulation in 2050: Dangers of the near Future humans interact with aliens. Overpopulation in 2050 introduction. That may be the top headline in 2050. It is fuller impossible to foresee the future but through recent patterns and careful observations, it is pretty safe to say that the world will face overpopulation. Overpopulation is when the amount of people in an area exceeds the carrying-capacity. Just sixty years ago the worlds population was two and a half billion (U. That number has rapidly risen and now sits just above seven billion. Many demographers believe that number will exceed nine billion by 2050. There is no way the earth will have enough resources to support that number of people.

Our world in 2050 essay
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  3. Essay on year 2050. The year is not so far away that we cant assume what probably would be the scenario then. Fast food, entertainment, and news would be ready for our consumption at our will. By the year 2050, the worlds population will reach nine billion. Explore the world in 2050.

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