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( tos : " Balance of Terror the Enterprise reached Exo iii on stardate 2712.4, where. Roger Korby was found after years of silence, exploring and exploiting a sophisticated android manufacturing technology the legacy of a long- dead civilization. Korby had replaced his own damaged body, transplanting his personality into an android replica, and built himself a beautiful companion, Andrea. Against Kirk's wishes, an android duplicate of Kirk was created too. However, the android Korby, after exhibiting madness, destroyed himself. tos : " What Are little girls Made Of? at the end of the episode, it is implied that Kirk doesn't log this incident, as he tells Spock, ".

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Kirk did not settle on a regular navigator for another two years. ( tos : " The corbomite maneuver " Catspaw " Amok time " Who mourns for Adonais? 2266 Edit On stardate 1512.2, kirk made first contact with the first Federation, when the Enterprise was detained by captain Balok and a massive spaceship under Balok's command, the fesarius. Both captains bluffed ferociously, but Kirk's poker face held. Balok proved to be quite friendly, eager to begin a cultural exchange. ( tos : " The corbomite maneuver mccoy curing Kirk of polywater intoxication On stardate 1533.6, kirk and his crew wooden made a brief first contact with the Thasians, an uncanny group of aliens. While interacting with Charlie evans, a temporary visitor to the Enterprise, kirk demonstrated prowess with judo, and deep-rooted compassion when Charlie's "teachers" wanted to return him to an isolated existence. ( tos : " Charlie x the romulan commander Kirk repelled the first Romulan incursion into federation space in over a century, on stardate 1709.2. A romulan Bird-of-Prey equipped with a cloak and a powerful plasma torpedo system destroyed four Earth Outpost Stations along the romulan neutral Zone. Kirk engaged and pursued the romulan ship, disabling it before the romulan commander ordered his own ship's self-destruction. Kirk and his bridge crew became the first Starfleet officers to make essay visual contact with a romulan, finally revealing their appearance to Starfleet.

Ignoring Spock advising him to destroy mitchell immediately, kirk hesitated until after Mitchell killed navigator lee kelso. On the pdf surface of Delta vega, kirk hunted Mitchell, and managed to kill him only with the help of another officer undergoing the same transformation as Mitchell,. ( tos : " Where no man Has Gone before following the tragedy, kirk shuffled the Enterprise 's command crew. Lieutenant Commander Spock, a legacy officer from the former commander, captain Christopher pike, remained science officer and Kirk acknowledged him as first officer. A new chief medical officer,. Leonard Mccoy, replaced. Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott remained chief engineer. Lieutenant nyota Uhura became communications officer and lieutenant hikaru sulu was transferred to the helm.

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In addition to his overall mission statement " to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, etc. " kirk received standing orders to investigate all quasars, and quasar-like phenomena. Kirk was initially quartered on Deck 12 in 2266, before moving to deck 5, room "3F 121". ( tos : " Mudd's Women " The galileo seven " journey to babel voy : " Q2 2265 Edit Kirk faces the unknown Kirk's first major task as captain, attempting to retrieve an fuller extra- galactic probe in 2265, proved to be a disaster. Discovering a disaster recorder from the ss valiant that described a catastrophic disaster following a visit to the galaxy 's edge, kirk pushed on, and encountered the galactic barrier for his first time. The Enterprise failed to breach the barrier, and barely escaped destruction. With its warp engines badly damaged, the Enterprise limped under impulse power towards the delta vega lithium cracking station. The barrier triggered a transformation in Kirk's helmsman and best friend Gary mitchell, who began developing psychic powers that progressed rapidly, with a commensurate loss of his Humanity.

The creature killed Captain Garrovick and two hundred of the ship's crew. Farragut 's record tapes of the event included lieutenant Kirk insisting upon blaming himself for the disaster, citing his delay in firing the ship's phaser banks at the creature as he lost consciousness. The farragut 's executive officer disagreed, stating, " lieutenant Kirk is a fine young officer who performed with uncommon bravery. " ( tos : " Obsession in the late 2250s, as a lieutenant, kirk was an instructor at the Academy. ( tos : " Where no man Has Gone before see also: Ambiguities The uss enterprise and its five-year mission Edit The uss enterprise (ncc-1701) Kirk's Starfleet service through the late 2250s and early 2260s was rewarded with a rapid rise through the ranks. ( tos : " Where no man Has Gone before sometime before or in the year 2265, at thirty-two years of age, with the rank of captain, he assumed command of the constitution -class starship uss enterprise (ncc-1701) from Christopher pike, bringing lieutenant Commander Gary. ( tos : " Where no man Has Gone before " The menagerie, part i kirk commanded the Enterprise on a historic five-year mission, from 2265 to 2270, which made him a legend in space exploration.

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( tos : " court Martial in 2255, kirk was promoted to lieutenant. As a young lieutenant, he visited neural on his first planetary survey mission. Kirk met and befriended one of the planet's natives, the hill man Tyree. Kirk's report described writing a primitive but promising culture, and Starfleet endorsed him recommending a policy of non-interference. ( tos : " The corbomite maneuver " a private little war in 2257, upon graduating from Starfleet Academy, kirk began his service under Captain Garrovick.

Kirk's first deep- space assignment was as a lieutenant aboard Garrovick's uss farragut. As a phaser gun crew member, he was assigned to a phaser station. ( tos : " Obsession kirk's graduation and "first star cruise" were mentioned in passing normal in an ultimately unused line of dialogue from the final draft script of " Shore leave an earlier episode than "Obsession". In the scripted line, a robotic facsimile of his former lover Ruth reminded Kirk that, following these events, he had thought he'd lost her. Given that the last encounter between Kirk and Ruth is said to have taken place fifteen years prior to 2267, the scripted line would have placed Kirk's graduation and initial "star cruise" in 2252 or thereabouts. In 2257, the farragut engaged the dikironium cloud creature at the planet Tycho.

Roger Korby, became a man Kirk wanted to meet. ( tos : " What Are little girls Made Of? when he was a midshipman, kirk began a friendship with instructor lieutenant Benjamin Finney that continued into their service together aboard the uss republic. ( tos : " court Martial during command training, kirk confronted the kobayashi maru scenario, a simulation used to evaluate a student 's reactions to a "no-win" battle and rescue situation. Kirk refused to accept his first two defeats.

Before making a third attempt, he secretly reprogrammed the simulation computer, consequently becoming the only cadet in Academy history to beat the "no-win" scenario, and earning a commendation for original thinking. ( Star Trek ii: The Wrath of Khan ) In a line from the script of The Wrath of Khan but not in the theatrical or director's cut of the film, kirk mentioned that what he had done nearly got him tossed out of the. 1 In Star Trek, the alternate james. Kirk faced this situation after he defeated the scenario. Junior officer Edit Kirk was commissioned as an officer in the United Federation of Planets Starfleet with the serial number SC937-0176CEC. In the mid- 2250s, some years after beginning his friendship with. Finney, he was promoted to ensign. He served aboard the republic with his friend. When Finney made a mistake nearly catastrophic to the ship, kirk logged the incident, which resulted in his friend being reprimanded and put to the bottom of the promotion list.

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( Star Trek ) Finnegan as he appeared in 2252 As a plebe, kirk daddy soon caught the attention of a boisterous, bullying Irishman named Finnegan. The upperclassman evidently hazed "Jimmy-boy" mercilessly throughout their shared time at the Academy. Fifteen guaranteed years later, the Shore leave planet sensed Kirk's antipathy for Finnegan and produced a simulacrum that Kirk could pummel for satisfaction. ( tos : " Shore leave as a cadet, kirk participated in a successful peace mission to the planet Axanar, for which Starfleet Command awarded him with the palm leaf of Axanar peace mission. ( tos : " court Martial " Whom Gods Destroy kirk's academic studies introduced him to men he encountered later in his Starfleet career. Among his more prominent teachers was John Gill, a noted professor of history and cultural observer. ( tos : " Patterns of Force kirk studied the exploits, especially a victorious mission at Axanar, of Captain Garth of izar, a famous captain who joined Kirk's pantheon of heroes. ( tos : " Whom Gods Destroy another subject, the " Pasteur of archaeological medicine.

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Even in the episode's final revised draft script, kirk was established as having had more of a connection to those he saw being killed than in the final version of the episode, as they were said to have included friends of his, though no family. Also in ultimately omitted dialogue from the final revised draft script, the incident was said to have taken place when Kirk was a young, inexperienced midshipman, fresh out of the Academy. The notion of Kirk being a midshipman with no family on Tarsus iv at the time of the massacre was also included in a deleted scene from "The conscience of the king". Swept Up: Snippets from the cutting room Floor Star Trek: The Original Series - the roddenberry vault special features) As for Kirk having survived the incident, the aforementioned script had him say, " I was one of those kodos spared! He ordered me left library alive! I was one of the fittest! " Kirk first met Gary mitchell when he was a child, in 2250. ( tos : " Where no man Has Gone before see also: Gary mitchell Starfleet Academy Edit In 2252, kirk began a five-year officer training program at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, thanks to some assistance from a man named Mallory. ( tos : " The Apple he later credited his father as his inspiration for joining Starfleet.

deadly years star Trek iv: The voyage home ; ent : " In a mirror, darkly, part ii his parents named him after his maternal grandfather, james, and his paternal grandfather, tiberius. ( Star Trek ) The first draft story outline of tos : " The conscience of the king " regarded Kirk as having been born thirty years prior to the setting of that episode. Since that episode has laterally been declared as being set in 2266, this would suggest he was born in 2236. Governor Kodos in 2246 In 2246, kirk was living on the planet Tarsus iv during a food crisis that was starving the colony, which consisted of eight thousand people. Governor Kodos, sympathetic to old eugenics philosophies and unaware that relief ships were imminent, tried to save a portion of the colony by killing four thousand colonists he deemed least desirable or able to survive. The thirteen-year-old Jim Kirk was one of only nine eyewitnesses to the massacre. ( tos : " The conscience of the king in the first draft story outline of "The conscience of the king kirk was instead to have witnessed his father being murdered by kodos and an army of marauders led by him.

Starfleet officer in the 23rd century. He was arguably one of the most famous and highly decorated starship captains in the history of Starfleet. As the commanding officer of the, constitution -class starships, uss, enterprise and, uss, enterprise -a, kirk served United about Federation of Planets interests as an explorer, soldier, time-traveler, and diplomat. His exploits were required reading for cadets studying Early Starfleet History in the 24th century. They included the saving of the Phylosians from extinction, despite it being a violation of the Prime directive, along with his saving of the baezians and Chenari years earlier, and a record-setting number of first contacts. This record stood until the 2370s, when Captain Kathryn Janeway set a new record by being the first Federation captain in the previously unexplored Delta quadrant. ( tos : " Whom Gods Destroy " Errand of Mercy " Assignment: Earth " journey to babel " Elaan of Troyius star Trek iv: The voyage home ; Star Trek vi: The Undiscovered country ; Star Trek generations ; DS9 : " Trials and.

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Multiple realities (covers information from several alternate timelines for the alternate reality counterpart, please general see, james. For the mirror universe counterpart, please see, james. For additional meanings of "James. don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you're there, you can make a difference. Kirk, 2371 star Trek generations james Tiberius "Jim" Kirk was a male, human.

Resume maker professional serial number
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