Short essay about happiness in life

short essay about happiness in life

Short essay on, happiness in life

Life becomes divided, and humans alienated. From this point, not everything means something. The nature of the meaning of life every individual in every society starts life as a spontaneous animist inhabiting a meaningful world composed of sentient agencies. However, in agricultural societies the child is socialised into an instrumental attitude towards those parts of the natural world upon which the economy depends. The child learns to treat as objects things which were previously treated as agents. Animism is regarded as merely a naïve or uneducated belief system. On the whole, learned objectification clearly 'works in the sense that societies which treat significant aspects of natural world as objects include all the most powerful societies, the ones that have the greatest productive capacities, and the greatest ability to understand and manipulate.

M: Happiness: a very Short Introduction

(Following Brody, the term 'agriculture' should be taken as shorthand for all complex economic systems: which include complex sedentary hunter gatherers such as the pacific North West American Indians, systems of herding and pastoralism, classic agrarian peasant societies, and modern industrial-mercantile states.) Agriculture involves. In agriculture the natural world is no longer a source of food, it is raw material for the production of food. Human survival depends absolutely and permanently on the mastering of nature by man. The natural environment must be transformed, forced into artificial patterns, and must be sustained in this state. With the advent of agriculture, at least some significant part of the natural world becomes separated from the social world, an object instead of a subject. The food producing environment is no longer a parent, it does not share its abundance with the farmer - rather, the farmer toils to narrow hold back the continual encroachments of the natural world, and forces it to yield sustenance by strength of limb and sweat. The balance hotspot of nature is actively prevented from returning to equilibrium. Although animism continues to feature in peoples beliefs and practices (after all animism remains the spontaneous mode of thought among all people, in all societies humans cease to anthropomorphise the whole significant world, with the consequence that the world is no longer experienced. Only certain bits of the significant world are regarded as sentient agencies. In particular the economy is necessarily objectified and manipulated, because human survival depends. The seamless integration of significant experience as a network of social relationships is lost in the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture.

Consequently, human experience is socially biased, and human reasoning is spontaneously anthropomorphic. Animism is merely one aspect of the lived experience of generalised anthropomorphism. The transition, for a hunter gatherer the natural world is the subject of a social relationship, it is not a separated and inert object available for manipulation. The natural world is composed of personalities that must be engaged-with, communicated-with, a set of inescapable relationships. Care is needed when dealing with entities that have their dispositions, intentions and memories, and who are more powerful than humans. Since humans exist only by the consent of these personal powers, there is a sense of 'balance' that needs constant attention and work to maintain, excessive demands or inappropriate behaviour might destroy the natural order. All this is changed by the development of agriculture.

short essay about happiness in life

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Sexual selection is perhaps the most important and distinctive form of social intelligence. The need to attract and please a mate has been instrumental in shaping the most distinctively human aspects of 'creative intelligence'. It is probable that humour, eloquence, arts, sport, fashion, dance and many other rich 'cultural' forms are primarily ways of displaying creative intelligence. Since creative intelligence requires many highly developed traits, and brain development and function requires exact co-ordination of many thousands of genes, the possession of creative is a reliable guide to good genetic quality and a desirable mate. Socially-orientated creative intelligence has therefore been selected as one of the most powerful of sexually attractive traits. Over thousands of generations, the most reproductively effective humans were the ones those that were best at dealing with other humans - the best at monitoring and manipulating complex social interactions, interpreting behaviours, inferring the dispositions, motivations and intentions of other people, and engaging. Natural selection favoured those humans with the highest social intelligence, and social intelligence became the main way of experiencing the world and dealing with complex problems.

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short essay about happiness in life

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Consequently, hunter gatherers (and children) spontaneously anthropomorphise the natural world. Humans are social animals, and trust human minds (like those of their primate cousins) have been shaped by many millions of years of natural selection in a book social context. Those individuals best able to survive, thrive and reproduce in competition with their own species were the ones that left behind most offspring. Humans living in social groups were apparently so successful at solving the external ecological problems of life (eg. Problems of climate, food and water supplies, the threat of predators etc) that social problems became dominant. Having solved the ecological threats to survival, the most important factor influencing reproductive success became the ability to outperform other humans in terms of social aptitude. So, except in situations of physical emergency, social reality dominates ecological reality.

Demographic studies in hunter gatherer cultures (eg. Among the Amazonian Indians or African Bushmen) have demonstrated that you are more likely to be killed by another person than to be killed by a predator species. As in many other social primates, alliances are a major form of power, and the best defence against a hostile foe is to form a gang. Boys and men are highly peer-oriented, especially observant of potential friends or enemies, and spontaneously form goal-orientated cooperative groups. Similarly, but for different reasons and with different mechanisms, women readily form reciprocal alliances with other women for child care, food gathering and preparation, mutual defence against predators while gathering, and.

'personalised' knowledge is also highly suitable for encoding in stories and songs that form a reliably transmissible source of information. Recollections of the animistic experience should be accessible by consideration of pre-literate childhood. The developmental history of each modern child 'recapitulates' the global history of the human species. Without technologies to measure time, or any physical records of previous events, the sum and meaning of human affairs is held in memory. The mind is the measure of all things. History and prediction attain actuality only in the here and now of the lived moment where past, present and future come together (Ceremonial time).

Experience is filtered and structured according to the associational modes of the human mind. Recollection can occur in many sequences and orderings, may jump between events, simultaneously consider disparate entities, shape selected elements into a story, and may include dreams or visions of the future. Just as time is experienced in a non-technological society, so the world is perceived. For hunter gatherers, the observed divisions of space and time are potentially permeable - as permeable as the categories of the human mind. In such a culture, nothing in the world of experience is alien, nor are humans divided from anything perceived or imagined, precisely because all experience is human. The nature of the world is shaped and defined by the nature of the mind. Social intelligence, the animistic world view is a consequence of the evolved nature of human intelligence. Human intelligence is substantially social intelligence, a set of psychological adaptations which evolved as an adaptation to the problems of social living. Humans see the world through social spectacles.

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Bird david describes how forest-dwelling hunter-gatherers characterise the forest as a parent: the spirits of the forest will give foods and gifts, and socialise with the tribe. Like a human parent, the forest may go to sleep and need awakening, or may become angry if treated yardage without respect, and require propitiation. Other natural agencies are enemies who may be blamed for mishaps. Adaptive anthropomorphism, animistic beliefs are broadly adaptive under the conditions that prevail in hunter gatherer societies. Indeed, generalised anthropomorphism, or social intelligence applied to non-human affairs, can be an extremely effective way of dealing with the natural world. Knowledge of an animals nature enables its behaviour to be predicted with considerable precision in real world situations - and individual animals have their own dispositions which may be learned. Expert animal trainers (such as Vicki hearne) confirm that even with the advantages of scientific biology, informed anthropomorphism usually offers the best system for understanding, predicting and manipulating animal behaviour - especially with large mammals. Furthermore, anthropomorphic knowledge is vivid, sustains attention, and mobilises emotions. In an oral culture that depends absolutely on human memory, anthropomorphic knowledge is probably the best way of memorising important information.

short essay about happiness in life

The core feature of animism is one of humans dwelling-in and moving-through a world that is alive and aware, and potentially in communication with humans. For the animist their world is wholly 'peopled'. Nothing is indifferent to the human observer, and the observer is personally concerned by every entity. The animistic world is bound together on both sides by feelings - likes and dislikes, desires and fears. Each person is at the centre of a web of reciprocal emotions. Each persons place in the world is defined by this mesh, nothing is isolated and independent, every thing is linked to other things by affective bonds. A world composed of human-like natural entities is a world saturated with meaning - because every significant entity in the compass of experience has its own 'nature intentions and feelings. The agencies of animism display human characteristics.

the way of 'book religions' such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Animism is more a spontaneous experience than a set of beliefs, theories and practices - characterised by general form rather than specific content. In an animistic world all significant things are agents, animate and sentient. There are no objects - only subjects. A hunter gatherer experiences a world in which human-type relations do not stop at the species boundary, but extend out into the animals, plants and landscape. A man may shift form to become a bear, or a bear may become a man, or there may be a synthesis of the two. A particular tree may be conscious, have a personality and memories, and may require informal and formal acts of respect. Such specific features of animism are secondary.

Why should natural selection generate creatures that inevitably experience a chronic state of alienation? Most mental states, such as the emotions of fear, anger and disgust, are potentially useful adaptations that usually benefit survival and reproductive success, at least under the kind of conditions under which humans evolved. A possible explanation is gps that the meaninglessness of life is an accidental and harmful side effect of useful mental abilities; perhaps alienation is the price paid for consciousness? But I suggest that when humans originally evolved, they indeed felt 'at home in the world and that feelings of division and alienation are by-products of cultural change. The need to discover a meaning in life is not part of human biological destiny, it is an artefact due to biologically-recent economic factors. Animism, the point at which the majority of humans ceased to feel a spontaneous sense of belonging in the world can be identified with some confidence. It was the cultural transition from hunting and gathering to an 'agricultural' mode of life.

The meaning of Life : a very, short, introduction: Terry

Bruce g charlton md, reader in evolutionary Psychiatry, department of Psychology. University of Newcastle upon Tyne, nE2 4hh, england. Editor-in-Chief, medical reviews Hypotheses, tel:, fax. E-mail: Alienation is often regarded as being an intrinsic part of the human condition, and this sense of division is at the root of much religious and philosophical questioning and questing. People do not feel at home in the world. Life seems intrinsically meaningless. If the meaning of life is by fortune to be found, then it is something that people must discover by strenuous endeavour, an act of faith or sustained intellectual exploration. However, although this analysis is commonplace, it seems unlikely that human beings should have evolved such that their existence felt meaningless.

Short essay about happiness in life
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