Skateboard business plan

skateboard business plan

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Element has also diversified their business model with ventures into retail with Element stores across the globe, advocate programs supporting artists such as Thomas Campbell and Fred French Fred Mortagne, womens fashion through the Element Womens range and the most cohesive approach to supporting European. The current Element skateboards team consists of: Brandon Westgate, nyjah Huston, mark Appleyard, levi brown, Chad Tim Tim, nick garcia, evan Smith, julian davidson, madars Apse, nassim guammaz, mason Silva, greyson Fletcher, tom Schaar, Chris Colbourn, dominick walker, Ethan loy and ray barbee. Fine out more here: Element Brand skateboard Brands f flip skateboards founded: by jeremy fox and Ian deacon in 1991 in the uk as anyone with even a passing interest in uk skateboarding history should know, Flip skateboards began life as deathbox skateboards, one. Founded by English freestyle skater, engineer and skateboarding entrepreneur Jeremy fox in 1987 (Fox is also reputed to be the first person to import skateboard specific footwear Pro-keds into the uk) deathbox in its heyday was one of only a handful of European brands that. Featuring a pan-European team including the likes of Rune Glifberg, Andy Scott, sean Goff, mark van der Eng and Oxford born phenomenon Alex moul, deathbox was the best selling board brand across Europe in the late 80s due to constant travelling, demos and hard graft. Brighton-based skater Ian deacons brand Bash skateboards emerged as deathboxs sister brand with a post credits section on deathboxs ground-breaking Spirit of the Blitz video (1991).

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Enjoi skateboards current team consists of: Ben raemers, cairo foster, caswell Berry, clark hassler, jose rojo, louie barletta, nestor Judkins, Thaynan Costa, zack wallin, Blue turner, miika adamov and Jackson Pilz. Find out more at: enjoi element skateboards founded: by johnny Schillereff in 1992 Originally called Underworld Element, the Element skateboards brand began life at a low point for skateboarding generally but emerged onto the market with a strong aesthetic that embraced the hip hop influenced. Underworld Elements inaugural video offering sky pager (1993) is rightly hailed as a classic today featuring one of the most diverse teams ever with the likes of Julien Stranger, harold Hunter, Andy howell and Londons own Curtis McCann having sections. Sky pager was followed up by fine Artists Vol. Under the Element brand name in 1994 featuring a very young Stevie williams and what was to the last section from the supremely talented Pepe martinez (RIP). By the mid 90s, Schillereff had rebranded as Element skateboards and the brand began to take on the distinctively clean aesthetic that it is still known for today. For those wanting to know more about the evolution of the brand we suggest watching the recent make it count documentary which follows Schillereff and Elements journey from its inception to the present day. Since fine Artists Vol 1, Element have released numerous videos including Element Third eye view (1998 Element rise Up (2005) which focused on the brands European team, and more recently, the short video element rise and Shine (2011) focusing on Element team rider Nyjah Huston. Elements video output is unparalleled with releases from all over the globe most of which can be found via the link above. Over its lifespan Element has played hosts to numerous notable skaters such as Bam Margera at the height english of his fame, chad Muska, belgian female ripper evelien bouilliart and many, many others.

Skateboard Brands e enjoi skateboards founded: by marc Johnson and Rodney mullen in California, 2000 Mullen and Marc Johnson co-founded the enjoi skateboards brand after the dissolution of the brand The a-team (also under the Dwindle distribution umbrella) that they had both ridden for previously. From the outset, enjoi was intended to be a vehicle for Marc Johnson who was both the brand manager, art directors and one of the star pro skaters. Marc Johnson is responsible for the brands name and the distinctive panda logo that is still used by enjoi to this day. Johnson created the original enjoi team with riders from his previous sponsor Maple skateboards, namely jerry Hsu and louie barletta, dave mayhew and Rodney mullen from The a-team, plus later additions of Bobby puleo and a still fresh Chris Cole. Marc Johnson left enjoi in 2003 to join Chocolate skateboards, with Mullen leaving to co-found Almost skateboards a year later. Enjoi released their first full-length video reviews bag of Suck in 2006, winning tws magazines video of the year award and cementing Jerry Hsu s status as one of the best street skaters on Earth. The next enjoi video tweak the beef was released in 2012 in conjunction with Thrasher magazine and announced the addition of uk skater Ben raemers to the enjoi team. In 2013 louie barletta took on the role of enjoi brand manager following the departure of long time employee matt eversole who cited disagreements with the owners of Dwindle distribution for his departure. Since then, enjoi have released one other full length video oververt 2014 and subsequently ben raemers, zack wallin and Thaynan Costa have been turned pro by enjoi.

skateboard business plan

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Creature skateboards went on temporary hiatus until nhs distribution breathed life back into the summary brand in the early 00s, putting lee charron and Darren navarrette in charge of the reborn brand. Since its rebirth Creature has gone on to become a stalwart brand and for a while, one of the most popular brands in the world, in part due to the resurgence of interest in transition skateboarding and in equal part due to its highly distinctive. Creature have released four full-length videos since their rebirth: Born dead (2006), black metal (2007), hesh Law (2009) and csfu (2013) all of which have retained Creatures distinctive aesthetic. Creatures latest offering The Creature video dropped in 2017 and is currently available to buy. Creature skateboards are also known for manufacturing some of the largest skateboards on the market due to the brands appeal to transition skaters. Creatures current team consists of: Al Partanen, chris Russell, corey juneau, darren navarrette, jimmy wilkins, stu Graham, david Gravette, kevin baekkel, milton Martinez, peter Raffin, ryan reyes, sam word Hitz, taylor Bingaman, Truman hooker and Willis Kimbel. Find out more at: Creature skateboards.

Several smaller tour-based Chocolate videos have also been released, along with sections of Chocolate skaters in Girl/Chocolate releases such as Pretty Sweet (2012). Chocolates graphical output is highly regarded and the brand known for producing graphic series based on street scenes relating to riders upbringing, as well as aesthetics related to classic art and design movements. Some of Chocolates most well known graphic artists include evan Hecox and Andy jenkins. Chocolate skateboards current team consists of: Vincent Alvarez, kenny Anderson, chico Brenes, justin Eldridge, jesus Fernandez, chris Roberts, elijah Berle, stevie perez, raven Tershy and Jerry Hsu. Former Chocolate skateboards pro marc Johnson was publicly fired from his position by company owner mike carroll in 2016 following his move from Crailtap shoe brand lakai footwear to adidas. Find out more at: Chocolate skateboards Creature skateboards founded: out of nhs distribution by russ Pope in 1994 Originally founded by former sma team manager Russ Pope, creature skateboards first incarnation was somewhat short-lived with original riders being Barker Barrett, jason Adams and Darren navarrette. Jason Adams and Russ Pope left to start Scarecrow skateboards in 1995.

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skateboard business plan

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This is still hailed a classic today. In late 1993, tim gavin, jeron Wilson, guy mariano and Rudy johnson left Blind to form Girl skateboards with mike carroll and Rick howard. Blind continued to release videos alongside world Industries stable-mates 101, world Industries, and Prime on multiple company releases such as New World Order (1993), twenty Shot Sequence (1994) and Trilogy (1996). Blind remained one of the most popular brands on the market through the 90s and 00s and released their option second full-length stand alone brand video what If? In 2005, featuring sections from team riders such as Ronnie creager, Kris Markovich, james Craig, corey sheppard, jake brown and jake duncombe amongst others. Blind have released four full length videos since then The Blind Video (2009 This Is Not a test (2011 damn (2013) and X2 Vision (2014) and have recently begun re-issuing classic board graphics and board shapes from their history.

Blinds current team consists of: Morgan Smith, cody McEntire, filipe Ortiz, kevin Romar, sean Sheffey,. Rogers, sewa Kroetkov, sam Beckett and Micky papa. Find out more at: Blind skateboards skateboard Brands c chocolate skateboards founded: by rick howard and mike carroll in Torrance, california, 1994 Chocolate skateboards was founded a year edusson after Girl skateboards as its sister company under the Crailtap umbrella, following the immediate success of the. Chocolate skateboards original team consisted of: keenan Milton, Brenes, daniel Castillo, paulo diaz, richard Mulder, Shamil Randle, gabriel Rodriguez, and Ben Sanchez. Their first stand-alone brand video (as opposed to appearing in Girl skateboards videos) was Las nueve vidas de paco (1995) created by part-owner of the Crailtap empire Spike jonze and containing cinematic skits that Crailtap videos went on to become famous for. The next stand-alone Chocolate skateboards release came in 1999 with The Chocolate tour, followed by hot Chocolate in 2004.

Interestingly, an early version of the baker bootleg video exists with Jim Greco and Ali boulala skating a mini ramp whilst a porno film is being shot, this version of the video never made it to mainstream distribution however. Bakers first company video proper baker 2g, featuring the original team of mike maldonado, jeff Lenoce, andrew reynolds, jeff Lenoce, erik ellington, Alex Trainwreck gall, Knox Godoy, bryan Herman, terry kennedy, evan Hernandez, jim Greco and Dustin Dollin was released in 2000, still featuring the. Following the success of baker 2g, baker released the following videos: baker 3 (2005) baker has a deathwish (2008) which also served to announce the formation of sister company deathwish skateboards. And bake destroy (2012) Additionally baker have released a number of tour videos, plus a stand alone video for new addition Rowan Zorilla and, most recently an Am video announcing their latest crop of amateur riders. In 2007 reynolds, along with fellow baker/Deathwish riders Erik ellington and Jim Greco started baker boys Distribution bringing distribution of all their own brands under their control, along with acting as the us distributor for other brands such as the uk-founded Heroin skateboards, Shane heyl. Baker are currently filming for their next full-length video, slated for release at some point in 2017.

The current baker pro team consists of: Andrew reynolds, dustin Dollin, terry kennedy, bryan Herman, justin Figgy figueroa, theotis beasley, don Nuge Nguyen, riley hawk, sammy baca, cyril Jackson, kevin Spanky long, dee ostrander and Rowan Zorilla. Find out more at: baker skateboards Blind skateboards founded: in California by mark gonzales, 1989 Initially founded by ex-Vision pro and probably the most influential skateboarder of all time mark gonzales, blind skateboards began life as one brand under Steve roccos emergent World Industries umbrella. Named Blind as a dig at Mark gonzales previous sponsor Vision, Blind released what is widely regarded as the most influential skate video ever made with the 1991 release of Blind: Video days. Featuring the original Blind team of Mark gonzales, jason lee, jordan Richter, rudy johnson and a tiny guy mariano, video days laid the foundation for the future progression of skateboarding and was made by Spike jonze. Mark gonzales and Jason lee had left the brand by 1993 lee to found Stereo skateboards, and Gonzales to small brand 60/40. Around this time Blind added skaters Henry sanchez, tim gavin, Brian Lotti and Jeron Wilson to the team. 1993 also saw the release of Blinds Tim henrys Pack of lies short video focused around the breakthrough technical skating of Tim gavin and Henry sanchez.

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Anti heros video releases to date are numerous and include classics such as: Fucktards (1997) Cow (1998) Two songs (2002) Cash Money vagrant (2003) Bonus footage (2006) and their most recent full-length video destination Unknown (2014) released in customary fashion with absolutely zero advertising beforehand. Also worthy of note is the beauty the beast series 3 tour videos made summary in conjunction with Girl skateboards in 2008, 20Anti heros most recent addition to their pro team is Brian Anderson, the worlds first openly gay pro skateboarder. Anti heros current team consists of: John Cardiel, julien Stranger, Frank gerwer, tony Trujillo, peter Hewitt, Andy roy, chris Pfanner, tony miorana, raney beres, Grant apple taylor, robbie russo, daan Van Linden, brian Anderson, div adam and Jeff Grosso. Find out more at: Antihero skateboard Brands b baker skateboards founded: by Andrew reynolds in California, 1999. After leaving long time sponsor Birdhouse due to a feeling of dissatisfaction at the manner in which he himself was being marketed as a pro skater, Andrew reynolds joined forces with a group of similarly aged pro skaters, who at the time, all lived close. Reynolds approached Tony hawk and Per Welinder, owners of Blitz distribution (and distributors of Birdhouse) with his idea and, rather than losing reynolds completely, blitz distribution agreed to assist reynolds with baker and to distribute. The baker name and logo predated the formation of the brand and appeared for the first time as the cover image and title of the 1998 baker bootleg video which featured some of the skaters who would go on to join the baker skateboards team.

skateboard business plan

Less than a year later in may of 2014, pacific Vector Holdings announced the closure of the Alien Workshop brands. Happily Alien Workshop eventually resurfaced under the tum Yeto distribution umbrella in 2015 after reportedly being re-bought by dyrdek and gifted to hill and Carter. A year later in an extensive thrasher interview, original founder mike hill explained biography that Alien Workshop had left Tum Yeto and returned to dayton, Ohio where the brand remains under mike hill situated in a repurposed nuclear bunker. Alien Workshops current team consists of: joey guevara, yaje popson, frankie spears, max Garson, Brandon Nguyen, paul Liliani and Sammy montano. More information can be found at: m Anti hero skateboards founded: by julien Stranger in San Francisco, 1995 Established in 1995 by early street skating pioneer and one time santa monica airlines and Underworld Element pro skater Julien Stranger, anti hero appeared at a pivotal. Emerging from under the deluxe umbrella, from the outset Anti hero represented the raw underbelly of skateboarding and offered a pure vision of what being a skateboarder meant regardless of trends or perceived rules. Their inaugural video release fucktards (1997) featuring the original team of Julien Stranger, sean young, john Cardiel, Eric j and Bob Burnquist firmly established an aesthetic that showcased every style of skating from vert to street and focused on the grimier aspects of the culture. Anti heros instantly recognisable graphical output followed in the same vein with memorable graphics from the likes of Todd Francis (amongst many others) that celebrate the underbelly of the American dream and revel in the realities of street trash, political corruption, vagrancy and the darker. As the brand grew, the team changed but the underlying philosophy did not hit the road and skate everything and anything that you encounter.

Holdings buy-out 4 years later. Mind field featured former Flip pro. Arto saari, with the last section going. Mind field was filmed and edited by one-time Stereo pro skater. Greg Hunt who went on to make the vans Propeller video. Bunker Down (2015) represented the first full-length release from Alien Workshop since their relocation to dayton, Ohio under the sole ownership of founder mike hill. Also worthy of note is the life-Splicing series and the Alien Workshop section from Transworlds Cinematographer video. Since its inception in 1990, Alien Workshop has gone through a number of changes of ownership, first being bought by burton Snowboards in February 2008, then purchased from Burton by original Alien Workshop rider and reality tv show star Rob Dyrdek in January 2012. Following Dyrdeks purchase of the brand and its umbrella company dna distribution, (also incorporating Habitat skateboards, habitat footwear and Reflex bearings an announcement was made in October of 2013 that Dyrdek would remain as a minority shareholder of dna dist, with the majority of shares.

Neil Blender ) if read backwards. Alien Workshops video output is highly celebrated with each of their major releases heralding skaters who went on to be iconic faces within skateboarding. Memory Screen (1991) features the original team, with, rob Dyrdek claiming the last section. Memory Screen is the definitive alien Workshop release and the brand still releases board graphics celebrating the video to this day. Timecode (1997) announced, josh Kalis as the latest aws pro after a short stint on toy machine, along with the infamous. Lenny kirk section and the final appearances of original riders bo turner, duane pitrie and Scott Conklin. Photosynthesis (2000) featuring another newly revamped team with the addition of (amongst others). Anthony van Engelen and, jason Dill who would go on to leave alien Workshop in 2013 to establish their own brands Fucking Awesome and Hockey.

Skate shop business plan

Skateboard brands: An a - z - sidewalk skateboarding. Skateboard Brands a, alien Workshop, founded: In dayton, Ohio 1990 by, mike hill, chris Carter and. Alien Workshop began life as one of only a few skateboard brands not based in the skate industry hub of southern California, emerging from the ashes of long-standing surf and skateboard brand. Gordon smith (aka g s) that both Hill and Carter worked for prior to establishing their own brand. The original Alien Workshop team consisted of: neil Blender, Steve claar, Scott Conklin, rob Dyrdek, thomas Morgan, duane daddy pitre, john Pryor and bo turner many of whom had formerly been team-riders for g s during Hill and Carters tenure with that brand. Alien Workshops distinctive graphical output, inspired by themes of ufo encounters and conspiracy theories immediately set the brand apart from its early 90s contemporaries and established the aesthetic that Alien Workshop is still known for today. The, g s video footage (created by mike hill and neil Blender and released in 1990 just prior to them leaving to start their own brand) set the precedent for Alien Workshops later video aesthetic with the use of non-skate footage intercut throughout the skate. To many people footage is the pre-cursor to every Alien video release that followed in its wake. Alien Workshops original logo is based upon a combination of the dennys and Marathon Gas Station logos and contains the hidden message neil B (after co-founder.

Skateboard business plan
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  6. Skate board for Beginners and Pro. FireStarters e-commerce internet business plan executive summary. FireStarters' e-commerce website will offer distinctive cutting-edge urban fashion clothes and products to the youth of small-town America. Skateboard brands - an a - z of 29 of the best skateboard brands in the industry. From Alien Workshop to zero - histories, videos, products and more.

  7. For any entrepreneur planning to start a business, writing a business plan is a helpful way to clarify what service or products the company provides, as well as your business goals and how to to reach them. Shop onilne for skateboards and skateboard decks at Zumiez, carrying the best skate decks from top skate brands, like girl, zero, real, Plan, b, deathwish, superior, and Enjoi. M - your Resource for Free. Coverage for product breakdowns and malfunctions; 24/7 customer support; Free shipping on all repairs with no deductibles or hidden fees; Fully transferable with gifts. M : puente 31 Inch Complete. Skateboard - 8 layer Canadian Maple wood double kick concave skateboards, Tricks.

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