Very short essay on my aim in life

very short essay on my aim in life

Long and Short Essay on my dream in English for Children

Business needs a huge amount of money which I do not have. My aim, however, is to be a teacher. . teaching is the noblest form of profession. . It is like killing two birds with one stone. . A teacher can earn an honest and independent living. . he can serve his society and country in the best possible way. . he is a nation-builder. .

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It is the duty of the parents and the teachers to persuade their wards to choose a profession according to their aptitude. . Right aim means right life and wrong aim means a wrong life. So, we should be very cautions while deciding our aim. . Perhaps the most difficult problem that wooden a young man faces is the choice of a profession. . If a person does not choose his aim rightly, he will be a square peg in a round hole. . The best profession would be one in which an individual feels at home and can do something worth- while and which, at the same time, assures him of good prospects in life. There are various professions. . I do not want to take a leap in the dark. . i know that success in life depends upon the well-planned aim. . Law and business may have charm for others, but they have no writing attraction for. .

They complain of hard times and blame their fate. It is no wonder that they cut a sorry figure in the battle of life. . While deciding our aim or choosing a career, we have to hope for pdf the best and get prepared for the worst. We must have some aim or ambition in life and should leave no stone unturned to achieve. Different people have different aims. . Some persons want to become doctors while others want to start business. . If law appeals, to some, army has attraction for others. . Some aim at becoming a teacher while social service or politics attracts others. . so different people adopt different aims according to their inclination or taste or pocket. .

very short essay on my aim in life

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Choice of Profession, or, teaching as  Profession, go forth to life, oh! Child of Earth, Still mindful to the heavenly birth: Thou are not here for ease or sin. But manhoods noble crown to win. Longfellow, everybody should have an aim or an ambition in life. . There are, however some persons who do not plan their careers. . They have no aim in life. Those who have no aim in life are like a ship without a rudder or an envelope without an address. . They are tossed to and fro by circumstances.

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very short essay on my aim in life

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A large number of people living in our villages die of various diseases owing to lack of medical facilities. I have made up my mind to serve the rural people. I want to become a doctor, because i am by nature kind and humane. I am pained to see people suffering from various kinds of diseases. My desire to serve the ailing mankind prompts me to become a doctor. My scheme: Owing to these reasons I have decided to become a doctor. I have taken up Physics, Chemistry and biology for the secondary School Examination.

My future plans are to get myself admitted to a good Medical College. After passing the. Examination I shall go abroad for higher studies. Conclusion: If everything goes according to my plan. I must become a good doctor. I wish my sweet dream would be fulfilled. Your Aim in Life, or, your Ambition paper in Life,.

Reasons: The profession of a doctor in noble. He renders a valuable service to the suffering humanity. He is the symbol of hope and joy. The face of a man suffering from acute pain brightens as soon as the doctor arrives. The doctor gives him a pill and his pain is cured. A good doctor is respected as an angel.

If I become a doctor, i can earn a lot of money. I am not a heartless man. When I become a doctor, i will treat the poor patients without charging fees. . I will also distribute free medicines to the poor people. I will educate people for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. There is a great dearth of doctors in our country.

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He drifts aimlessly and can never achieve success in his life. Aimless life leads nowhere. So, a lined man should fix the aim of his life. He may face many difficulties in realizing it, but if he has a strong determination, he must achieve success. I have already fixed the aim of my life. I want to become a doctor. There are write several reasons for my choice.

very short essay on my aim in life

I shall treat the poor free of essay charge and shall not hesitate even in going to the rural areas. I am burning midnight oil. May god help me in getting my aim achieved! This is a short essay on my aim in Life. Introduction: Aim (in life) refers to the strong intention to achieve something. Everybody should have an aim in life. A man without an aim in life is merely a toy of circumstances.

worthy of being followed. After much contemplation, i have realized that there are certain undesirable persons in almost every profession and they deserve to be ignored. I know that to be a doctor requires hard labor and it causes a lot of financial burden on the parents. Fortunately, my parents are wealthy enough to afford my studies in the medical profession. I am by nature a hardworking student and have always shown excellent results in all classes since my childhood. I am confident that by dint of hard work and under the able guidance of my teachers who are well-versed in their subjects, i shall one day become a doctor. My parents also want me to follow in their footsteps and are very helpful to me in my studies. Finally, i must repeat my pledge that if all goes well and I succeed in becoming a doctor, i shall devote all my time and energy to the welfare of the poor patients.

The choice of a profession also sometimes depends upon ones domestic atmosphere. For instance, my father, uncle and elder brother are doctors. I have often heard those discussing medical terms and diseases at home. This has dates developed in me natural bent of mind towards the medical profession since my childhood. Even otherwise, now i am grown up enough to think for myself and for society. I find humanity in the grip of terrible disease and misery. I feel it my duty to toy to alleviate this misery to the best of my capacity and capability. As far as i am concerned, i think that nothing is of better worth in the world than dedicating ones life to the service of the poor patients groaning under the pain of disease. Image source :.

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Essay on the, my aim in Life, or the Choice of Profession (Free to read). Everybody must have some aim in life. An aimless life is like a ship without a rudder. The choice of profession is no less important and difficult than the choice of ones life partner. Having once chosen ones profession and that too very judiciously and thoughtfully one must devote full time and energy and all honest and valid means to achieve. The achievement of ones aim is not always a smooth sailing. It often requires great patience, perseverance database and sacrifice. This, one can do, only if one is convinced that one is cut out for it and the profession concerned is really a noble and satisfying one.

Very short essay on my aim in life
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  1. Sho rt essay in life essay; how to become insights weekly essay on my ambition. It shall be my aim as a doctor to make no difference between the r ich and. Every year the toll of plague, small pox and other epidemics is very. Video available essay on my ambition in life teacher on college transcripts and. Also short essay on my aim in life to become a teacher advice wants achieve.

  2. Essay on your Aim in Life complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 About. Ev erybody who wants to study further joins a senior say on my aim in life. Article on your Target in Lifestyle comprehensive article for course 10, course 12 and Graduating and various other classes. A doctor who Brief Article. Those who is to my ambition my ambition become a lawyer is simple essay.

  3. Everybody must have some aim in life. An aimless life is like a ship without a rudder. Everyone has an aim in life. Without any proper aim no one can grow in life. My ai m in life is to become a good teacher. Educating little children is a real blessing.

  4. This is a short essay on my aim in Life. Everybody should have an aim in life. I want to become a doctor. There are several reasons for my choice. Essay on the my aim in Life or the Choice of Profession (Free to read).

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