Airbnb resume girl

airbnb resume girl

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I actually thought, i havent done everything I can mufleh said. "ive done the same thing multiple times, but I havent tried new approaches. Here are some screenshots from her resume, which looks like an Airbnb host profile. You can view her resume in full here. Mufleh has used her website to show her passion for the company m, the webpage highlights where airbnb is underperforming m, with her resume, mufleh managed to capture the attention of both the ceo and cmo of Airbnb, and she has now had a formal job. It took her about a week to create the resume, an effort that included gathering all the data, researching the market and working with a designer she had met at one of her previous jobs.

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Nina mufleh, a transplant from the. Middle east who's been living in, san Francisco for a year, really wants to work for. She tried to get in touch with the company through emails and job listings but had no luck. So she decided to take her job search to the next level by creating a stunning resume that mirrors Airbnb's website. The resume, which Mufleh sent out to former colleagues for feedback monday night and submitted to airbnb on tuesday, has attracted tons of attention both inside and outside of the company. What makes her resume so interesting is that it doesn't focus on her past experience — information Airbnb could easily find on her LinkedIn profile if it wanted. Instead, it showcases what write she knows about the travel industry, what she could contribute to airbnb and what she thinks the company should pursue next. Mufleh told Business Insider that she had tried contacting Airbnb for months. While she managed to meet with the company, none of those encounters ever turned into a job offer. Her sister told her she should move on because she had already tried everything.

Here's a look inside: Social Media job Listings every week we put out a list of social media and web job opportunities. While we post a huge range of job listings, we've selected some of the top social media job opportunities from the past two weeks to get you started. More job search Resources From Mashable: - how to: Land a job at LinkedIn - 5 essay Clever ways to get a job Using Social Media - how to: Land a job at google - how to: Set Up an Online resume - how to: Score. Sue-ellen Watts, managing director of wattsnext hr, told SmartCompany there is a definite trend emerging where candidates are thinking out of the box to land a job. From an employer's point of view, what Mufleh did shows this person absolutely wants to work with us shes not just applying for any job, its really targeted. You couldnt ask for something better than someone who really wants to work with your company, watts says. Ground Control coordinator, portland, or, founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, california, airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique. Easily Apply 15 days ago.

airbnb resume girl

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But Airbnb's assignment fastest hire was a front-end developer who redesigned the entire homepage. The developer emailed a link to his design, along with detailed explanation of why he wanted to work for the company. The link quickly made its way through the entire company. Two hours after receipt, gebbia phoned that developer. By that night, the prospect was on a plane to san Francisco, and by the next day everyone had agreed to bring him on board. Inventiveness works at Airbnb. An Inside look at Airbnb's lavish hq airbnb set up its new headquarters in a lavish 20,000 square foot space in the design District of San Francisco in late may.

If all goes well, you'll end up face-to-face with two of Airbnb's three co-founders for the final test. The interview process is formal in function only. Airbnb cares not what you wear — even flip flops or jeans are considered acceptable interview attire. Ultimately, the startup concerns itself most with the qualities mentioned above. Quirks That Worked, a company that defines itself as inventive is looking for candidates who stand out — people who actually embody the word "inventive not just use. Case in point, Christopher lukezic, airbnb's director of marketing, commanded everyone's attention — gebbia and Chesky especially — when he applied with a comic book in lieu of a resume in the summer of 2009. At the time, airbnb was getting hundreds of resumes (now it's seeing thousands all of which looked the same. "Christopher had illustrated a two-page comic book about why he wanted to work at Airbnb and who he was gebbia recalls. Lukezic was hired in days.

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airbnb resume girl

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"These are core things at Airbnb. It doesn't matter which department you're. We're ultimately a service and a product that lives or dies by user experience.". But, you'll only get so far in the interview process with passion and design sensibility, because the startup is serious about selecting only the best and brightest talent. "We hire people who are smarter than us gebbia says.

You should also be a strong at teamwork, be trustworthy, possess integrity and have julian good character, gebbia says. The airbnb Interview, interviewing for a job at Airbnb is a straightforward process. The company breaks down rolls into six pillars: product, community, customer support, finance, marketing and engineering. You'll first meet with the hiring lead of a department. Next, you'll meet with every team member in the department. Those who continue on in the process will meet with a cross section of the company, with someone representing each plan of the six pillars.

"we've invented a new marketplace. There was no easy way to rent a person's bedroom over the Internet, or book a vacation rental over the Internet gebbia says. "There was no guidebook for us to turn to as we defined this new marketplace we had to invent all along the way, and that permeates our culture today.". If you want to work at Airbnb — the company has more than 75 openings and plans to hire aggressively — you too should be highly inventive. Must haves: Passion, design Sensibility raw Intelligence. Airbnb has a laundry list of qualities it's looking for when interviewing candidates.

Atop that list is a tangible passion for changing the travel industry. "We want those who align with our noble cause. It's about more than making money; it's about connecting people in countries all around the world says Gebbia. "Our social mission is to get people meeting each other, and we need people who align with that purpose.". The ideal Airbnb candidate is a resourceful self-starter who will need limited guidance. He or she must possess strong design sensibility — a quality stressed by gebbia as second only to passion for the company. "you must have the ability to recognize good design and good user experience says Gebbia.

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Culture comes First "Culture is incredibly important to us gebbia says. "It took us three months to hire our first employee he adds. Gebbia and his fellow co-founders, brian Chesky and. Nathan Blecharczyk were instructed early on to pay careful attention to hiring as the first 50 paper to 100 employees will define the dna of the company. "We took it upon ourselves to get it right the first time gebbia says of heeding that advice. "We set a definite culture right from the beginning.". How does Airbnb define its culture?

airbnb resume girl

It's even rumored to have raised a 100 million in a financing round valuing it at more than 1 billion. The no-longer-under-the-radar company is fielding a smattering of inbound interest from job seekers who believe an early position at the company could be as valuable a lottery ticket as an early seat at google or Facebook. "Ever wonder what it was like to work at Facebook when it was just fifty people? airbnb teases its job candidates. "Imagine building a website that sparked a movement. That's the kind of opportunity we're offering you at Airbnb.". Mashable spoke with, joe gebbia, airbnb's co-founder and chief product officer, to learn more about the up-and-coming company's culture and what it's statement looking for in new hires.

inventing an entirely new online travel marketplace. It's seeking to make unconventional couch, bedroom, apartment, home and even entire country rentals as ordinary as booking a stay at a holiday inn. And, it's doing so rather successfully; Airbnb grew 800 from January 2010 to january 2011. Airbnb now has more than 130,000 listings in over 15,000 cities in 184 countries, with renters having booked more than.9 million nights via the service to date. It sees more than 3 million unique visitors per month, and 40 month-over-month growth on average. Airbnb iPhone app has been downloaded more than 330,000 times. Once just three guys working out of a living room, the company now has 110 employees, working in offices around the globe.

Y/n and even shot Vine videos highlighting their skills. Will this sort of creativity work for everybody? Of course not: While an inventive resume will certainly make you stand out from hundreds (or even thousands) of other applicants, what matters most in the end is your experience and skill set. In addition, while a startup or small firm might see itself as hip enough to appreciate a resume and cover letter redone as an e-commerce page, an enterprise might frown on materials that dont follow a traditional format. For some creative types, though, the risk of a company seeing a resume as a little too creative is worth it, if they can make an hr summary manager smile and take note. Upload your Resume, employers want candidates like you. Show them youre awesome. Image: Nina mufleh, related.

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Over at Business Insider, theres a short piece on a most unusual resume. Reportedly tired of applying for a job at Airbnb and receiving no answer, a young marketing pro named Nina mufleh decided to design an online resume that resembles Airbnbs website. The centerpiece of the resume is Muflehs breakdown of why and how Airbnb can break into the middle eastern market, particularly paper dubai; it includes listings of key regional events, possible partners, and market challenges. I moved to san Francisco last year with the hopes of landing a job at the company, the resume added. I soon realized that I was up against thousands of extremely talented people who were all just as interested in the company as i am, but Im determined to find a way to contribute to your future. The buzz over the resume landed Mufleh an interview with the company. Theres no shortage of creative resumes on the web, of course. As highlighted by another Business Insider piece, job applicants wanting to stand out from the crowd have made their resumes resemble. Amazon product pages and Instagram profiles, rendered their professional experience as flow charts (do you need help with marketing?

Airbnb resume girl
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  3. "Christopher had illustrated. Upload your resume sign. Luxury retreats, now the luxury arm of Airbnb, runs a program whereby each home we offer is inspected and certified to ensure adherence to our very strict.

  4. Not only has it caught the Internet's attention, airbnbs ceo brian Chesky and cmo jonathan Mildenhall. Now go get that job of your dreams, girl! Over at Business Insider, theres a short piece on a most unusual resume. Reportedly tired of applying for a job at Airbnb and receiving no answer. Airbnb overview Airbnb is a website for people who want to list and rent short and long-term lodging. At the time, airbnb was getting hundreds of resumes (now it's seeing thousands all of which looked the same.

  5. What makes her resume so interesting is that it doesn't focus on her past experience — information Airbnb could easily find on her LinkedIn profile if it wanted. Instead of that, she took her resume to another level. Her resume doesnt focus on her previous work experience or schools she has attended. As she says on her resume : I want to work at Airbnb. Nina submitted her "resume " on tuesday via twitter.

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