Business proposal meeting

business proposal meeting

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Something that people may find very frustrating is that debate need not be factual and you do not have the right to interrupt someone else to correct them if they make a mistake in their facts. You have to use your own debate time (which is limited, remember?) if you want to correct someone elses mistakes. Members can also propose (and debate) amendments to your proposal, move to send it to committee for further study and discussion, and other things. Bear in mind that even though you made the proposal, once its before the meeting, the meeting owns it and can amend it as it pleases, whether or not you like. Assuming it doesnt get sent to committee or killed by one of a number of parliamentary maneuvers, eventually the motion will come to a vote, and if a majority of those people voting vote in favor of it, your motion has received first passage and. If the meeting runs out of time before getting to your proposal, or if the proposal is sent to a committee with instructions to do something this year, action on your proposal will be deferred to the.

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(They may also vote to postpone Indefinitely, which has the same effect and takes fewer votes to effectively kill your proposal, but youll get two minutes to explain why your motion is worth being considered.) you need to be present, along with enough of your. Typically, any new proposal not immediately spiked will result in a number of technical questions regarding wording. It is common for the meeting to set up a special committee, which will meet immediately thereafter, to work out these technical issues and come up with the final form of the motion to be considered the next day. The pbm also sets the debate time limits. Because wsfs members dont really want to spend all five days of Worldcon arguing proposals, the rules limit the amount of debate time, usually to about twenty minutes or less per proposal. On the third day of the worldcon is the. Main Business meeting, and this is where your proposal will face its biggest about challenge. After the meeting deals with business left over from last year, such as ratification of amendments passed at the previous Worldcon, it wallpaper will take up new business, including your proposal. As the maker of your proposal, you have the right to speak first in debate. Remember that you dont have a lot of time (there is that debate time limit established yesterday) and that you wont get a second chance to speak until anyone else who wants to speak in favor of your proposal has had a chance to speak. (There are exceptions to this; if someone asks you a direct question, you may be able to answer it if the person asking gives up some of his/her debate time to you.) After youve made your opening argument, the other members get to debate the.

If general the objections first surface at the wsfs bm, there is very little chance of dealing with them and winning over the precious votes needed to pass your proposal. At Worldcon, now its Worldcon time, and the first meeting, held on the second day of the worldcon, is approaching. This is called the. Preliminary business meeting (pbm and on the surface it may seem like you can skip it, because it talks only about setting up the agenda and stuff like that. Dont skip this meeting! The pbm is the first real test your proposal will have. Although the pbm cannot pass your proposal, nor will the the meeting usually debate it in any substantive way, the meeting can make changes to it, and, for procedural reasons, such changes are difficult to undo at a later session. Even more seriously, the pbm can kill your proposal outright if 3/4 of the people at the meeting vote. This is a procedural motion that says, This proposal is such a waste of the societys time that its not even worth debating.

business proposal meeting

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(a smof is a secret Master of Fandom — this is a long-running inside joke.). Smofs is an email list for people interested in convention-running, and especially for people interested in running the worldcon. A substantial fraction of the wsfs business meetings regular attendees read smofs. (you can join smofs here. If you are subscribing and think that you might not be known to the list administrators, please write to the. Smofs list Administrators and tell them who you are and some background information, including your reasons for joining or who told you to join the list.). When you bring your proposal to smofs there is a very good chance that people will expose your proposal to close scrutiny and raise many objections. This is a good Thing since in advance you have professional a chance to modify your proposal to deal with some of the objections and to thus win support for.

Lets assume here that you have a proposal for a new Hugo Award category. You write to the current years Worldcon Business meeting staff after finding their e-mail address on the current Worldcons web site. After corresponding with them, they help you work out the precise wording of your proposal. You find at least one other member of the current Worldcon who will co-sponsor it, and you submit it to the current Worldcon. The secretary of the business meeting will let you know that theyve received the proposal. Realistically, if you are not already a regular participant in the wsfs business meeting, it will be very helpful for you to bring your proposal up informally as early as possible. Surprises at Worldcon, especially controversial or complicated surprises, are essentially never adopted. Probably the best venue for getting early feedback and buy-in is the smofs email list.

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business proposal meeting

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Every member of the worldcon is a member of wsfs. That means that all members of the worldcon may attend the business meeting, participate in the debate, propose business (including changes to the wsfs constitution, where national the hugo Award rules are and vote. You do not elect representatives to a board of Directors. You represent yourself, sort of like a new England Town meeting. The wsfs business meeting is conducted under moderately formal debating rules, codified. Roberts Rules of Order, newly revised, as modified by the wsfs standing Rules and wsfs constitution. While you pdf do not have to be an expert parliamentarian to participate, a familiarity with basic procedure will make the meeting less confusing and more productive for you.

Remember that if you get confused about whats going on, you can ask the Chair of the meeting — one of the Chairs jobs is to explain things and help members get things into the proper format. Worldcons publish in their progress reports and on their web site the specific rules for submitting proposals to that years meeting. The deadline for submitting proposals is 14 days before the first Business meeting (which generally means 13 days before worldcon starts). Its a good idea to submit your proposals sooner, preferably by e-mail, so that the business meeting Secretary can get it on the advance agenda and help you with any wording issues. In Advance, proposals need to be submitted by at least two members of the current Worldcon, although you can always have more co-sponsors if you want them. You dont actually have to be at the business meeting to submit your proposal, although in practical terms you really should be there in order to advocate it and to make sure the meeting understands how you expect it to be interpreted.

Persons not listed on the schedule may be permitted to speak at the public meeting if time permits at the conclusion of the schedule of witnesses at the discretion of the Presiding Officer. Copies of testimony may, but need not, be filed with the Presiding Officer before a person's presentation. This article describes the current system for changing the hugo Award rules. For an overview of how the current system evolved, see. A short History of the hugo Awards Process elsewhere on this site.

Dont like the current Hugo Award rules? Want to change them, or add a new category? Wsfs is a democratic organization and anyone can bring a motion to the floor of our town meeting — the wsfs business meeting, held each year at Worldcon. The only obstacle in the way of your changing the rules is that you have to convince a majority of the business meeting attendees to vote for. Business meeting 101, every worldcon is required to hold wsfs business meetings. These meetings usually are held on the second, third, and fourth days of the convention. (Very rarely, there is so much business that an overflow session is held on the fifth day.) The meetings typically start sometime between 10 am and noon, and they usually last between two and three hours. Yes, this does mean that you need to set aside some valuable panel-attending time and that youll have to be up in the morning to participate in the meeting.

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The public write meeting will be transcribed and information regarding procedures for obtaining a copy of the transcript will be announced at the public meeting. All persons wishing to testify at the public meeting must submit a written request to robert. Brady, vice President, federal Reserve bank of Boston, 600 Atlantic avenue, boston, massachusetts 02106 (facsimile: 617/973-3219) not later than 5:00. Edt, wednesday, june shredder 30, 1999. The request must include the following information: (i) a brief statement of the nature of the expected testimony and the estimated time required for the presentation; (ii) address and telephone number (and facsimile number, if available) of the person testifying; and (iii) identification of any. To the extent available, translators will be provided to persons wishing to present their views in a language other than English if this information is included in the request to testify. Persons interested only in attending the meeting do not need to submit a written request to attend. On the basis of the requests received, the Presiding Officer will prepare a schedule for persons wishing to testify and establish the order of presentation. To ensure an opportunity for all interested commenters to present their views, the Presiding Officer may limit the time for presentation.

business proposal meeting

With respect to competition, the proposal involves the merger of the two largest banking organizations in New England and will involve sizeable divestitures throughout the region. Convenience and needs considerations include a review of the records of performance of Fleet Financial and BankBoston under the community reinvestment Act, which requires the board to take into account in its review of a bank acquisition or merger proposal each institution's record of meeting. The transaction also involves the proposed acquisition of a number of nonbanking companies engaged in activities permissible for bank holding companies. The board must determine whether conducting the proposed nonbanking activities can reasonably be expected to produce benefits to the public that outweigh possible adverse effects, such alkaline as undue concentration of resources, decreased or unfair competition, conflicts of interest, or unsound banking practices. Testimony at the public meeting will be presented to a panel consisting of a presiding Officer and other panel members appointed by the Presiding Officer. In conducting the public meeting, the Presiding Officer will have the authority and discretion to ensure that the meeting proceeds in a fair and orderly manner. In contrast to a formal administrative hearing, the rules for taking evidence in an administrative proceeding will not apply to this public meeting. Panel members may question witnesses, but no cross-examination of witnesses will be permitted.

Notice, on may 17, 1999, Fleet Financial Group, Inc., boston, massachusetts Fleet Financial requested the board's approval under the bank holding Company Act (12. 1841 et seq.) bhc act and related statutes to merge with BankBoston Corporation, boston, massachusetts bankBoston. The board hereby orders that a public meeting on the Fleet Financial/BankBoston proposal be held in Boston, massachusetts, on Wednesday, july 7, 1999. The public meeting will be held at the federal Reserve bank of Boston, 600 Atlantic avenue, boston, massachusetts, and will begin at 9:00. The board also hereby orders that the comment period be extended for all members of the public through the close of business on Wednesday, july 7, 1999. Purpose and Procedures, the purpose of the public meeting is to collect information relating to factors the board is required to consider under the bhc act. These factors are: the effects of the proposal on the financial and managerial resources and future prospects of the companies and banks involved in the proposal, competition in the relevant markets, and the convenience and needs of the communities to be served.

Sam : As far as particular sports are concerned, people in these two groups cited jogging as their favorite recreational sport followed by skiing, tennis, swimming, and cycling. Gary : And what about these groups broken down by gender? Sam : Oh, gary, thanks for bringing that. Men appear to be slightly more active than women in the 18 to 26 year-old age group, but women seem more active in the other apple three groups. Based on what you have said, i think we should consider targeting the 18 to 26 year-old age group more in the future. I also feel we should consider expanding our line of athletic shoes, particularly jogging and tennis footware. We also have to come up with a more appealing slogan aimed at this age group. Sam : I see what you mean. However, when these results are compared with the survey carried out three years ago, we can see a growing trend among older consumers-those 14, i mean 46 to 55-who are becoming more conscious and concerned about staying fit.

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By understanding and anticipating the priorities of each of our meetings and events bookers, we pdf are able to deliver an uncomplicated, consistent and reliable service ensuring your event runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. Great value for money, above and beyond your expectations. Gary : Sam, could you review the results of the survey on leisure sporting activities again? We need to plan out our proposal for this Friday's business meeting. Sam : Sure, gary. I've summarized the results in the handout, broken down by consumer age groups and sporting activities. The survey was administered to 550 men and women between the ages of 18 and 55 years old, and the results have been compiled in the following age groups: 18 to 26, 27 to 35, 36 to 45, and 46. According to the results, the most active group involved in sporting activities are those between 18 and 26 years old, followed by those 36 to 45 years old.

Business proposal meeting
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  2. The proposal is subject to approval of the shareholders at the companys annual general meeting scheduled on 8 September. With respect to competition, the proposal involves the merger of the two largest banking organizations in New England and will involve sizeable divestitures throughout the region.

  3. Useful Phrases for Participating. What do you think about this proposal? Has anyone else got anything to contribute? Need to improve their report and proposal writing skills. This workshop includes a complimentary networking lunch which is a great opportunity to make new business connections including meeting the British council, business, development team.

  4. We have flexible meeting options to suit your every need. Well, let s meet again on Wednesday to iron out more of the details of this proposal. We need to plan out our proposal for this Friday s business meeting. The insurance Exchange will pool buying power and give americans new affordable choices of private insurance plans that have to compete for their business based on cost and quality. Lets assume here that you have a proposal for a new Hugo Award category.pbm can kill your proposal outright if 3/4 of the people at the meeting.

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