Dbq essay answers

dbq essay answers

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Consequently, the Protestant Reformation was not primarily an economic event, it was a religiuous one. Explain the cause and Effect of the reformation. The Protestant Reformation began as a movement by one monk to correct the injustices of the catholic Church. Its roots, however, ran much deeper than that. The northern Christian Humanists of centuries before believed that the Christian faith had once been a simple religion, twisted and distorted through time and incompetent papal authority. Although Martin Luther meant only to make corrections in the flawed faith, a split occurred in the Christian Church. From the rapid spread of Reformation ideas, it is obvious that others were concerned with the welfare of the Church as well.

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The sincerity behind most, if not all, of the reformation's leaders enabled them to convince large numbers of faltering people. At the very root, it was Luther's issues with papal authority and the sacraments that really sparked the revolution. The abuse that the population could already see in the form of the sale of indulgences and the general state of the clergy allowed these ideas to catch quickly. Besides, if the real motives behind the reformation were economic or political, then the religious pluralism that had developed should have never happened. If it were really a matter of a state regaining control, it wouldn't mater whether or not one believed in predestination, as Calvin did, or if one believed in adult baptism, as the Anabaptists did. Lutheranism should have been enough. In the end, the forces that most contributed to the reformation were those that started it - the religious arguments over the abusive practices the Church had developed. Only behind that did the political forces come, which, although they contributed to the german spread interesting of Protestantism, were more clearly seen only in the problems surrounding England's renunciation of the catholic Church. Economic motives were certainly the weakest. The only true motive would be that of the printers' guilds. However, many members of the guilds genuinely believed in the Protestant ideas, and they would have spread nonetheless.

However these motives could have easily been done away with and the reformation would have lived. Luther's complaints extended well beyond the issue of indulgences, and the political motives that could encourage state participation were more compelling than the economic ones. These political motives, in fact, were much more important than the economic ones. It was the rejection of the authority of the Church that convinces many of the german states to join, and it was Henry viii's need for an heir that pushed him to cut ties with Catholicism. External forces also affected the strggle. Charles V's problems with his empire, from the wars with the French in Spain to the wars with the turks in the east, forced him to concede in the early stages of the reformation, and when he tried to fix the problems in the holy. In fact, behind the religious forces, the political issues behind the reformation could very easily be considered key to its facilitated write spread. However, it was the religious motive behind the reformation that gave it such power.

dbq essay answers

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However, the issues of the reformation were based on religious problems. From the problems with the sales of indulgences, to arguments over the validity of each of the sacraments, to the debate over who had authirty in religious issues, what sparked the reformation were issues of faith, not money or power. If the opposite had been the case, then the reformation would have ended at Luther and wouldn't have continued past him. Economically, there were certain issues that allowed the Protestant Reformation to grab hold and take off. For example, one of the very first complaints with the Church was that of indulgences and their sale to fund the goals of the pope, particularly with. On the other hand, states were eager to align themselves with the Protestants, as they supported state confiscation and control over church lands, and all the profits that that confiscation entailed. The spread of the reformation itself was supported by the printers' guilds, who stood to profit from the production of propaganda.

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dbq essay answers

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Peters military reform would have remained an isolated incident in Russian military history had it not left a distinct and pollution deep impression on the social graham and intellectual composition of all Russian society, and even influenced future political developments. The military reform itself made necessary other innovations, first to maintain the reorganised and expensive military forces, and then to ensure their permanency. The new recruiting methods, by spreading military obligations to classes hitherto up to this time exempt, and thus affecting all social classes, gave the new army a more varied composition, and completely altered existing social relationships. From the time that noblemens serfs and servants joined the new army as ordinary recruits instead of only as menials or valets servants, the position of the nobility, which had been preponderant dominant in the old army, was completely changed. Source: Vasili Klyuchevsky, translated by liliana Archibald, peter the Great,. According to vasili Klyuchevsky, what was one way peter the Great attempted to control the russian people? 1 Sample : Military obligations were spread to all classes.

According to vasili Klyuchevsky, what was one effect Peter the Greats reform had on the russian nobles? 1 Sample : Nobles social relationships with serfs in the army were altered. "The Protestant Reformation was primarily an economic event.". By describing and determining the relative importance of the economic, political, and religious causes of the Protestant Reformation, defend or refute this statement. At its heart, the Protestant Reformation as a whole was primarily a religious event, not an economic one. Although there were several economic motives that enabled the reformation to spread, such as the confiscation of church lands, these were relatively unimportant in view of the other motives. Politically, the rejection of the authority of the catholic Church concinced many states to join the reformation, and the Anglican reformation was nearly wholly based on political motices.

With rolling drums in the streets and squares, it was proclaimed that all boyars Russian nobles, government offi cials and men of property, both in Moscow and in the provinces, were to abandon their long robes and provide themselves with Hungarian or German-style caftans. The following year, a new decree commanded men to wear a waistcoat, breeches, gaiters, boots and a hat in the French or German style, and women to put on petticoats, skirts, bonnets and Western shoes. Later decrees prohibited the wearing of high Russian boots and long Russian knives. Models of the new approved costumes were hung at Moscows gates and in public places in the city for people to observe and copy. All who arrived at the gates in traditional dress except peasants were permitted to enter only after paying a.

Subsequently, peter instructed the guards at the city gates to force to their knees all visitors arriving in long, traditional coats and then to cut off the coats at the point where the lowered garment touched the ground. Many hundreds of coats were cut accordingly, says Perry, and being done with good humor it occasioned mirth humor among the people and soon broke the custom of wearing long coats, especially in places near Moscow and those towns wherever the Tsar came. Massie, peter the Great: His Life and World, alfred. Knopf 1 Based on these documents, state two ways Peter the Great tried to control the actions of his people. 2 (1) Sample: people were made to wear Western clothes. (2) Sample: beards were cut off nobles.

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Three such governments include. Russia under the rule of Peter the Great, germany under the rule of Adolf Hitler, and, china under the rule of mao zedong. The efforts of these governments greatly affected their societies. Task: Using the information from the documents and your knowledge of global history, answer the questions that follow each document in reviews Part. Your answers to the questions will help you write the part b essay in which you will be asked. Choose two governments mentioned in the historical context and for each, describe the efforts of the government to control the thoughts and/or actionsof its people, discuss an impact of this governments efforts on its society. Part A: Short-Answer questions, directions: Analyze the documents and answer the short-answer questions that follow each document in the space provided. Document 1a document. A year later, in January 1700, peter transformed persuasion into decree law.

dbq essay answers

Bring in outside information related to that particular document. Document _ (Information for Body paragraph 1) Document _ (Information for Body paragraph 2) Document _ (Information for Body paragraph 3) Document _ (Information for Body paragraph 4). Day eleven dbq essay short, answer and dual Essay practice, in developing your answers to part iii, be sure to keep these general definitions in mind: (a) describe means to illustrate something in words or tell about it (b) discuss means to make observations about something. Part iii, this question is based on the accompanying documents. The question is designed to test your ability to work with historical documents. Some of these documents have been edited for the purposes of this question. As you analyze the documents, take into account the source of eachdocument and any point of view that may be presented in the document. Historical Context: Throughout history, governments have sometimes attempted to control the thoughts and actions of their people.

of a document is it? What is the document saying? Use the information located above and below the document to help you figure that out. As for the type of document, if it's a map, say it's a map, if it's a chart say it's a chart, if it's from a newspaper article, say it's from a newspaper article and.) *Restate/reword the thesis statement in a different way. Summarize your main points in approximately 4 sentences. Dbq essay graphic Organizer, document and Description Document Information Outside Information Document (use 4 different documents) Brief description of the document: Describe what the document is about: *Use answers from the dbq questions for document information. make sure you focus on answering the task (essay question) *make sure to answer the task (essay question) with outside information.

Remember: no details yet. Step 3 : dbq graphic organizer, organize night the information you want to use in your essay (consider each row as a body paragraph of your essay). Reread the historical context. See if you can use part or all of this statement. Remember to reword it, and change some words. You cannot copy the historical context word for word. Include your thesis sentence in your introduction what you will be talking about. Include the time period the documents are about (late 1800s and early 1900s) and what areas the documents cover (reformers (Nast, tarbell, etc; goals of reformers, and the methods used step 5: Write the body paragraphs - each paragraph should include: Topic sentence, detail-evidence doc.

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Dbq essay steps: Step 1: read each business document and answer the questions. Base your answers on the specific document and use factual information. Write your answers in complete sentences, it will make your essay writing easier. Step 2: Reread task and analyze what it is asking you. Key terms may include: discuss - means to make observations about something using facts, reasoning, and argument ; to present this in some detail. Describe - means to illustrate something in words or tell about. Show means to point out; to set forth clearly a position or idea by stating it and giving data (proof) to support. Explain means to make plain or understandable ; to give reasons for or causes of; to show the logical development or relationships. Write a thesis sentence that includes what the task is asking you to do ; that briefly introduces each topic.

Dbq essay answers
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Both steps need to be completed to finish the application process. Actually use the new illinois department. Cheap High-quality pills Here!

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  3. Your answers to the questions will help you write the part b essay in which you will be asked. Answers the documents per paragraph to write an acronym. Will receive a dbq essay cold dbq some of the war i have learned.

  4. Studybay is an academic writing service for students: dbq essay help essays, term papers. Dbq essay steps: Step 1: read each document and answer the questions. Base your answers on the specific document and use factual information. In a two-part question, you may find that the second question answers a different task than the first question. If this is the case, complete step 6 to both questions. Examples of dbq essays.and your knowledge of global history, answer the questions that follow each document in Part.

  5. "The Protestant Reformation was primarily an economic event.". These governments realized that they enhanced their own strength by refusing to answer to a higher ruler. Note: The Thematic and dbq essays are graded on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). Explain how 1 geographic feature impacted a region. Well, you could answer it one of two ways. level Social Studies June 07 3 over the answer to the essay question is to be written in the.

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