Disguise the turkey homework

disguise the turkey homework

15 Outrageous and Clever ways to disguise a turkey - kids

Using items found at home, disguise tom Turkey (i.e. Sheep, cat, pilgrim etc.) to avoid his capture and subsequent use for a thanksgiving feast. Week 12: Sight words: to, like, sentence: I like to go to the. Sort: Beginning sounds sort Rr and. Rain, ring, ruler) with the beginning sound /r/ from pictures (e.g. Pen, pizza, pig) that begin with the /p/ sound.

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During the second marking period, our kindergarten curriculum required the completion of the following tasks: Monday write the assigned sight words 5-10 times in your journal. Tuesday complete the sentence by drawing a picture. If possible, label your drawing. We do this five times. Wednesday sort objects, thursday math related assignment (worksheets reinforcing positional words, ordering numbers 1 through 20). Everyday read british for 20 minutes, week 10: They did not have any sight word related homework. They did have a math worksheet that focused on positional words. Click here for a pdf. Week 11: Family fun week: Disguise tom Turkey. Click here for a pdf of Tom Turkey.

Please, help us thesis save these turkeys! The turkey homework is due on tuesday, november 18, but you may send it in earlier. When your Tom Turkey is incognito, he can hide out in our classroom! This poem can be used when you display the turkeys on the bulletin board: my name is Tom Turkey and Im afraid as I can. Im wearing my disguise so you wont catch. More Thanksgiving/Turkey ideas : Songs and poems Class books and Literacy Activities Art/Crafts math, Science, and Social Studies bulletin boards, recipes, and Classroom feast Ideas. As stated in my previous post, homework serves to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom. A child should do their best and be proud of their accomplishments.

disguise the turkey homework

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Glue on wiggly eyes Turkey dressing This is a family project to disguise a turkey so he wont be eaten at Thanksgiving. Begin by sending home a turkey outline without feathers. The turkey at this link would be a good one to use, once you cut off the feathers: The parent letter below combines ideas contributed by Sharon (FL) and Cathye (TX). Turkey dressing (Holiday family Project) Its time to have fun creating a very unusual bird. As a family, disguise tom Turkey so that he wont be eaten for Thanksgiving! You may choose to dress your turkey as a doctor, an astronaut, a farmer, a cheerleader, a ballerina, a clown, etc be creative and use any materials you have at home. Everyone gets to help. Cut out the enclosed turkey and mount him on cardboard or heavy paper. Make it very original and have fun!

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disguise the turkey homework

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Ive created a printable pattern for you at A to z teacher Stuff: Turkey hat Printable body pattern Turkey headband Watercolor Turkeys (from Linda) Children watercolor the turkey bodies. Glue a photo of ireland each child on for the turkey face. Paper Plate Turkey block turkey (from Linda) Children paint a wood block (a 24 cut into approximately 8 lengths) brown. Silk flower leaves are hot glued on for the tail feathers. Washers painted white are glued on for eyes. Felt is used for the beak and wattle. Paint wooden spools brown and slip them on to a 2 wide strip of fabric (approximately 24 long).

Tie a knot at each end. Finally, a knot is tied in the middle of the strip and it is hot glued to the bottom of the block for the turkeys legs. Wooden Turkey these two pieces are cut and then painted. They fit together so the turkey is free-standing. Hand and footprint Turkey trace both feet on brown and glue one over the other. Trace hand 6 to 8 times on red, yellow and orange construction paper. Draw orange feet, yellow beak and red wattle.

Pretend he has 2 eyes, a poem on his tummy and a colorful napkin sticking up behind his head. At least you get a visualkind of! I send home a turkey blackline and ask the students families to help their child decorate the turkey. Its always amazing how creative they are, using beads, paint, cereal, glitter paint, pasta, colored popsicle sticks, silk leaves, pompoms, feathers and fun foam shapes. Last year i even had a football player turkey! I am Thankful quilt For quilted squares, children glue precut pieces (1 and one-fourth inches square) over a quilt pattern.

A decorated die-cut turkey was glued in the center. On the other square, the children tell what they are thankful for and draw a picture. Turkey hat Trace two of the turkey bodies. Draw on a wattle, beak and eye. Cut 4 colorful feather strips 2 inches by 12 inches. Staple turkey together at heand and back. Fold feathers and glue on each side of the turkeys back. Dont want to freehand the turkey pattern?

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Turkey on book the table. What do you say? Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy all day. Turkey in word my tummy. I ate too much, on Thanksgiving day! Cut a toilet paper roll in half and hot glue it to the back of the body section to enable the turkey to stand. Buy colorful napkins and stuff the napkin (fan it somewhat) into the toilet paper roll to serve as the turkeys feathers. Ok, so the napkin holder below is pathetic, but he has been living in a box in my basement for years.

disguise the turkey homework

Glue the colored filter over the plain filter, sandwiching the ends of the feathers between. Glue on a circular head, wiggle eyes, waddle, beak and feet cutouts. Turkey Napkin Holder, use brown construction paper for a body, red for the head, and orange for the legs and beak. Cut out the pieces. Glue the bottom of the head piece to the body piece. Fold the beak in half and glue one side to the head. Glue on wiggly eyes. Attach the legs to the back of the bottom of the body. Glue this note to the front of the body section after creasing the wings summary forward.

ribbon or yarn. Tie a small tag to the ribbon printed with the following verse: This is a tiny little sack. Inside youll find a popcorn snack. Outside there is a bit of art. To say youre always in my heart. Coffee filter Turkey, use eyedroppers to drop colored water (from food coloring) on to a coffee filter. While this filter dries, glue colored feathers along the upper rim of a second filter.

Add this poem beneath the turkey handprint: This isnt just a turkey, as anyone can see. I made it with my little hand. Which is a part. It comes with lots of love. Especially to say: I hope you have a very. I have added some new, turkey handprint poem Printables for this craft at A to z teacher Stuff. you can choose from a few styles. Instant Download from A to Zs Store: Turkey cut and Paste Art Pattern. By, dianne tansey, family gift Bag, cut an eight inch circle of muslin.

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Roll a turkey (Using this for my math centers!). Large turkey for the disguise a turkey homework/ family project (My favorite kindergarten project ever!) Each student receives a copy of essay the turkey. A letter is sent home to parents explaining that they can help their child dress their turkey in a costume such as doctor, clown, football players, etc The goal is to disguise the turkey so no one eats him for Thanksgiving dinner! More Thanksgiving/Turkey ideas : Songs and poems, class books and Literacy Activities, art/Crafts. Math, Science, and Social Studies, bulletin boards, recipes, and Classroom feast Ideas. Art/Craft Activities, handprint Turkeys, paint childs palm and thumb brown and each finger a different color. When dry, paint the tip of the index finger red and put on thumbprint for the turkeys waddle. Use orange marker to make beak and feet and black marker for eyes.

Disguise the turkey homework
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  4. No homework winter break and snow days prevent school from opening for two weeks. Love the turkey disguise slides! My students absolutely loved these. Even my reluctant writers but forth great effort. Homework : Tom the turkey disguise /Tarea: Tom el disfraz de pavo. This week's homework is a fun and creative activity!

  5. Thesis statement sample ppt. Research proposal purpose statement sample. Disguise, a turkey idea homework help! If you have a passion for anything in your life, inside or outside the gym, this video will speak to you. Using items found at home, disguise tom Turkey (i.

  6. Turkey for the disguise a turkey homework / family project (My favorite kindergarten project ever!). The goal is to disguise the turkey so no one. I've never had a student turn the turkey horizontal to disguise him, let alone turn it into a non living object! Disguise the turkey homework. Howto write a litery analysis.

  7. Disguise the, turkey homework project. Made by maisa momma. Following the thesis, you should provide sterdam/essay/ disguise - the - turkey - homework. This is a family project to disguise a turkey so he wont be eaten at Thanksgiving. The turkey homework is due on tuesday, november 18, but you may.

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