Hugo wolf biography

hugo wolf biography

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Hugo wolf austrian composer

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hugo wolf biography

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hugo wolf biography

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Un disque entièrement dédié à hugo wolf a paru au printemps 2012 chez vms. Mais le quatuor sintéresse également au jazz et il a gravé un cd, other people, publié en 2009 chez cam jazz en collaboration avec John taylor (piano) et Kenny Wheeler (trompette). Par ailleurs, et pour rester fidèle à son patronyme, il collabore avec Bernarda fink lors de plusieurs tournées européennes avec au programme ladaptation pour quatuor et mezzo-soprano dune partie de lieder extraits de lItalienische liederbuch de wolf. Le quatuor Hugo wolf poursuit lorganisation de son propre cycle de concerts au konzerthaus de vienne, après le vif succès des années précédentes. A lautomne 2013 paraîtra chez vms un enregistrement intitulé lombre de wagner. Suivront des tournées en Europe et aux Etats-Unis avec notamment un concert au carnegie hall de new York.

Home, news, contacts, copyright Classical Net, use of text, images, or any other copyrightable material contained in these pages, without the written permission of the copyright holder, except as specified in the. Copyright Notice, is strictly prohibited.

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Très rapidement après sa formation à vienne en 1993, le database quatuor Hugo wolf a été sollicité par les organisateurs du monde entier. Après des études auprès du quatuor Alban Berg, des membres du quatuor Amadeus et de walter levin (Quatuor lasalle il remporte en 1995 le 1er prix du concours. Après des études auprès du quatuor Alban Berg, des membres du quatuor Amadeus et de walter levin (Quatuor lasalle il remporte en 1995 le 1er prix du concours de Crémone puis en 1999 le Prix européen de musique de Chambre book et le Prix spécial. Il se produit depuis près de vingt ans dans les salles de concerts les plus importantes, comme le wigmore hall de londres, la musikverein et le konzerthaus de vienne, le concertgebouw dAmsterdam, la Philharmonie de berlin, la Philharmonie de cologne, le carnegie hall de new. De grandes tournées lont emmené dans plus de 25 pays. La création occupe une place importante dans la vie des quatre musiciens, de nombreux compositeurs leur ayant dédié des quatuors : Friederich Cerha, dirk dase, erich Urbanner, Otto. Zykan, johannes Maria staud, entre autres. La production discographique du quatuor Hugo wolf compte des œuvres de haydn, beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, dvořák, ravel, ligeti et Mittler parues chez gramola, atlantis Art, Extraplatte et cpo.

hugo wolf biography

Der Corregidor at its premiere in Mannheim in 1896. When the vienna Opera turned it down after initially agreeing to do it, something snapped and the syphilis he had contracted as a 17-year-old began to take hold. He was put in a sanatorium for a rest cure but, on returning to vienna from Italy, he tried to commit suicide in the Traunsee. From 1898 for the remainder of his life he was confined in the lower Austrian Mental Hospital. His body became more paralysed, his mind more confused. Most popular tracks now, farming loading, please wait. Classical Archives llc — the Ultimate Classical Music Destination. Sebastian Gürtler, violon Régis Bringolf, violon Thomas Selditz, alto Florian Berner, violoncelle.

reflected in his music, certainly, but these elements by no means dominate. There is more passion, humour and sunshine than morbidity and Austrian weltschmerz. In 1891 inspiration suddenly dried up like a stream in a drought. He was beside himself until he was able to write again at the end of the year. Again, for two years (1892-94) nothing came; then there was another burst in 1895. By then, there were some signs of recognition and even the formerly hostile dean of critics, Eduard Hanslick, had some kind things to say. Two hugo wolf Societies were formed in Berlin and vienna. But this success was checked by the failure of Wolfs opera.

In 1884 he became the music critic of the. Salonblatt, and he held on to this post for three years. His passionately held views made him many friends, for he was devastatingly honest in his criticism and praise. He also made many powerful enemies. But in 1888 Wolf had some encouragement. Some of his songs were issued by a small publishing house. This prompted an amazing outburst of creative energy and in one year he wrote 53 songs; a few months later he set 50 of goethes poems to music within the space of three and a half months. He himself could not believe what was happening it was as if someone else was composing. He tackled German poems, Italian poems translated into german and Spanish poems translated into german. .

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The fourth son of a leather merchant, an amateur musician who discouraged a musical career, wolf was expelled from three different schools and was eventually thrown out of the vienna conservatory, which hed entered in 1875, not because of his argumentative nature, his sullen disposition. He was the innocent victim of a malicious hoax: someone had sent a threatening letter to the director and signed it from Hugo wolf. All his life he lived in abject poverty. Unable to live at home, he had to depend on friends for lodgings and funds. He read music constantly and Wagner was his idol he met the great man once, aged 15, and showed him a song he had written. Wagner brushed the young hopeful aside, telling him it was far too early for anyone to make judgements on whether one had talent or not. When at last Wolf landed a job as assistant conductor to karl Muck in Salzburg, he arrived with a bundle of clothes under one arm and a bust of Wagner under the other. Inevitably, the job lasted only a few months he quarrelled with everyone and he found himself once more back in vienna.

Hugo wolf biography
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I also want to mention the green mountains which made my trip unforgettable one. John Milton: a biography, neil Forsyth.

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  3. First performance: Scottish National Orchestra/Rankl, Edinburgh, mar. 1956 Other performances: bbc scottish Orchestra, bbc radio, apr. Hugo wolf corregidor suite.

  4. The best classical music reviews, news, playlists, features and blogs from the world s leading classical music magazine. Home » Composers ». Très rapidement après sa formation à vienne en 1993, le quatuor. Hugo, wolf a été sollicité par les organisateurs du monde entier. Hugo, wolf (1860-1903 who was among the greatest Romantic song composers. From the great to the gross, all is revealed in this frank biography.

  5. Biography, work list, bibliograpgy etc (German) 6 geistliche lieder nach Gedichten von Eichendorff (. Wolf, hugo ) Italian Serenade wolf, hugo ). Read biography. Click on a category to view the list of works. Song specialist whose miraculous fusions of words and music many consider the greatest examples after Schubert. Hugo, wolf elevated the song to an artform of unprecedented psychological power and dramatic scope.

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