Ibooks author review

ibooks author review

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Reorder questions: Drag series them in the marketing questions list. Change the number of possible answers: Select a question, then click the of Answers pop-up menu next to the question and choose an option. Indicate the correct answer: Select it or drag the label or image to the target. To have more than one correct answer, hold down the command key while you select the answers. Navigate among questions: Select a question in the questions list. Add an image (for drag to target style questions Drag an image file to the widget. Important: Images cant be larger than 25 megapixels (5000 x 5000 pixels) or. Set the review as a thumbnail image that maximizes when readers tap or click it: Select the Uses thumbnail on page checkbox. Continue to edit the widget: Select the thumbnail image, click Edit review, make your changes, and click done. Change the thumbnail image: Drag a new image to the thumbnail. Your readers can check their answers immediately by tapping or clicking Check Answer.

Simply put: theres no technical reason the ipad could not be on par with a mac. Add review questions, with the review widget, you can add a set of questions to plan let readers review what theyve learned. You can use three types of questions in each review: Multiple Choice: Students answer a question with up to six possible answers. Drag Label to target: Students drag up to six text labels to specific locations in a graphic. Drag Thumbnail to target: Students drag up to six images to specific locations in a graphic. Heres an example of a multiple-choice review question: Click the widgets button in the toolbar and choose review. To enter the first question, type over the placeholder text. In the Interaction pane of the widget inspector, do any of the following: Add a new question: Click the Add pop-up menu below the questions list and choose a type of question. Delete a question: Select the question in the questions list and click the remove button.

ibooks author review

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I agree that this is a prime example of an app the ipad book should have and a clear indicator that Apple is holding the ipad back,. Drang says : The biggest problem for the ipad is Apples unwillingness to let it become its own thing. Having said all of that, the way forward with digital publishing is clearly not the proprietary ibooks format. Its epub (unfortunately) and I can create that on my ipad in just a few taps. (In case you dont believe me, heres this post in epub format, created with a few taps.). I agree with what. David Sparks have been book saying about the ipad — we are all saying the same things (more or less) — for whatever reason it very much seems like apple is holding the ipad back. Whether it is not porting apps they easily could, not letting it be self-sufficient, or shitty positioning, it all culminates with the fact that Apple is a roadblock to the success of the ipad.

Apple should have made it easy for them to push to Amazon as well. Because these people wanted to publish on Amazon but they werent considering publishing with Apple. Thousands of authors would have come to Apple to create content and stayed with Apple after publishing content there. John Gruber commenting on the same article: ibooks Author was announced in January 2012, when the ipad was two years old. The ipad itself, seemingly, would be a fine device for creating books with ibooks Author. But ibooks Author remains Mac-only. Lets be clear, even now on the mac ibooks Author is a heap of trash. The idea is amazing, the execution though is an app that is at best painstaking to use. Of all the books I buy on my ipad (and I buy all my books in the ibooks Store, for better or worse) I have not bought any in over a year that were ibooks formats.

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ibooks author review

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(The process for making Kindle and nook versions is similarly elaborate.). While i understand that this first iteration is designed with textbook publishers in mind—and those big books dont exactly scale well onto the iphones small screen—for others, this tool becomes yet another extra way to build ebooks, rather than a definitive solution. With any luck, subsequent iterations will open up these tools to iphone books; until then, Ill continue building epubs in multiple programs. Ipad-exclusivity aside, those willing to work in ibooks Author should be quite pleased. Its the best wysiwyg ebook designer ive seen none on the market so far, and—formatting problems excluded—incredibly easy to work with. If you have itunes Producer installed, you can even use the publish button to send your finished book directly to the publishing process; youll still need an isbn and an ibookstore sales account to proceed, but its a nice link to unify the process. Well have a full review of ibooks Author soon, so stay tuned.

In report the meantime, if you have any questions, be sure to sound off in the comments: Im happy to continue poking around to try and answer them. serenity caldwell is a staff editor for Macworld, and one of the macworld Superguide ebook editors. to comment on this article and other Macworld content, visit our. Facebook page or our, twitter feed. Daniel Steinberg on passion behind teams at Apple: ibooks Author could have been a trojan horse into the personal publishing business. It would have been classic Apple. Instead of small authors going to Amazons platform, they would have started with ibooks Author.

(you can also check a box to force the book to stay in portrait orientation.) you can also tether your ipad to send live previews of your books directly to your device, to ensure everythings working properly. Of course, this brings up a question: If you have to design these layouts so heavily, how do they work on other devices, like the iphone? Limited formats: ibooks Author can only export to the ipad-exclusive. In fact, the lack of iPhone support may be my biggest complaint with the software after this brief hands-on. The app exports in three formats:.ibooks, which is a wrapped.

Epub designed specifically for ipads; pdf; and plain text. Out of curiosity, i tried converting the. Ibooks file into. Epub by renaming it and running it through. Calibre, but the end result was not pretty. To create a book in the ibooks Author for the ipad and iPhone, you would need to build the book in the app, export it, convert it with Calibre, and then reformat what didnt translate.

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Outside of basic images and text, you can also add plan interactivity and media to your book using the widget tool. You can pick one of seven Widgets: Gallery, media, review, keynote, interactive image, 3d, or html. For fun, i dropped in a gallery, which allowed me to pick several images and add a title and caption. Styling the look of the gallery was also easy enough for anyone familiar with the iwork Inspector: I just had to tab over to the Graphic section and play around with colors and frames until I got it to my liking. Other widgets will let you add videos, put in end-of-section quizzes, drop in keynote animations, add images with interactive captions or 3D models, or insert html snippets built using. Dashcode (Apples old Dashboard widget creator). Tether to me: you can look at your book on the ipad through the app's Preview function. When doing any sort of intricate design in ibooks Author, the portrait/landscape buttons are your friends: Images and styles you create in landscape mode may not necessarily carry over, so youll need to check your orientations on a fairly regular the basis.

ibooks author review

Apple suggests you stick to ibooks-included fonts, its easy enough to spruce up the help book in other ways. Design heaven: I was able to recreate a feature spread from the january issue of Macworld in ibooks Author in less than an hour. Importing files from Pages and Word seems to work as well as any import tool might: your styling isnt always retained, and images may shift, but the text ends up more or less laid out as it should. A good thing, too, since ibooks Author has no versioning or change-tracking to speak. I imported a pages document containing one of our iPhone 4s superguide chapters; while ibooks Author didn't keep every bold and italic reference, it included links, page breaks, and images, all where they should have been. Unfortunately, like most other epub solutions out there, ibooks Author continues the export game —you cant edit an epub youve already created. You can only design new ones using the apps proprietary. Those who have previously attempted to design epubs in Pages only to have their hopes dashed when discovering features like break page after paragraph were unsupported will be especially pleased by ibooks Author. Many familiar word processor styles and features are available and translate to the ipad, and the process feels far less frustrating than pre-author solutions (such as attempting to tweak css files).

sounded too good to be true. While Apple showcased ibooks Author as part of its push to get more ipad-friendly textbooks onto its ibookstore, this ebook creator can be used by any publisher—Apples Phil Schiller specifically mentioned cookbooks and travel books among other publications when touting the app. Naturally, after all my griping and wishes over such a tool, i had to take it for a spin: Heres what ive discovered. Choose a template: The ibooks Author templates are all education-themed, though easily customizable. From appearances alone, ibooks Author fits in right alongside the companys iwork suite—no surprises there, since it was reportedly developed under the watchful eye of Roger Rosen, vice president of productivity software at Apple. Like most of Apples content apps, author greets you with a template chooser; you can choose one of six styles (Basic, contemporary, modern Type, classic, Editorial, or Craft). Templates are easily fiddled with—as with iwork, its simple to create and save your own styles. Template backgrounds can be unlocked and deleted, new additions made, all with little complication. Designers especially will love the freedom of the wysiwyg tools: Images can be inline, floating, or anchored, and while.

enterprise ( 1000 emp. Administrator, consultant, agency, industry, higher Education, education Management. Publishing, retail, computer business Networking, defaultLeast HelpfulLeast RecentMost HelpfulMost Recent, showing 19 ibooks Author reviews. LinkedIn Connections * we monitor all ibooks Author reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. Validated reviews require the user to submit a screenshot of the product containing their user id, in order to verify a user is an actual user of the product. G2 Crowd, company, connect, policies).

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Apples education event today is focused on the new 299 ipad, designed as its most affordable device with Apple pencil support. Its also updating its Pages app to bring a new digital book creation tool to let educators and students make books together, including the use of handwritten notes and drawings. Previously, a similar feature on the mac was the ibooks Author app. Instead of calling it ibooks Author, however, Apple is now calling it Digital books. Students can make a book for a group project and these books can include photos, videos, or even Apple pencil illustrations. Users will be able to create books from pre-made templates. Ibooks Author (19).3 out of 5 stars ibooks Author is an amazing app that allows anyone to create beautiful ibooks Textbooks and just about any other kind of book for ipad and Mac. Request More Information, filter reviews, ratings 5 star 4 star 3 star 2 star 1 star, company size. Small Business (50 or fewer emp.).

Ibooks author review
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  1. Stay in the know with ibooks Author Conference updates! Sign up to get. M permission to email you. Steinberg mentioned that ibooks Author has langui shed. It makes beautiful books, but it s a pain in the ass to use. Previously, a similar feature on the mac was the ibooks Author app.

  2. Ibooks Author could have been a trojan horse into the personal publ ishing business. It would have been classic Apple. Instead of small authors. Add a set of review questions for your readers to test their knowle dge. While Apple showcased ibooks Author as part of its push to get mor. We ll have a full review of ibooks Author soon, so stay tuned.

  3. Do you need an ebook creator with the best help services around? Read our review a nd find out why ibooks Author fits the criteria. Filter 19 reviews by the users company size, role or industry to find out how ibooks Author works for a business like yours. Ibooks Author s aim is to revolutionise modern textbooks by br inging. Follow TechRadar reviews on Twitter: m/techradarreview.

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