International relations resume

international relations resume

International Relations Resume Example

This post exhibits a resume for a professional with background in International Relations and Diplomacy. The document services as a good reference for anyone with experience in communications or international business. This resume uses a vertical layout with"s about the job seeker on the left side. The resume uses a headline title to emphasize international Relations. The summary paragraph outlines key qualifications that include: Global Business, Strategic Planning, Cross-Cultural Management and International Markets. The experience section lists company names and job titles with a company description below.

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Subjects at Masters level include: environmental politics human rights international relations and European politics international security political communication, advocacy and campaigning politics. You may also choose more vocational postgraduate courses that qualify you to work in careers such as accountancy, journalism, law, management and teaching. For more information on further study and to find a course that interests you, see masters degrees and search postgraduate courses. What do politics and international relations graduates do? Almost two-thirds of politics and international relations graduates are in full-time employment six months after graduation. Popular professions for politics and international relations graduates include business or marketing associate; financial manager, hr officer or pr officer. Other areas of work include politics and government, policy work, charity work, journalism, accountancy, social and political research, and education. About a quarter of graduates go on to further study, or work and study, often choosing to specialise in a particular subject, or broaden their opportunities in order to move khan into careers such as law, journalism or teaching. DestinationPercentage Employed.5 Further study.3 Working and studying.9 Unemployed.7 Other.6 Graduate destinations for politics and international relations Type of workPercentage business, hr and financial.6 Marketing, pr and sales.4 Retail, catering and bar work 14 Secretarial and numerical clerks.9. Graduate destinations data from the higher Education Statistics Agency. You may also like uni profile nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (nmit) view profile ma international Relations and World History University of Nottingham Ningbo China campus University of Nottingham Ningbo China campus view course graduate job Sales Support Executive provista uk ltd 19,501-22,000 Hamilton view.


Search for placements and find out more about work experience and internships. Typical employers, politics and international relations graduates are typically employed by: accountancy and banking organisations charities councils law firms local and national government retail and media companies. They are also employed by a range of commercial businesses, particularly within marketing departments. Other employers include the United Nations (un the european Commission, the civil Service, non-governmental organisations (NGOs lobbying, campaigning, and voluntary organisations and the public sector in general. Find information on employers in the charity and voluntary work sector, marketing, advertising and pr, public services and administration and other job sectors. Skills for your cv, studying politics and international relations enables you to develop specific subject knowledge, to learn how different political systems work, how organisations such as the world Trade Organisation (WTO) and the United Nations (UN) operate, and to interpret global political issues and. A degree in politics and international relations also gives you many useful transferable skills including: the ability to research, source and examine information thoroughly the capacity to critically analyse evidence and construct coherent arguments excellent written and oratory skills intellectual independence and autonomy teamworking skills. Your degree could lead to an MSc Urban Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University thesis visit Further study you may choose to undertake postgraduate study in order to further develop your knowledge, or to specialise in a particular area.

international relations resume

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Job options, jobs directly related to your degree include: Jobs where your degree would be useful include: Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so online don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here. Take a few minutes to answer the job Match quiz and find out what careers would suit you. Try job Match, work experience, consider volunteering for: charities the citizens Advice bureau global development bodies such as WaterAid and Oxfam human and civil rights organisations such as Amnesty International local, national and international environmental and conservation organisations political campaigns and political parties. Campaigning organisations or pressure groups and uk-based charities with an international presence are particularly suitable if you wish to pursue an international career. If you are a student, consider running for office in your university Students' Union or gaining volunteering experience through the university community and student societies. This demonstrates initiative and can provide leadership experience and opportunities to further develop written and oral communication skills. Many degree courses offer the opportunity to undertake professional work experience on a placement or sandwich year.

Reviewed does cooperative activities for doe/ pi participation and involvement in clean energy activities. Labor Relations SpecialistFebruary 19Hamilton Sundstrand, rockford, il, responsibilities: Provided support in the development of strategic assessments form international relations and foreign affairs perspective. Department of Energy, washington, dc, education, master of Science in International Relations. Stanford University, ca, 1999, bachelor of Science in Economics, stanford University, ca, 1997. Skills: good communication skills, both written and verbal. Good negotiation and interpersonal skills, strong organizational and analytical skills, good numeracy skills and a knowledge of statistics. A high standard of computer literacy, awards and Honors, american Association of Industrial Management, member. International Public Management Association for Human Resources, member. From social and political research to journalism, marketing and hr, a degree in politics and international relations opens up a broad range of career opportunities.

International relations of the Great Powers (18141919

international relations resume

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Want more content like this? Register business for free site membership to get regular updates and lab your own personal content feed. Paul Hendey 5821 s mayfield ave, chicago, il 60652 (123) email, summary, a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual with broad-based proven experience; Highly articulate and effective communicator; works well with individuals on all levels; Recognized as a resource person, problem solver and team player;Profound expertise. Professional Experience: International Relations SpecialistJanuary 2007 Present. Roll International, Chicago, il, responsibilities: Provided support in the development of strategic assessments form international relations and foreign affairs perspective.

Conducted research and analysis on issues associated with mission sets. Assisted with developing facts, assumptions, and limitations in order to accurately frame the situation through the development of a multi-perspective understanding. International Relations Specialistmay 2004 december 2006. Department of Energy, washington, dc, responsibilities: Served as a point of contact on behalf of the department of Energy for coordination of all doe activities related to clean energy bilateral cooperation from a policy, technical and programmatic standpoint. Managed preparations for major meetings such as Ten year Framework talks. Assisted in Secretarial visits and in visits of other Senior doe officials.

Next on the list of essential attributes for an international relations career: language skills. Here, silvana says fluency in English is simply a must, regardless of where youre from or where you intend to work. Being able to speak the local language of the country in which you begin your international relations career is also, of course, a major asset. Silvana makes daily use of both English and German, as well as her native colombian Spanish, and says the effort put into developing language skills pays off in multiple ways. Languages can be a barrier, or they can be a point that makes you stronger in every aspect academic, personal and professional.

Organizational skills, excellent organizational skills are a prerequisite for most international relations careers and particularly so for Silvana, who is currently filling two separate roles, as the embassys representative for culture and for economics and trade. This is an unusual situation, and an experience she describes as like having two personalities, but even those with just one job function are likely to find themselves facing a very busy workload, meaning an ability to prioritize tasks is crucial. Analytical skills, silvana highlights the analytical skills developed throughout her studies as extremely valuable in many aspects of international relations careers, saying this is one of the most obvious benefits of her academic training. Being able to analyze situations using all your academic tools is very useful; this could mean being able to read an article and understand what the key points are and what the implications are for you within an ongoing negotiation, for instance. Finally, international relations (as the term itself makes clear) is all about building and maintaining good relationships ultimately between nations, but starting with individuals and smaller groups. While silvanas two roles are very different, both demand strong interpersonal skills, whether shes ensuring a cultural event is enjoyed by attendees, or helping to communicate the benefits of doing business in Colombia to german investors. Her final words of advice? Get work experience, study abroad, and enjoy the masters because your working life is going to be very busy!

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The only decision was whether to do so immediately after her first degree, or after gaining some professional experience. It wasnt a question of if but when. Relevant work experience, summary in the end, silvana opted to spend two years working as an advisor at the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombia, before commencing her Masters in International Relations. She says shed highly recommend a similar path, emphasizing the benefits of complementing the more theoretical focus of an academic program with opportunities for more practical learning. The experience also allowed her to make some useful professional contacts including the ambassador whose team she later joined and to get a better idea of her own interests and ambitions. International experience, silvana also strongly advocates studying abroad if possible, either at undergraduate word or postgraduate level (or both). For her, part of the appeal of studying a masters in International Relations in London was the chance to spend time in a new cultural environment, and in a city characterized by the international diversity of its population. You can do your masters in your own city, but that wouldnt be the whole experience, she says, pointing out that for those interested in international relations careers, studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to experience international relations at a personal level.

international relations resume

Masters in International Relations at the uks, kings College london last year, after receiving the 2012. Qs leadership Scholarship, worth US10,000. Shes since taken on a dual listing role at the colombian embassy in Berlin, juggling responsibility for the embassys cultural program as well as its activities in relation to economics and trade. Looking back at how her studies and international exposure have come into play in her professional life, silvana shares the skills and experiences she believes are most important for those looking to pursue international relations careers from academic qualifications and language skills, to excellent organization. A masters in International Relations. First, silvana emphasizes that a masters in International Relations is pretty much essential for those hoping to enter international relations careers. In her own case, she says that once she knew she was interested in this area, there was no question in her mind about whether to complete a graduate degree.

Scholarship, earning 100 tuition grant. Office of us senator Rick santorum, Intern, Philadelphia, pa, 1/03 - 5/03. Drafted more than 30 letters on the senator's behalf to constituents and organizations. Created database of all constituents applying for Senatorial recommendations for service academies. Skills/ qualifications 14 years of international experience from living abroad. Intermediate French and colloquial Egyptian Arabic. Colombian Silvana Amaya graduated from.

University of laval; quebec City, canada, summer 2002. Intensive french immersion program, experience, office of United Nations Institute for Training and type Research, Intern, ny, ny, 7/04 - 11/04. Provided logistical support for country delegate training seminars including, International Law of the sea, the world Bank, and Cyberspace terrorism. Compiled evaluation seminar summaries distributed to the department Chief in Geneva, switzerland. Personally interfaced with high level diplomats and ambassadors from countries including, nicaragua, france, and Nigeria. Performed research for Law of the sea seminar at the dag Hammarskjold Library. Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations - seton Hall University, graduate Assistant to the dean of Students, 5/05 - present. Selected to represent the school at receptions for visitors including, Prince turki al_Faisal of saudia arabia, european Union Ambassador to the un, john.

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Tiffany tanglow 22 Trixx boulevard, rascal, nj 51088, 834.658.9943, email protected, education, seton Hall University; south Orange, nj, may 2006. Dual Degree program:. Overall gpa.7/4.0, saint Joseph's University; Philadelphia, pa, may 2003. International Relations: French Minor, saint Joseph's Academic Scholarship - 25 tuition grant; dean's List: Spring 2001, 2002, 2003. International Business Seminar; Krakow, poland/ Prague, czech Republic, summer 2005. Graduate practicum examining emerging market trends in transitioning Eastern Europe. European Union Study seminar; Brussels, Strasbourg, luxembourg, summer 2004. Attended a series of official briefings at the european court of Justice, the court of Auditors, european Investment Bank, the european Commission, summary european council, and us mission to nato.

International relations resume
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  2. Interested in international relations careers? Make sure these sev en essential skills and experiences all feature in your résumé. This post exhibits a resume for a professional with background in International re lations and Diplomacy. The document services as a good reference for anyone. Studying politics and international relations enables you to develop specific subj ect knowledge, to learn how different political.

  3. Do you know what to include in your International Relations Specialist resume? Vie w hundreds of International Relations Specialist resume examples to learn. International Relations Resume Example mulit-lingual professional with experience in global business management. Resume sample of a graduate in international relations with experience as an inter n for the United Nations, a think tank and the us senate. Paul Hendey 5821 s mayfield ave chicago, il 60652 (123) name@ emailaddres m Summary a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual with.

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