My resume is 2 pages

my resume is 2 pages

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 Assisted customers, created store displays, and took on many of the department managers responsibilities. Additional qualifications very proficient in the use of computers and programs. Created a web site for teachers: m Attended Wright Group workshop:  Shared reading beyond (March, 1998) Familiar with Success and Kagan cooperative learning Willing to relocate professional goals i have a serious commitment to be the best teacher for each group of students I have. I will work hard to be a positive influence in the lives of my students, their parents, and my fellow teachers. To keep up with the most effective teaching methods, i wish to attend workshops, obtain a masters degree, and interact with other teachers for advice and to learn new ideas. I plan to begin work on my masters in reading degree in month, year. Student teaching Supervisor, second Block University supervisor, (999) Address Mrs.

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Lessons involved cooperative learning, language experience approach, hands-on/minds-on experiences, and interdisciplinary teaching. Volunteer Work (70 hours). . Volunteered as teachers Assistant, Space Elem.; Preschool teacher, head Start; Mentor for K student, literacy center; and Elementary Science fair Judge, miller Schools. Observed and interacted with individual students malayalam at Parenting Life skills Center (adult parenting classes University Child Care center (4-5 year olds and Grove elem. Page 3: other work experience abc cpas — support Staff (Nov. 1997) Address Supervisor: Mrs. Fulfilled various clerical responsibilities such as typing, filing, taking inventory, database management, and restocking/organizing supplies. After School Time — Program Assistant (may 1997June 1997). . After school program sponsored by ymca, central hills Elem. . Responsible for supervising and maintaining control of children K-5. Department Store — sales Clerk (Apr.

Developed and presentation taught writing unit on why stories. Teachers manuals provided the guideline for teaching math and science, but other activities were pulled in to suit the students needs and to make material more interesting and meaningful. . i adapted units for time, money, geometry, and weather. Observed classroom and taught lessons one-on-one, to small groups, or to the whole class. . Six classrooms total, two were multiage, grades PreK-4. Developed and implemented thematic units on plants seeds and insects. Completed lessons on various childrens books, poems, and themes.

my resume is 2 pages

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Used centers for math, science, social studies, health, and list writing to complement the child-based hands-on curriculum. Implemented a positive discipline plan statement which promoted student responsibility, problem solving skills, and student accountability. Worked with Write-to-read program and used Write Away bags to encourage reading/writing at home, parent involvment, and listening/speaking/writing skills. Implemented phonics instruction with small groups. Developed thematic unit on plants/gardening around major instructional goals. Student teaching fourth Grade (Jan. 10) Kidsville Elementary, mrs. Created and implemented literature units. Number the Stars and Mississippi Bridge.

In Education:.xx High School Diploma, high School High, may, 1993. . Salutatorian of graduating class. Teaching experience, sylvan learning Center — teacher (Aug. 1997present)  Address, supervisor :  Mrs. Work with students, k-12 and all ability levels, to improve success in school through instruction in reading, writing, math, and study skills and through boosting self-confidence. Student teaching kindergarten (Mar. 12 may 12)  Big Tree Elementary,.

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my resume is 2 pages

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If its organized, the administrator can quickly look over your experience and qualifications. Please note: This sample has areas where the format was distorted when it was transferred to the web. Use your judgement to make your resume formatting more attractive. Page 1: bea. Teacher, street Address, city, state Zip (999) 999-9999, page 2: bea. Teacher, street Address, city, state Zip (999) 999-9999, visit my web site —, review a to z teacher Stuff m email —.

Objective, to obtain a teaching position at fall the preschool or elementary level. Education, currently pursuing. In Elementary Education (Early Childhood pk-3 emphasis) at southwest State University. . Graduation date: may 15, 1998. Certification (following graduation Early Childhood (PreK-3) and Elementary Education (1-6).

If you aren't automatically transferred to the answers page, click here: go to answers. This will take you to a page containing a detailed explanation regarding each question and answer. Good luck in your job search! Sue campbell, m - over 15 years experience helping clients achieve their career and business goals. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have. I'll be glad to help!

Also see: developing a teaching Resume cover Letter. Sample teaching Job cover Letter, this sample resume uses 3 pages to create a brochure format. Take 2 pages and copy side by side onto an 11 X 17 piece of paper.  (This is pages 2 and 3, represented below). Fold the paper in half so that the 2 pages are facing one another. On the cover, copy an additional page that has your name, address, and phone number.  (This is page 1, represented below.). Now, open up, and youll have an attractive, detailed resume all in one glance. .

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A: my name and contact information. B: my name, contact information and date of birth. C: my name, contact information, date of birth and number of dependents. Question 11: A potential employer is permitted best to ask me the date(s) of my _ graduation, and, therefore, i should include this/these date(s) on my resume. A: high school type b: high school and college c: college question 12: Posting my resume on a job search database online will make my resume available to: a: Potential employers. B: Only those ads to which I respond. C: Almost anyone, including my current employer. Your Score: Note: If you have pop-ups disabled, you should be able to see your score, but you won't be automatically taken to the answers page (don't worry, i like to disable them, too).

my resume is 2 pages

This information may damage my life ability to compete for the position. B: Include this information in its own document and submit it with my resume. C: Include this information in the cover letter. Question 9: When salary requirements are requested in an ad, i should. A: Address this in my resume and provide a specific salary amount. B: Ignore the request. Salary requirements are best discussed at the interview stage. C: Address this in my cover letter by providing a salary range or by indicating that salary is negotiable. Question 10: Certain personal information needs to be included in the resume, such.

my resume to a job advertisement, i need to make certain that. A: I provide as many options for retrieving my resume as possible (ascii, pdf, word processed document, etc.). B: I follow the directions of the ad explicitly. C: I secure the name of the hiring manager or decision maker. Question 8: When salary history is required in an ad, i should. A: Ignore the request.

A: One page, no longer. B: Two pages, no longer. C: Whatever number of pages is necessary to qualify the candidate. Question 4: The most important information on my resume. A: Job experience and education. Question 5: It's okay to exaggerate information on my resume when. A: I'm writing about older, less important positions and need to make book my career path more logical. B: I was shy of completing a degree by only a few credits - and a degree is a requirement of the position. C: It's never okay to exaggerate information in a resume.

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Question 1: A resume. A: An autobiography of one's career life and professional experiences in summary order to secure employment. B: A detailed listing of a job candidate's skills, experiences, responsibilities and achievements as these relate to the position and company being targeted. C: A complete listing of an individual's education, work experience and professional training. Question 2: The purpose of a resume. A: Establish a candidate's qualifications for a position in order to secure an interview. B: Establish a candidate's qualifications for a position in order to secure employment. C: Establish a candidate's qualifications for a position in order to eliminate the competition. Question 3: The length of a resume must.

My resume is 2 pages
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My first trip to paris is a memorable journey for. This essay shows every single thing you will need for one of Alexander Pope's poems, namely it is "a dying Christian in his soul".

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  2. A sample cover letter with the cover Letter Format has been provided. Also see: developing a teaching. Resume cover Letter sample teaching Job cover Letter This sample resume uses 3 pages to create a brochure format. Take 2 pages and copy side by side onto an 11 X 17 piece of paper. A visual resume for the disaster recovery and business continuity field that captures my work experience, scope of duties and lessons learned over a decade of work. Samsung Galaxy Smartphones - view the complete range of Samsung smartphones online at Samsung Malaysia.

  3. A well-written resume (or CV) will hugely impact your job hunt. Our comprehensive writing guide will help you make a resume that turns heads and lands you interviews. Letter resume, resume Examples 2, what is the best thing that should put on applicant's resume? Many people keep this question in the mind. Because they do not know where to begin and how to write. This article explains you how to write a cover Letter for.

  4. A standard, non-academic resume is one or two pages long. It is written in reverse chronological order, meaning that your current or most recent job comes first and your earlier jobs follow. A fun, interactive quiz for job seekers covering questions on resumes and resume preparation in a multi-choice format. I graduated from college 2 -1/ 2 years ago and have held 2 positions since then, one of which I worked at throughout college. Those 2 jobs and 2 internships are included on my resume. Im looking for new positions and am wondering, at what point do i move my education to the bottom of my resume?

  5. Jan 19, 2017 once you are out in the working world for a while, you're going to notice that it becomes harder and harder to fit all of your past jobs on your resume. A reader writes: i've got an mba from. University of Phoenix and at first I was really proud. I'd worked really hard to get through the corporate fina. May 02, 2016 how long should my resume be?

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