Summer internship presentation

summer internship presentation

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Summer internship Presentation - slideShare

SatyaPrakashChatterjee(Sales manager report chapters. Chapter 1: Organizational Profile, objectives and Limitations of the study. Chapter 2: r esearch Methodology in details. chapter find 3: Snapshot of the advertisement tools. chapter 4: a nalysis of data. Chapter 5: f indings suggestions, barak valley cements Limited was incorporated as a public Limited Companyin the year 1999, under the companies Act, 1956. The company was promoted.

Collaboration: Interns work on a summer-long project that allows them to collaborate with colleagues at all levels across aqr and to present their work at the conclusion of the program. Mentorship feedback: Managers and mentors provide interns with ongoing guidance and feedback to help them succeed in their endeavors. Culture: The aqr intern experience includes networking activities and events, culminating in the annual Innovation Competition, a popular pdf event that highlights the firms culture of innovation, problem solving and sharing insights. Exceptional performance during the summer internship often results in an offer of full-time employment upon graduation. Internships are available in the following businesses: Business development, Engineering, portfolio implementation, portfolio finance, research, risk and Trading. Summer internship presentation, a project report oneffectiveness of advertisement policyadopted by barak valley cements ltd inbarak valley region. Presented by :SanjitDasRoll. (53) 3 rd semester.B.A.(jnsms) Assam University, silchar, organizational guide :Mr.

summer internship presentation

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Youve earned our respect. . reach out to summary us with questions. . Were here to help. . i know well be visiting Mr Cronins class next year and we hope to see you all then. Thank you, donna, and all the wonderful people who have mentored the hope high Life skills students for the past two summers. Fernando perez (center) with his summer intern mentors: left to right Elena gavrikova (Director, Inventory essay Analytics cvs pharmacy shaun McKim (Senior Advisor, Inventory Analytics) and Joseph Linc Murray (Senior Advisor Inventory Analytics) Posted on August 23, 2015. Each summer, aqr welcomes Undergrad, masters and PhD students to a 10-week summer internship program designed to provide an exceptional learning experience. The internship program is an immersion in aqr values, providing interns with the opportunity to learn through quanta Academy, collaborate with peers, and demonstrate their abilities through the projects assigned to them. The program focuses on the following key elements: learning: quanta Academy summer Term provides interns with a curriculum that includes classes ranging from understanding aqr to group specific training, led by internal and external faculty.

Your students are amazing. . Because of their brands, wed like to continue offering internships to the hope high School Life skills students next year. . you know, donna, i responded, these students understand the responsibilities of brand. . They understand they represent their family and school brand. . by representing Hope highs brand well, they create opportunities for future life skills students at cvs health. . Its a pretty mature perspective for people so young. . i agree;  they are an impressive group. From left to right: Fernando perez, hafzat akanni, jean Rodriguez and Manny rivas Donna also reminded the students about the network theyve developed at cvs health. were part of your network now.

Internship final presentation - slideShare

summer internship presentation

How to ace your Internship s Final PowerPoint Presentation

Manny rivas begins his presentation recognizing his summer mentors at cvs health followed by a list of responsibilities and lessons from his internship. Manny rivas defines supply chain management for the audience jean Rodriguez, hope high alum and part of the first class of cvs health interns from the hope high Life skills class, shares his perspective on his second summer as a cvs health intern. Part of jeans responsibilities was mentoring this class of Hope high summer interns. Jean also shared some of his analysis on a number of data points. The body language of the audience often indicates the quality of the presentation.

Looks like the hope high Life skills students presented well. They make us proud. Donna mumma closes the presentations acknowledging the contributions of her teams mentorship of the hope high Life skills students as well as the impressive work ethic and accomplishments of each student. Fernando perez with one of his it mentors, Ashish Singh, cvs health is ghostwriter lead Engineer, during the post presentation luncheon. well, Steve (Cronin another summer internship and another group of outstanding students from Hope donna potter mumma shared with me at the end of the day. The brand of Hope high School is strong here.

One of the reasons cvs health continues to be a successful company is because of the cvs health brand. . The people you see in this room and throughout this campus and in every cvs health store you visit are responsible for the strength of the company brand. . The same can be said of your brand. . It depends on your commitment and the quality and commitment of the people in your network. Donna mumma, senior Director Pharmacy Inventory management and Analytics and. Lou mercado, vice President of Inventory management.

Following lou mercado and Donna mumma, each student proceeded to the front of the room to speak to the audience and their cvs health mentors about their summer internship. Hafzat akanni began the intern presentations. Hafzat, as usual, presented with great poise and professionalism. . Shes had experience recently addressing over 400 people at the national youth leadership Forum in Washington,. Hafzat outlined her intern projects. Fernando perez reviewed observations gleaned from his analysis of a wide range of cvs health data points. . Fernando utilized a software application called Tableau for his presentation. . Tableau is interactive software many companies use today for data visualization of business intelligence.

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Amy Propatier (Pharmacy Inventory manager for the hope high Life skills students, it was about a summer work experience in supply chain management, computer programming, analytics and corporate communications at, cvs health, a 140 billion dollar, international company. For the cvs health staff, it was observing the return on their personal investment mentoring some of Providences best and brightest young people who might eventually be future supply chain managers, pharmacists, with analysts, programmers, corporate communication specialists, lawyers and maybe even a ceo. Opening remarks by cvs executives, lou mercado, vice President of Inventory management, and. Donna mumma, senior Director of Pharmacy Inventory management and Analytics, addressed the mission of the internship program and the benefits of strong personal brands and networks of successful, good people. you control your personal brand. . The best brands get the best and most opportunities for success. Your brand will either open or close doors of opportunities throughout life. Youre part of this internship program because of the positive perception of your brand. . How well you maintain your positive brand will ultimately determine the quality of your job and career opportunities and, eventually, your future success. .

summer internship presentation

Provide technical assistance in the areas of reform project management. Conclusions raising the resources from the markets. Major concern for the company is its sensitivity to roe. Thank you, recommended, view more. Created with Magisto (m). Magically turn your everyday videos into beautifully fashion edited movies, perfect for sharing. It's free, quick, and easy. It was day when everyone felt good. Just a few of the attendees at the august 21, 2015 cvs health Hope high Life skills Intern Presentation day on the cvs health corporate campus in woonsocket, ri; from left to right: Joseph, linc Murray (Senior Advisor Inventory Analytics Shaun McKim (Senior Advisor, Inventory.

line. Improvement in overall availability, and efficiency of transmission system. Recommendation reduce msetcl technical and non-technical losses. Reinforce transmission systems by financing equipment, materials, and plants, for expanding or constructing sub-stations.

Ensures compliance writings with statutory requirements along with norms and procedures laid down by the board state government. Capital budeting capital budgeting (or investment appraisal) is the planning process used to determine whether a firm's long term investments such as new machinery, replacement machinery, new plants, new products, and research development projects are worth pursuing. It is budget for major capital, or investment, expenditures. Procedure of capital budgeting in msetcl. Five year plan covering physical targets and financial targets. In Member board meeting resolution is passed to approve the scheme. Capex section ftu section loan dept. Chief Engineer communicates all with a copy to budget Section, physical plan revised Estimate and Budget Expenditure to provide their Financial Budget.

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Home, documents, summer Internship Project Presentation, download. Report, description, presentation on capital budgeting of maharashtra state electricity transmission company limited ( msetcl ) Presented by sagar london sawant under the guidance of : shri. Transcript, presentation on capital budgeting of, maharashtra state electricity transmission company limited ( msetcl ). Presented by sagar sawant, under the guidance of : shri. Rajesh pawar agm ( corporate finance ). Company structure, mseb holding. Company profile msetcl is a state government electricity company. Msetcl as the State Transmission Utility (STU) of Maharashtra, is responsible for building and maintaining the power Transmission Network for the State.

Summer internship presentation
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  5. Presentation on Iocl - ppt on Summer Internship projectdocuments. Nfl summer Internship Presentation. Manny rivas begins his presentation recognizing his summer mentors at cvs health followed by a list of responsibilities and lessons from his internship. Read book rural internship report pdf - read book online. Summer internship project report presentation on hul.

  6. Our Summer Internship Programme isnt so much an internship, it is 12 weeks to become an integral part of a team. Presentation on Comparative analysis of Various Brands of noodles With Maggi noodles by- rajesh Barnwal nshm business School mba-005 About Nestle ã fmcg industry. Summer internship presentation a project report oneffectiveness of advertisement policyadopted by barak valley cements ltd inbarak valley. Qlogic Operations Analyist Internship Presentation. Tips for Summer Internship. Summer Internship presentation 2Documents.

  7. Qapco summer Internship Presentation The a team. Qapco summer Internship Presentation: The a-team. Internship presentations take place in the core 7th floor boardroom. She was at Wilson Towers Watson as an Actuarial Intern for the summer where she was involved with Financial Analysis. Each summer, aqr welcomes Undergrad, masters and PhD students to a 10-week summer internship program designed to provide an exceptional learning experience. Please join us for our presentation "Segal Fellows In Action: 2017 Summer Internships ongoing Citizen leadership" (The heller School, Glynn Amphitheater).

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