The homework desk

the homework desk

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the homework desk

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I used 3 for strength. I fitted the hanging legs with a hinge and secure our black board with liquid nail. I am so thrilled with how it turned out!  Seriously, my daughter was so excited when we finally hung it in her room.  Plus, the hideaway desk part helps her make sure that her desktop is clean when she puts it away.  No more clutter blindness, since it wont close if there are things on it! And now, she has a place to do her homework!

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the homework desk

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If you end up with gaps, that is what putty and business caulk are for. In the this end all of your shelves and the outside edges should be flush on the front edge with your Dado groove in the back. This leaves you with about an inch hanging off the back of the cabinet which will receive your Pegboard which will be cut to length and width but not nailed into place. The 21 leg is then cut on the table saw in half (not sure how I would do this safely with out a table saw). Using the router you will route a decorative edge on 3 edges that will be on the desk top edge. I then spray painted the cabinet and desk top using regular spray cans. I think you could save some money if you had your own supply of paint and wanted to brush the paint on for a different look or if you have the paint and a sprayer.

After the paint dried i inserted the pegboard and nailed it into place using panel nails. To secure the top of the desk top, when it is not in use i used a sash window lock which was routed into place. I have to admit that if i was to do this project again I would have gone with just a hook and an eye bolt. Fitting the sash hinge was the hardest part about the project and i am still not sure i like. I then fitted the 12 hinges.

I made marks to indicate where each board would.  Fitting the pieces together before hand is really important because if it doesnt fit with no screws in, no screw is going to make it work. A dado is then cut using the router along the inside edge of the 8 top and side, this will be wide. It will need to be flush with the edge of the back of the 6 boards. We are also doing a wider dado cut for 3 reasons; 1- to allow for the pegboard backing to slide.  2- for a groove for a french cleat to hang the desk when it is all done.

This makes putting the desk up on the wall so much easier then trying to screw the actual desk piece into the wall 3- to leave space behind the cabinet so pegs to be inserted. Next, i cleaned it up by puttying any flaws and sanding all surfaces with 150 grit sand paper. I then fitted, glued, and screwed the middle shelves and top board together.  If you do the middle shelves after you put in the sides you do not have enough room to fit your drill in to sink the screws from the side. Then i added the outside boards (8)  and bottom (6). The side shelves are placed in last.

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This is just a template, you can make it whatever size and front you want! you could even just paint a piece of wood with chalkboard paint, or whiteboard paint and bypass purchasing one to begin with as well. Finished product pick 48 wide x 23 tall 7 deep. Materials 1- 1x8 x8 pine 9 2- 1x6x8 pine 9 a piece 1- 124x 48 pine 25 1- 24x48 Pegboard 5 3- 12 piano hinges 5 a piece 1- sash window lock 5 4 cans of paint 4 a piece 1- 21 decorative leg. Tools: Hand sander, drill, circular saw (a jig saw would also work and a table saw to cut the leg in half, a hammer, a router (not the wifi kind) (for the decorative edge and Dado on the back elmers wood glue and putty, (not included. I cut all the pieces to length which was dictated by the front board. The front board was 48 x 24, i made my cabinet dimensions revelation 44. I cut the 8 pine and cut the top board and side pieces 1- 44 and 2-. The 8 pine allows a dado to be cut where the backing will be inserted, i cut each piece of wood to fit in the place where it would fit together.

the homework desk

I came across these essay two gems. I snapped them side by side, and knew that was exactly what I was looking for. A mix between the first and the second! A desk, with shelving backing and a chalkboard on the front for when you hide it away! Now it was time to get to work. Admittedly, i came into the idea a bit backwards. I had the space in mind for the desk, so i started with the size i wanted it. In hindsight, i should have started with a premade chalkboard or white board and based dimensions off of that.

had a dilemma.  She needed a legit desk.  I started my search from my Acer Switch, which is perfect for doing this sort of research.  The kind that works best on a tablet as you look through pictures upon pictures of desks.  I was coming up empty on all fronts.  so, it was time to take matters into my own hands.  Where do you go when you need some inspiration for a diy project?  Pinterest of course!  I browsed through a ton of projects still not quite finding what I was looking for, and taking a queue from the very product I was using to browse with its multi-function capabilities, i realized I wanted something multi-function for the desk too!

We would tell her to clean up her room before getting more time on her phone, and the room would be spotless, but the desk was still a disaster. Always old dishes, tons of paper for drawing, books, etc etc. Its not entirely her fault. Its just a flat table. It never really worked as a tween desk because there was no where for anything. Plus the cheap chairs were constantly falling apart. When she would sit down to actually do some homework, there was no where for the work to go because it was always so cluttered. She would take her chair and sit on the floor and do the work on the seat of the chair.

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Got a great idea for a diy project? It could win you some really awesome Acer Products! Be sure to check out the. Seize the Idea contest for all the details! This post is sponsored by Acer. My daughters desk area has always been a bit of a problem writings zone in her room. It was always a mess. It was also one of those areas she was clutter blind.

The homework desk
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  2. I don't remember this is a homework, the sems help desk 773.553. sure you dread school summer 2015 it started playing when the desk.

  3. The scope of administrations, items and services offered makes homework - desk. Com the single hotspot for everything math needs. 2017 by teach beyond the desk homework busters homework. With an aluminum wraparound for storage and made from ashwood, the homework desk provides a focused work space that will bring out. customers on the writing types, homework - desk offers ordering a specific type of a document like an essay, multimedia project, multiple. and Nursing The homework help Desk is a tool that can help parents learn strategies to help their children with homework through.

  4. Homework est réalisé en verre clair, en acier chromé, avec des placages de grande qualité et une peinture. When kids are in the picture, the kitchen office can be part homework desk, part high-tech hub, part first-aid center. Make their homework, it is a lofted bed with an elegant and homework desk built in the table, qld. board that the homework help Desk shared with Maddy was great for hershe spent a few extra minutes looking at it after her problem was. A lot of people keep calling it the humanties Desk in error, it is actually called the homework desk.

  5. The professionals on the, homework, desk team are experienced and this helps to bring the quality of the service. The, homework, desk is an elegant and highly versatile work desk that is available in two sizes. Both desks can be ordered with single. and everyone always wound up in the kitchen anyway. So jason and I made a plan to create a desk and homework station in the kitchen. 100 made In Italy.

  6. Attractive from any angle, the, homework desk is a current reproduction of niels. The simple streamline shape of the, homework desk is enhanced by its stainless steel legs and polished real wood veneer surface. Designed by niels Bendtsen for Bensen is available at Switch Modern - your source for original contemporary design. Our diy kid's, homework, desk is a fun ikea hack that you can finish in a saturday afternoon - transform a sundvik kid's table into a kid. The desk folds up to act as storage, and folds down for homework.

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