An essay on gender equality

an essay on gender equality

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In other words, gender is simultaneously created and maintained "both a process and a product, medium and outcome of such power relations". 18 In his examination of blue and white-collar workers, mumby 18 argued that hegemonic or dominant masculinity provides a standard of acceptable behavior for men, and at the same time, is the product of men's behavior. This can be said for constructions of any identity in certain contexts (e.g. Femininity, race, black femininity, etc.). Accountability edit people hold themselves and each other accountable for their presentations of gender (how they 'measure. They are aware that others may evaluate and characterize their behavior.

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7 :127 people do not have to be in mixed gender groups or in groups at all for the performance of gender to occur; the production of gender occurs with others and is even performed alone, in the imagined presence of others. "Doing" gender is not just about conforming to stereotypical gender roles it is the active engagement in any behavior that is gendered, or behavior that may be evaluated as gendered. The performance of gender varies given the context: time, space, social interaction, etc. The enactment of gender roles is context dependent roles are "situated identities" instead of "master identities". 7 :131 The sociology of knowledge must first of all concern itself with what people "know" as "reality" in their everyday, non- or pre-theoretical lives. In other words, individual perceptions of "knowledge" or st be the central focus." 2 These performances normalize the essentialism of sex categories. In other words, by doing gender, we reinforce the essential categories of gender that there are only two categories that are mutually exclusive. The idea that men and women are essentially writing different is what makes men and women behave in ways that appear essentially different. Though sex categorization is based on biological sex, it is maintained as a category through socially constructed displays of gender (for example, you could identify a transgender person as female when in fact she is assigned male at birth). Institutions also create normative conceptions of gender.

Although West and Fenstermaker do not elaborate on exactly how intersectionality can be incorporated into social constructionist theory, they do say that intersecting social identities are constant "interactional accomplishments". 15 :96 While men and women are held accountable for normative conceptions of gender, this accountability can differ in content based on ethnicity, race, age, class, etc. Hurtado argues that white women and women of color experience gender differently because of their relationship to males of different races and that both groups of women have traditionally been used to substantiate male power in different ways. 16 Some women of color are subordinated through rejection, or denial of the "patriarchal invitation to privilege". 17 For instance, some white men may see women of color as workers and objects of sexual aggression; this would allow the men to display power and sexual aggression without the emotional attachment that they have with white women. White women are accountable for their gendered display as traditionally subservient to white men while women of color may be held accountable for their gendered performance as sexual objects and as recalcitrant and bawdy women in relations with white men. West and Fenstermaker conclude that doing gender involves different versions of accountability, depending on women's "relational position" to white men. 17 Gender as accomplishment edit gender, according to west and Zimmerman, is summary not simply what one is, but what one does it is actively produced within social interactions. Gender is an accomplishment : "the activity of managing situated conduct in light of normative conceptions of attitudes and activities appropriate for one's sex category".

an essay on gender equality

Essay on gender equality

7 :145 Core gender identity edit The sense of one's gender identity is acquired through the internalization of external knowledge. Citation needed however, it is in fact never fully acquired it has to be constantly performed and reenacted in social interactions. Citation needed According to Alsop, fitzsimmons lennon, "Gender is part of an identity woven from a complex and specific social whole, and requiring very specific and local readings". 6 :86 Thus, gender identity can be defined as part of socially situated understanding of gender. Lafrance, paluck and Brescoll note that as a term, "gender identity" allows individuals to express their attitude towards and stance in relation to their current status as either women or yardage men. Turning the scope of gender from a social consensus to objectivity to one's self-identification with a certain gender expression leaves much more space for describing variation among individuals. 14 Intersections of gender identity with other identities edit The way gender is constructed for an individual depends on gendered interactions the individual has with others as well as other identities or roles he or she may have. Gender, race, class, and other oppressions are all potential omnirelevant categories, though they are not all identically salient in every set of social relationships in which inequality is done. Clarification needed multiple oppressions are not seen as having "additive" or "multiplicative" effects but are seen as simultaneously depending on each other to create a unique form of oppression.

Citation needed Therefore, when transgender individuals want to have a sex change operation, they must prove that they can "pass" as a man or woman disputed (for: The wpath soc criteria for srs have no such requirement to "pass   discuss so even the choice. Citation needed diamond and Butterworth argue that gender identity and sexual identity are fluid and do not always fall into two essentialist categories (man or woman and gay or straight they came to this conclusion via interviews with sexual minority women over the course. 11 One woman had a relatively normal early childhood but around adolescence questioned her sexuality and remained stable in her gender and sexual identity until she started working with men and assumed a masculine "stance" and started to question her gender identity. 11 When 'she' became a 'he' he began to find men attractive and gradually identified as homosexual as a man. The perception of sexuality by others is an extension of others' perceptions of one's gender. Heterosexuality is assumed for those individuals who appear to act appropriately masculine or appropriately feminine. If one wants to be perceived as a lesbian, one must first be perceived as a woman; if one wants to be seen as a gay man, one has to be seen as a man.

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an essay on gender equality

An, essay, on, gender, equality

For example, based on a simulation discussed in Walk like a man, talk like a woman, the death simulation used demonstrates the social constructiveness of gender, maintaining that gender should be conceptualized and portrayed as a process, system of stratification, and social structure (Berkowitz 1). The perceptions of the social world in which these students view the world around them is as an objective reality rather than as a product of human interaction and interpretation that is institutionalized and transformed over time (Berkowitz 1). One of the most powerful notions that this simulation encourages is teaching from a constructionist perspective that requires instructors to challenge perceptions by essay requiring students to unpack the hows and whys of sociological phenomena (Berkowitz 1). Gender identity and sexuality/sexual orientation edit lisa. Diamond argues that gender identity is not a stable, fixed trait rather, it is socially constructed and may vary over time for an individual.

11 A study by bandura and Bussey shows that kids want to be like others of their sex. Social conformity has been widely studied on adolescents. Results showed that 6-year-old children tend to conform to choices that their peers find more popular. They begin labeling objects as "for girls" or "for boys" and conform to what is expected of them. 12 13 West and Zimmerman argue that the notion of womanhood or femininity is accomplished through an active process of creating gender through interacting with others in a particular social context. 7 Society typically only recognizes two genders.

"Doing gender" is in fact based on these interactions that are constituted of ongoing assessments in various situations. This in turn points to the situational nature of gender rather than its inherent, essentialist and individual nature. Gender roles edit gender roles are often centred around the conceptions of femininity or masculinity. In our society today, women are socialized as being the caretakers of the house, nurture the children, cook and clean. With men, they "should" be the workhorse, the provider, protector, a leader, and a teacher to his family. 8 A study in 2017 found that health risks are set by the behaviors that are instilled in males and females by the time they're 10.

9 Gender roles, according to berkowitz, are an acceptance of social construction as it pertains to gender and the roles we perform. "The gender order is hierarchical in that, overall, men dominate women in terms of power and privilege; yet multiple and conflicting sources of power and oppression are intertwined, and not all men dominate all women. Intersectionality theorizes how gender intersects with race, ethnicity, social class, sexuality, and nation in variegated and situationally contingent ways". 10 The constructionism of gender and stereotyped roles can be examined through a given environment. A certain gendered patriarchy turns abstraction into material reality. This reality is negotiated into each interaction we have.

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Conclude therefore that the summary society and the barbing individual are indissoluble and mutually constitutive. Alsop, fitzsimmons lennon also note that the constructionist accounts of gender creation can be divided into two main streams: 6 Materialist theories, which underline the structural aspects of the social environment that are responsible for perpetuating certain gender roles; Discursive theories, which stress the creation. They also argue that both the materialist and discursive theories of social construction of gender can be either essentialist or non-essentialist. This means that some of these theories assume a clear biological division between women and men when considering the social creation of masculinity and femininity, while other contest the assumption of the biological division between the sexes as independent of social construction. Gender edit main article: Gender Gender, according to west and Zimmerman, is not a personal trait; it is "an emergent feature of social situations: both as an outcome of and a rationale for various social arrangements, and as a means of legitimating one of the. 4 Moreover, gender was considered achieved and more or less stable after it is acquired in early childhood. Contemporary constructionist perspective, as proposed by fenstermaker and West, proposes treating gender as an activity doing of utilizing normative prescriptions and beliefs about sex categories based on situational variables. These "gender activities" constitute our belonging to a sex as based on the socially accepted dichotomy of "women" and "men". It is noted, however, that these activities are not always perceived (by the audience) as being either "masculine" or "feminine they are at constant risk of being assessed as more or less "womanly" or "manly ultimately, any behavior may be judged based upon its "manly".

an essay on gender equality

Knowledge and meanings are not stable or constant; they are co-constructed in interactions with others, negotiated, modified and shifted. People are active in their perception, understanding and sharing of knowledge acquired from their social milieu. It is prudent therefore to consider this process when explaining the social construction of knowledge, including human knowledge concerning gender. The individual and society are indissoluble. Social constructionists question the western idea of an autonomous individual who can draw a clear line between the self and the society. According to social constructionism, individuals can create meaning only in relation to what they are exposed to in their environment. Paradoxically, the same individuals co-create the meanings that are available in this environment.

a social product, but a product of a specifically situated society; various accounts of reality depend on place and time in order to study knowledge as a social. Power and hierarchy underlie social construction. This focus results in showing how individuals differ in status, entitlement, efficacy, self-respect and other traits based on the kind of interactions one is involved in and subjected. Language is at the core of knowledge. Language is considered the building block of culture; it conveys meaning and creates the system of knowledge humans participate. Ultimately, language has a huge influence on how humans perceive reality and, as a result, is the creator of this reality. Social construction is a dynamic process. Social constructionists emphasize the complexity of how knowledge is created in social interactions.

Social constructionism, briefly, is the concept that there are many things that people "know" or take to be "reality" that are at least partially, if not completely, socially situated. 2, for example, harvard psychologist, steven Pinker writes that "some categories really are social constructions: they exist only because people tacitly agree to act as if they exist. Examples include money, tenure, citizenship, decorations for bravery, and dates the presidency of the United States.". The basic assumptions of social constructionism, as described by marecek, crawford popp, 4 are: Social constructionism is a theory of knowledge. Social constructionism focuses on how meaning is created. Emerging from the criticism of objectivity, social constructionism challenges concepts of knowledge put forward by positivism, which postulates the externality of reality and that empirically-proved truths are mind-independent. 5, according to marecek, crawford popp, knowledge is an "account of reality produced collaboratively by a community of knowers" 4 Thus, social constructionism focuses on how meaning is created.

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The social revelation construction of gender is a notion in feminism and sociology about the operation of gender and gender differences in societies. 1, according to this view, society and culture create gender roles, and these roles are prescribed as ideal or appropriate behavior for a person of that specific sex. Some supporters of this idea argue that the differences in behavior between men and women are entirely social conventions, whereas others believe that behavior is influenced by universal biological factors to varying degrees, with social conventions having a major effect on gendered behavior. Contents, basic concepts edit, see also: Socialization Gender socialization, and, sociology of gender Gender and socialization. Social constructionism edit, main article: Social constructionism, the roots of the social constructionist movement in psychology are related to the criticism of the objectivism assumed by positivist/empiricist concepts of knowledge (Gergen, 1985). Among the most popular variations of the social constructionist theories is the gender role theory, considered by Alsop, fitzsimons and Lennon (2002) as an early form of social constructionism. The focus on power and hierarchy reveals inspiration stemming from a marxist framework, utilized for instance by materialist feminism, and foucault's writings on discourse.

An essay on gender equality
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  2. The social construction of gender is a notion in feminism and sociology about the operation of gender and gender differences in societies. According to this view, society and culture create gender roles, and these roles are prescribed as ideal or appropriate behavior for a person of that specific sex. Some supporters of this idea argue that the differences in behavior between men and women).

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