Hotel management thesis

hotel management thesis

Hotel and restaurant management thesis title

Now hrm function is also treated as an important part of the organization which contributes a lot towards organizational goal. Today human Resource management function has several activities or sub set of functions to perform, like recruitment selection, compensation, performance management, Appraisal, Staff development and Training, career development, Understanding and Implementing Employment Legislation and Welfare, corporate social Responsibility etc. Definition : Human resource management is the function performed in an organization that facilitates the most effective use of people (employees) to achieve organizational and individual goals. Slide -10 10 There are many definitions and study material / literatures available on hrm as a subject and to apply in professional organizations. We can understand and have some introduction / overview about Human Resource management with the help of literature presented as follows : Human Resource Approach ? Organisation goal needs of employee are capable of existing in harmony? Employees are asset for organisation?

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Identification of training her needs. Types of training carried out by the organizations like in house training, outside faculty, e-learning, on the job training, counseling etc. Training related to technology, soft skill, behavioural trainings etc. Induction of new employees. Afterwards evaluation of training effects. Concept of repetitive and periodic training. Slide -9 9 Literature review : Since our subject of study is? Training development as a vital part of hr function in Hotel Industry? Has various aspects hence we need to understand these aspects for making our study more effective and meaningful. We will see these various aspects of our subject study, detailed below, and reach on some conclusions along with our findings and suggestions. Human Resources Management : As we see that in recent few years the concept of Human Resource management has entirely changed ever before, which formerly was being resume referred to as Personal Management.

Correlate developmental practices with organizational goals, based on the real needs, after related study of the topic? Make suggestions, based on the study, to the organizations in hotel lined industry to attract, retain, motivate, train and develop its staff to meet their organizational goals. This study will help in benchmarking the steps / measures to be taken by various organizations in hospitality sector towards enhancement of skills of their resources to provide quality services towards ever increasing demand and high expectations of customers from the hotel industry. Slide -8 8 Scope : The scope of this project to cover the study of training development functions in hotel industry in India. To make observations on the existing practices on training development in hotel industry and to provide suggestions / inputs, based on the study, may helpful for further improvement. The study will include the following aspects of training development function in hotel industry :. Study of existing practices for employee training development.

hotel management thesis

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The objective of this project is to make comparative study of training development function in various organizations in hotel industry as to see how these organizations keep themselves ready to meet the ever increasing challenges in hotel industry. Slide -7 7 to see how much importance is being given to the training development function by various organizations in hotel industry. To with see how training development function plays important role in achieving organizational goals in hotel industry. Following objectives will also be considered during this study? To draw up common practices for effective and efficient training practices in the industry. Since training is directly related with the overall development of the organization and an individual, the policies should be formed presentation based on the real needs and practical aspects should be borne in mind while formulating the policies? To benchmark practices related to training and development in hospitality industry?

After going through the study, detailed further, we will establish and conclude with the findings and put our suggestions forward, with regard to the subject. Slide -6 6 Objective and Scope of the Study : Objective : A recent survey shows that the crisis of inadequate trained manpower still persists in the country and a huge potential requirement of skilled manpower is there all over for the next few years. According to the studies it is believed that the country today has approximately 69,000 people working for hotels in the branded segment. Further watching the growth, it appears to grow by over 213 per cent to nearly 147,000 employees. At a time when the attrition rate in the hospitality industry has been on the rise and is set to double to nearly 50 per cent in the next two years, hotel companies are finding it hard to retain employees. However, studies shows that some hotel companies have devised several employee welfare schemes to keep employees satisfied. At the same time, these hotel companies are training their employees to be more obliging in service so that they understand the crux of the hospitality services and discipline themselves to stay with the company for a sufficiently long period. In terms of making employees principled and productive at their job, employees also need to be trained on regular basis. The objective of this study is to understand the role of training development function in hotel industry and its importance towards organizational objectives.

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hotel management thesis

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Today individuals and organizations must become continuous learners to survive and hence it is not surprising to find that most successful organizations operate in a continuous learning mode. There is a need for a continuous process that aims at providing fresh knowledge and skill inputs to the employees so as to ensure the development of sell their competencies, dynamism, motivation and effectiveness in a systematic and planned way, thereby improving the productivity and overall. Slide -4 4 As the same we witness that today? S business organizations are learning organizations and believe in continuous learning. Technological advancements, higher customer expectations, competitive market conditions, greater emphasis on organizational objectives are the factors require employees more skilled and trained enough to meet current and future organizational requirements. Here comes the role of training development as an important part of hrm function in the business organizations. Hotel Industry in India : Hotel Industry in India has witnessed tremendous boom in recent years.

Hotel Industry is inextricably linked to the tourism industry and the growth in the Indian tourism industry has fuelled the growth of Indian hotel industry. The thriving economy and increased business opportunities in India have acted as a boon for Indian hotel industry. In recent years government has taken several steps to boost travel tourism which have benefited hotel industry in India. Training development plays an important role in Hotel Industry : being service industry, unlike other businesses / industrial sectors, the hotel industry requires their employees updated and trained with special skills along with technological skills / advancement, due to higher customer expectations and to meet. In hotel industry personalized services are of more importance, directly related to human behaviour which requires special training to develop soft skills as to meet high customer expectations and to deal with day to day business. In terms of making employees principled and productive at their job, employees need to be trained on regular basis. Slide -5 5 This Project Report will discuss in detail, in next few pages, the aspects mentioned above and see the role of training development as an important part of hr function in hotel industry.

A vital part of hr function in Hotel Industry (A comparative analysis slide -2 2 Table of Contents? Table of Contents 2? Objective scope of the Project 7? Human Resource management 10? Hotel Industry in India 36?

Importance of Training development in Hotel Industry 38? Annexure 76, slide -3 3 Introduction : This is a study of Training development activity as a vital part of hrm function in Hotel Industry. Some aspects of this project report, detailed further in next few pages, are summarized here as under : - human Resource management : As we see that in recent few years the concept of Human Resource management has entirely changed ever before, which earlier used. Now a days hrm function is being treated as an important part of the organization which contributes a lot towards organizational goal. Management function has several activities or sub set of functions to perform like recruitment selection, compensation, performance management, Appraisal, Staff development and Training, Implementing Employment. Legislation and Welfare, corporate social Responsibility etc. Which helps in meeting the organizational objectives to a great extent. Training development : never before has the rapid increase in new knowledge and technology and in the base of change and itself demanded a learning response as great as what is now required to remain competitive.

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Sustainability factors, apart from environmental Sustainability, we are also looking at Sustainability in terms of construction. That is, it is important to margaret satisfy three important principles. Green Architecture which aims at Sustainability : Site services, study of services on site is also very important. The major site services include: Water Supply, electricity lines Drainage lines After the absolute study of the site, one can conclude on the kind of project to be executed, its feasibility the and also its sensitivity to be shown towards designing the structure and the site. Also check out the guide on Site Planning. Sandip tapkir i need this for my study. Bhush gaikwad cant download this file, it says their is no file. Slide -1 1, project reportudy on Training development.

hotel management thesis

Climatology factors, climate can be subdivided into two major divisions: Micro climate. Macro climate, parts we have to study the micro climate and macro climate of the place in order to design a bio-climatic structure. We have already discussed bio-climatic Architecture. You must give a read before advancing further. It will give you a clear idea of the bio climatic aspects to be considered while designing. Economic feasibility, the site location and detailed site analysis will give you an idea of the economic feasibility of the project. It means that the type of building or construction you are looking forward to proposing on that site would be a successful venture or not depending on the conditions of the site. For example: If you propose to build a five star hotel on a highway, it would not be economically feasible because you would not have the kind of users you would like to target for your venture to become successful. Hence, going for a construction of a highway restaurant would be much more feasible.

and the main road abutting the site also has to be noted. Easy accessibility to the site is very important for any kind of project. But of course, the significance varies if we are to compare an industrial project with residential project. After spotting the major landmarks, analyze the integrity of their existence in close proximity to the site. It is essential to know as to what kind of impact would these structures have on our site. Orientation of the site, mark the orientation of site. Orientation of site will help you in orienting the structure correctly in the process of designing.

If the proposed structure would have any negative impact on the environment. In one of our earlier articles, we have discussed Site selection and Site Analysis with respect to the environmental essay impact. Check it out: Selection of a suitable site environmental Sustainability. Site Analysis and development, here are some of the steps to be followed for Site Analysis: google maps, locate your site on the google maps. It will give you an idea of the: Site contours. The connectivity to the main road and other sub roads. The distances from the major landmarks such as: Shopping centres, railway station, airport, bus stand, visit the site. Dimensions of the site.

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Site Analysis for Construction, site Analysis is very important before we initiate our construction. Detailed study of site and its surroundings will help justify our design proposal. Detailed study of the site and surrounding areas of the site helps in designing the project efficiently. Site selection, a site is selected on the basis of the demand of the construction. An already existing site is taken, is analyzed and the kind of project to be proposed on that particular site is decided. An empty site to be analyzed for construction. New Trend: Environmental Friendly or Green building Construction. When analyzing the site, we also have to consider the impact of the structure on the surrounding environment.

Hotel management thesis
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  7. Hotel Management System, the, hotel Management System is developed to maintain the details of Customer booking information, trace the details of customer also maintain the information about the hotel room availability. Using this project users may know all the details which is provided by the, hotel Management System. Users can view the. An interactive plan of the. You can click on the arrows to navigate around the plan.

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