Market positioning statement

market positioning statement

What is positioning statement?

No small Business, no software as a service company. Pick a narrow target market. Then, consider the target expensive problem you want to understand one of the expensive problems that the target market youre looking to reach is experiencing. You dont need a complete or comprehensive understanding of all of the problems. Just one (or a few). Youre a specialist, not a generalist.

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My ideal match is athletic, likes spending time outdoors, is 30 35, has a college degree, and has a career If they said hey, im looking to date. When you read that first example, someone popped into your mind, didnt they? For this hypothetical person, you thought of one of your friends who is single and might be resume a match. For the second, your mind completely blanked. Even though they were literally saying Ill take marketing all comers! You werent able to think of a specific person because the definition was too general. Its the same when it comes to the target market we define. When we have a specific idea of our best buyer, were able to be exact about who were looking for. When we define that target market for someone, it because that much easier for them to think of someone to refer. Because we were specific in the request. So pick a narrow target market.

What type of business? How do they describe themselves? What words do they use to reviews talk about their industry? How narrow can you make this? The more specific you are in the target market, the easier it will be to communicate who you best work with and the easier it will be for you people to make referrals to you. Consider this: Narrow Target Market General Target Market loose target Market Personal Injury Attorneys Lawyers Small Business Owners When your target market is more narrow, it will be easier for people to make referrals to you. Theyll understand exactly who youre looking for. Think of it this way: did you ever have a single friend who was looking for someone to date? Which would be easier: If they said hey, im looking to date.

market positioning statement

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If your positioning statement is this wide and this weak, i recommend that you answer the two above questions: Who would you want referred to you? Use your answers as the basis for a more refrained positioning statement. Example 4: Narrow Target Market, narrow Expensive problem I help dentists get booked solid by combining a narrow target market with a narrow expensive problem, you make yourself referable. To anyone who asks, you easily communicate who youre looking to work paper with and how you can help them. Positioning statements like this get you clients. These are what cause rolodex Moments, where the person youre talking to can immediately think of the type of business you work best with and understand the expensive problem that you solve. These are the positioning statements that were aiming for. Optimizing your Positioning When it comes to optimizing your positioning, there are three things you want to think about: First, consider target market you want to understand who youre looking to serve.

Example 3: loose target Market, loose Expensive problem. I help small business owners with their businesses. With the third example, we arent communicating anything valuable or relevant to the listener: we arent telling them who we work with. The target market is incredibly loose. We arent telling them how we can help people. The expensive problem is incredibly loose. If you had a positioning statement like this, who would you want referred to you? How would you help them?

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market positioning statement

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I help small business owners get booked solid. With the first example, were communicating that we can solve an expensive problem, but were not online communicating who — specifically — we can help. Is this a referable positioning statement? But it could be so much improved with a little workshopping. Specifically, what type of small business owner are you serving? Specifying any of these would improve the positioning statement.

Example 2: Narrow Target Market, loose Expensive problem. I help dentists with their business, with the second example, were communicating who we can help, but we arent explaining how we can help. People hire consultants to solve problems. If you arent describing how you can help a client or the type of expensive problem that you can solve for them, you make it much, much more difficult to earn a referral. When someone goes to describe your business, what should they say about you? A narrow target market with a loose expensive problem isnt referable. You do yourself a disservice with a positioning statement like this.

You cant be narrow in all three. At least for someone starting out. If you get super specific on one, the others can (and perhaps should) be looser. Sean dsouza goes narrow on the Expensive problem leg, loose on the target Market leg (i.e. Small business and pretty loose in discipline (eg marketing). If you want to maximize word of mouth, your Target Market should be the narrowest one, the Expensive problem fairly specific, and the discipline mostly irrelevant.

A narrow Target Market combined with an Expensive problem that most prospects in your Target Market are likely to have seems like the combo most likely to trigger a rolodex Moment. I help holistic practitioners get booked solid. I help over worked photographers make more money with fewer clients. Either of those two instantly make me think of several friends in each tm and its safe to assume that all of them might have one of those eps. How to Think About your Positioning. When you consider your positioning, you want to make sure that youre able to trigger Rolodex Moments, as Jonathan Stark calls them. These are moments when youre describing yourself in such a way that you instantly make people think of friends in the target market that youre describing, and the expensive problem you solve. If either of these elements are off — youre too deep or loose on one or more of them — then youre in the unfortunate positioning of having weak, soggy positioning. Lets take a look at a few examples: Example 1: loose target Market, narrow Expensive problem.

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You can upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer. Your browser has severe security issues. You could get a virus by just viewing a malicious website. Your browser identifies itself with User agent string mozilla/5.0 (compatible; msie.0; Windows.1; Trident/5.0). Creating Referable moments, by kai, get daily marketing tips for consultants here. I was a fly-on-the-wall for a wonderful conversation about positioning between. Jonathan father's Stark and, philip Morgan. Im reproducing a version of the conversation here, and I will explain to you exactly what this means for a consultant looking at positioning their business. The triumvirate of discipline, target market (tm and expensive problem (EP) kind of need to be in balance.

market positioning statement

same time. This is because brands that are highly relevant though not differentiated run the risk of being commoditized.  Similarly, brands that are highly differentiated, though not particularly relevant, become niche providers. Practically speaking, concept optimization research is a great way to develop and evaluate alternative positioning concepts, as demonstrated here. To learn more about EquiBrands brand positioning services, call Tim koelzer at or fill out a contact form. Internet Explorer 9 on Windows. It is not supported by the vendor anymore. It is not the latest version.

In crafting a positioning statement, the following positioning statement framework is often used: to (target audience) Product x is the only (frame of plan reference) that (benefits delivered) because (reasons to believe). You can use this positioning template to ensure discipline in making these important choices. Brand Positioning Strategy Objectives, key objectives of brand positioning include relevance, differentiation and credibility/attainability, as described here: Relevance is priority 1. Customers must find the brand appealing. If not, the brand wont make it into the consideration set, regardless of how differentiated or credible. Differentiation is critical and the key driver of positioning success. The brand must be unique.

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Brand positioning is defined as the conceptual place you want to own in the target consumers mind — the benefits you want them to think of when they think of your brand. An effective brand positioning strategy will maximize customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness, in maximizing brand value. In defining a brands positioning, its useful to think of the following four key components of a positioning statement: Category frame of reference: What is the competitive context? With which product category should the brand be associated? Definition of target market(s Who is the brand being built for (i.e. The center gps of the targeting bulls-eye.). Statement of the key point of difference: What benefits should the brand stand for and deliver on? Reason(s) to believe: What proof points need to be demonstrated?

Market positioning statement
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Also note that the nike positioning statement omits both the reason to believe and the target Market. A positioning statement also positions you in the market place, (cheapest v luxurious, fast food v fine dining) and outlines the.

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  1. A good positioning statement is a guidepost for your marketing efforts. The positioning statement addresses the target market s most pressing problem by stating a benefit;. Why the target market should. How to build a brand positioning statement that will help you win in the market. The brand positioning statement has the following attributes: which helps you understand exactly how your product relates to the market. uniquely distinctive market position and accompanying positioning statement, leading to the development of a campaign which resulted.

  2. universally accepted positioning statement that defines the role your business plays in the market is essential for achieving long. It has to be highly differentiated from everything else in the market, but serve a strong existing need. Irina ended up using a minimal positioning statement which can be used to sell the specific photo package she wants to be known for. If you have a hard time writing a positioning statement that fits the framework above, there might be something wrong with your product. in the marketplace is the first step to true marketing success.

  3. Its your positioning statement, which makes it clear why the target market should care about your claim and take action. Use your answers as the basis for a more refrained positioning statement. The updated positioning statement was The best search toolset for corporate web publishing. electric car market ) is an existing market ; the positioning statement underscores product advantage clearly, succinctly and powerfully. deliver it and/or it meets no established (or firmly projected) need in the marketplace, youre positioning statement will be doa.

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