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Being available across so many devices also makes it a constant companion a form of advanced notebook thats as far from its ancestor as a laptop is from a typewriter (even if youve got three of them sorry. In that role, all its other features come into their own, allowing you to work efficiently without having to set up a huge workspace, and making efficient use of the screen. MasterWriter is a magic notebook, compatible with every device you ick to tweet MasterWriters strengths arent in a single, game-changing feature, but in doing many small things well. It doesnt make you search out its functions and it doesnt waste any time as you cycle between them. It allows you to focus a search based on multiple criteria, a feature which is designed to support creative endeavors rather than offering up a dry litany of terms that are technically correct but functionally pointless. All of this adds up to a program thats right there, ready and easy to use whenever you want. If I call it notebook.0, dont take that as an insult.

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That minimal encyclopedia isnt really there for authors its a reference guide for composing lyrics. Likewise the filtering according to syllable count and degrees of rhyme; certainly useful for authors, but really designed for songwriters. MasterWriter has a lot to offer different kinds of writer, helpers but its hard to deny that it has a clear favorite among them. Ive said before that writing software lives and dies on being a specialist tool we already personal have word processors, so writing tools justify themselves by zeroing in on the unique needs of authors. Is that really something MasterWriter can pull off while giving authors third billing? Well, yes and. Is MasterWriter for you? MasterWriter is unlikely to be the writing program on which you write an entire book, but its not really trying. What it is ideal for is the early stages, allowing you to tinker, tweak, and experiment with ease. Its dictionaries and thesaurus are extensive a nice package deal on their own and its minimal writing interface shuts down distractions while still giving you the tools to perform the minor research needed to improve a sentence. It is, in short, and just as promised, a comprehensive suite of a great many beneficial writing tools.

Most of MasterWriters features work in tandem for increased usability. Youll notice from the image above that MasterWriter also allows you to import and export audio files. Is that something youre going to get much use out of? Well, perhaps, but otherwise, it pertains more to the elephant in the room The elephant in the recording studio i mentioned earlier that MasterWriter is aimed at authors, screenwriters, and musicians, but thats not quite how MasterWriter sees. In their own words, some of the worlds most successful songwriters, screenwriters and novelists use masterWriter. Youll notice, there, that authors are relegated thesis to last place. Thats not a one-time thing, either masterWriters own testimonials favor songwriters and screenwriters, the former especially. With this in mind, a lot of MasterWriters more anomalous features come into focus.

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In that regard, though, Ill have to refer back to well me, in 6 Great pieces Of Writing Software you need to try. Dont be blinded by long lists of features or technical specs: software features only matter if theyre something youre going to use. Thats as true now as it was then; whatever MasterWriter lacks is only absent if you were going to use. Every writing tool can only be understood as it pertains to your writing, and a long list of features means nothing by itself. I said before that MasterWriters interface allows you to cordon it off as a space purely for writing. Id argue that the lack of character design, timelines, thesis and pin-board notes serve a similar purpose. If you need those things frequently as you write, then MasterWriter may not fulfill all your needs, but if you dont, count their absence as one less distraction.

No big deal, but a lot of MasterWriters utility comes from small benefits it saves you seconds here, seconds there, until you find out youve ended up with significantly more time in which to write. The system tripping over itself works against that, and could even invite you to doubt the advice the program is giving you. MasterWriter also contains a pseudo-encyclopedia which tops 11,000 entries. Speaking plainly, this is likely to serve limited use for authors. Its little more than a list, though it can be used to plug gaps where you need to name a toy or a country in order to keep writing. There are some odd gems hidden away within a long list of first names will give some authors a much-needed hand, as will the cities, states, and media offered. The Old and New Testament are both provided, available for reference or, perhaps, solace when a story just isnt coming together. MasterWriters The world reference function offers limited utility. Theres no function for creating timelines of your story, or to pull off some of the flashier tricks that competing programs boast (a create your character photofit function comes to mind a brilliant way to avoid writing for a few hours).

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Theres also a huge bank of phrases, rhymes, and suggested alliteration, all of which can be filtered to intern the writers benefit. You can search according to precise meaning, syllable count, part of speech, and even degrees of rhyme. Thats a lot of control to have over what comes back, and it guarantees that if the word youre looking for exists, youre going to find. In its various dictionaries and thesaurus features, masterWriter really shines, combining a vast store of knowledge with an intuitive and effective filtering process. Many writing tools have made their name out of just the former, demanding the user hunts through to obtain exactly as much usefulness as their patience will allow. In contrast, masterWriter is built to help, giving you the thing you need to keep writing and the time you need to.

An electronic thesaurus is only as good as its ick to tweet A search for calm synonyms allows the filtering system to shine. You can even collect words, storing them in a list for later perusal and consideration. As I mentioned earlier, these collections last indefinitely, giving you some freedom to browse various choices before committing to what works best (and allowing you to reconsider the same options at a later date). Thats not to say that every feature works perfectly with the others. Admittedly, i was actively testing the program, but within half an hour it had recommended a potential synonym which it then marked as a misspelling.

These tools are connected, meaning that when you search for a word with one, you search for it with them all, and can quickly click between results on a whim. Its admirably compartmentalized, keeping your attention where it needs to be and shaving precious time off every decision. Its also adjustable, so when you select Dictionaries, the text editor can disappear and the program can be resized to fit next to the word processor of your choice. Writers need tools that save them time when it ick to tweet. Theres a notable lack of drop-down menus almost everything is right there, accessible with a single click, or has its adjustable features built-in. In fact, its one of the most user-friendly programs ive seen, and new users will be able to log on and get to work without struggling to figure out how everything works.

MasterWriters split-screen design is a boon to writers. Those accessible menus are, again, a time-saver, and youre never more than a few clicks away from your work. Theres no losing or misplacing files, as you might encounter in less focused writing tools, and MasterWriter even remembers choices youve made about your document until instructed otherwise (more on that in a bit). Its impossible for any program to be all things to all writers, and MasterWriter leans towards ease of use and an interface that guides users into making the most of all it has to offer. Its a look that may not wow you on first use, but many will find it preferable to a sleek, gorgeous system that gives you no idea how to get the most out of its features. The features, where to start with MasterWriters features? Well, it boasts both an excellent dictionary ( The American Heritage dictionary of the English Language ) and a comprehensive and unique thesaurus (the worlds only electronic version of The synonym Finder a brilliant resource, despite the fact that synonym finder is a singularly, and. Its easy to overlook these resources as a dictionary and a thesaurus, but each is a notable example of its type.

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Many writing programs sell themselves on the ability to block out everything else and let you write, while many authors trumpet low-tech or obtuse writing tools exactly because they essay provide a unique atmosphere that gets them into the creative mindset. In the actual writing space that will take up most of your time, masterWriter still isnt pretty, but it does deliver this sense of a closed-off space on your computer. This has value, making it less tempting to flit about, checking out videos between paragraphs. The psychology of having a dedicated workspace is one which many successful authors trumpet as crucial, and MasterWriter marks itself out as exactly that kind of space. Roald Dahl famously wrote many of his plan childrens classics in his garden shed, and MasterWriter may be the digital equivalent. Not a feast for the eyes, perhaps, but most writers would far rather encounter function over form than the other way around. And make no mistake, masterWriters form is built around its function. The programs interface is designed to split the screen, keeping your writing visible at all times while different tools pop up around.

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Theres only one way to find ick to tweet. In practice, this comes in the form of rowling a unique workspace, complete with fully-integrated dictionary (rhyming and regular thesaurus, encyclopedia, and the other tools youll need to find the best version of a thought, sentence, or story. There are some basic formatting options and a competent spellchecker, but MasterWriter is exactly what it claims to be: a writing tool rather than one for heavy editing. As such, its unlikely to be the only tool youll need, but it may still have a major place in your writing process. Using MasterWriter, ill start my road test of MasterWriter with the first thing youre likely to encounter its look. Theres no way to get away from it masterWriter isnt the best-looking program out there. Aesthetic choices dont seem to gel, resulting in a clutter of sparsely designed elements thats reminiscent of a 90s website. Its an unavoidable side-effect of Apples dominance that the modern mind tends to see their minimalist, laboratory-like style as an indication of efficiency or professionalism, and MasterWriter hasnt been constructed in this mold. Strangely, though, this isnt the disadvantage it might first appear.

a coffee-shop-haunting dilettante. Youve got mail even introduces Greg Kinnears impassioned, intellectual columnist by showing he has three typewriters, suggesting hes either of near-sublime virtue or that he stumbled across some kind of sale in the movies unseen prologue. But whatever writerliness were told is bound up in using the simplest possible tools rarely translates into productivity or better craft. At a certain point, it makes sense to take stock of new developments whether they be hardware or software and damn the questionable example of an infinite number of monkeys in favor of something that makes it easier to produce great work. The only problem with that advice is that sometimes, especially when youre comfortable with your current writing tools, it can seem like more trouble than its worth to investigate new, potentially better options. Thats why in this article Ill be taking on some of the work for you, road-testing the popular MasterWriter suite of writing tools and delivering a masterWriter review to help you make up your own mind. MasterWriter is a writing tool aimed at authors, screenwriters, and songwriters, professing to be the most powerful suite of writing tools ever assembled in one program. It works on a variety of devices (laptop, phone, tablet) and is compatible with Apple, android, windows and ios, basically meaning that the only devices that dont have access are pens and typewriters. Is MasterWriter the next big thing for authors?

The end result is Professional quality lyric Sheets and Chord. No features added, platforms. Show 3 less popular platforms, license alternativeto is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. The site is made. Ola and, markus in Sweden, with a lot of help from our friends and colleagues in Italy, finland, usa, colombia, philippines, France and contributors from all over the world. That's right, all the lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced, and that's what makes the data powerful and relevant. Feel free to send us your questions and feedback on, in our discussion forums or biography tweet us at @Alternativeto, follow. Can writers afford to be precious about how they write?

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Sorry, but the browser you're using is no longer supported by fiverr. For a secure, optimal experience please update your browser. Please contact our customer support. Chrome, firefox, internet Explorer. Master Writer is a set of writing tools for authors and biography songwriters. OStorybook ostorybook is a free, open source novel-writing software for creative writers, novelists and authors which will help you to keep an overview of multiple plot-lines while. Text editing, lyricist, lyricist combines everything you need for lyric writing, chord charting, and archiving into one package.

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  2. Alternatives to masterwriter for Windows, mac, linux, web, iphone and more. This list contains a total of apps similar to masterwriter. Unlike the best creative writing software, masterWriter does not help you outline stories, books, plays or other creative writing formats. Master document editing software - split, copy, and share word and image documents.

  3. The latest Tweets from MasterWriter Inc. Software for songwriters, lyric writers, creative writers, and poets. I could write songs without it, but I'd miss being able to search for the perfect word or cultural reference to bring striking images into my lyrics. MasterWriter is a writing tool aimed at authors, screenwriters, and songwriters, professing to be the most powerful suite of writing tools ever assembled in one program. I will most definitely continue to use masterwriter 85 in the future. It was a pleasure to work with you, masterwriter85.

  4. MasterWriter.0 users can upload their recordings to their MasterWriter Account. The latest posts from Masterwriter. Follow me at @masterwriter. A writer, health, safety and Environmental instructor, project manager and music director. MasterWriter is a comprehensive suite of songwriting tools that are semalessly assembled into a single application.

  5. MasterWriter Download - the ultimate collection of writing tools for the professional songwriter. MasterWriter.0 for Windows 7/Vista/xp - collection of writing tools for the professional songwriter. download MasterWriter.0 here. Find just the right word or phrase with the tap of a button. Save hours of wracking your brain for that perfect word. Let MasterWriter do the heavy lifting!

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