The rise of hitler essay

the rise of hitler essay

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Versailles Treaty would be the very seed of the next world war. The end of World, war 1 shocked many people. Most of these people were the citizens. The citizens of, germany were outraged. One of the articles of the treaty was that. Germany limit their army to 100,00 men.

Rise, and Fall

Next, came the great amount of propaganda that Hitler fed to the german people. Since they were so fond of him for helping them during the depression, they hung on every word he said, and they truly believed him when he made statements indicating that different peoples, especially jews, were the ones who were making their lives as bad. This propaganda made the people join in Hitlers cause, and completely support him. These supporters were the ones that made hitler become so strong. They became his soldiers, his strategists, and his suppliers. Without their initial support, his actions might have been deemed cruel and unnecessary, and the people of Germany could have stopped his work before it had gone very far. Of all of these eating factors, the most crucial to hitlers rise was the first element that, in turn, led to the other factors- the Great Depression. Without that situation, the german people could have possibly been more judgmental and not have accepted, as their leader, the first person to help them. The depression gave these people mindsets that ultimately allowed their complete and total control by one man, Adolph Hitler. Versailles Treaty they would do this. At the time nobody knew, but the.

Factors In The rise Of Hitler Essay, research Paper. The rise of Adolph Hitler contained many key factors that allowed him to become the remote powerful dictator of Germany that we remember him as today. These factors range from the mindsets of the people around him to the economical factors of the day. Without each of these important conditions, hitlers rise to power might have been a much slower, or for that matter, inexistent, process. The first major factor was that Germany was experiencing a great Depression, much like the situation in the United States. The people of the country were at a great low in their morale, and they were grasping for someone or something to make their lives a little bit better. That someone ended up being Hitler. He rose in popularity as he gave bread to the hungry, and made the people happier with his speeches about how the germans were the best people on earth.

the rise of hitler essay

Basis, of, nazi power

The citizens of Germany were hungry, in need, and unnourished. The nazi party and Hitler promised immediate action. Since it seemed as if Germany had been going nowhere fast, many were influenced by the intentions of the nazi party. Because the public despised democracy, they were in favor of having one strong leader in the country. Hitler stressed the most important thing in a country is it s people. He hypnotized people during his speeches because he was a very influential and compelling person. The nazi party changed many lost and confused minds into minds filled with nationalism and determination. Hitler was a leader, a brilliant organizer, and an excellent orator. These qualities, plus the dilemma in Germany at this about point in time, created the structure for this absolute monarchy.

The Enabling Law was the final piece to the absolute dictatorship. This allowed Hitler to decree any law even if it conflicted with the constitution. So the fatal virus of the democratic constitution did have effect on the country of Germany. Hitler could now do as he pleased, and he did. He outlawed Jews marring Germans, he outlawed Jews from voting, he made it clear that no jew be citizen of reich, and held the army under oath to be loyal and follow orders of the fuehrer. Hitler declared himself fuehrer, the dictator, an absolute monarch. In a time of desperation, emergency, or distress, a country needs someone to take immediate action. These times were present in Germany in 1933.

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the rise of hitler essay

Black fox: The, rise and Fall

This included help from any armed forces. This fact gave writing dictatorship powers to the president indirectly. Because of the extreme nationalism and will to take action in the nsdap party, many people hoped to use the nazi party. The weimar republic believed rfid they could use hitler to purify germany by ridding the jews and communists, then after, they could control Hitler. After the nsdap took 37 of the votes and won the election, many of Hindenburg s advisers believed that Hitler would be closely watched by the prime ministers from doing any drastic moves when ruling the government. So on January 30, 1932; Hindenburg gave the title of chancellor to hitler. Then after the death of Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler was given the chance of becoming the dictator of Germany.

Hitler made extraordinary moves in the country of Germany. Hitler outlawed any political party but the nsdap in Germany. He justified this law by saying that the other parties were ruining Germany s purity and values. This included the brilliant plan of burning the reichstag, and framing the communists. He explained to the citizens that all the other parties were traitors, because they did not seek to destroy the versailles treaty. Another move was the articles made in March 24, 1933.

The communist kpd party intended to form a non-class society, so the lower class may refrain from being starving slaves. They too, wanted to rid the weimar government and cut down on military spending. The religious Center Party were democratic Catholics, who saw a future filled with better moral values. They wanted to outlaw abortion and concentrate on growing the economy by using taxation appropriately. Then there was the determined nsdap party filled with nationalism.

The nazis soul purpose was to reject the versailles Treaty, and regain what Germany had lost because. Hitler told the citizens of Germany that they had been stabbed in the back. He told them that the other parties were weak because they had no intention to rid the document, which gave germany the position they lay. The nsdap intended to give back the german pride by rebuilding the army, replace the democratic government with on strong leader, and purge the corrupting non-Aryan influences. The nsdap was determined and ready to take action. This influenced many of the german citizens. The nsdap was impressive, compelling, and determined to change germany for the better. The democratic constitution was fatally flawed. Article 48 was the fatal virus: In the reich President s opinion, if he felt the country was in a moment of desperation, he could take matters in his own hands, and suspend the fundamental Rights.

Report on Adolf, hitler s, rise to power

So this fact was left to be a secret. The government of Germany between 19 was the weimar Republic. Many despised this because germany had never had a democratic government. These were the causes of weimar s distrust and unpopularity. The nsda party intended to turn dates the government of Germany around. In 1932, the four major political parties in Germany were very different. The democratic sdp intended to concentrate on working class rights. They wanted to cut down on Germany s militarism attitude to benefit the working class.

the rise of hitler essay

Germany felt they had not even started the war and it was extremely unfair to pay reparations. Germany was also forced to give up their colonies. The country felt cheated and angry at the versailles Treaty. They felt exploited, and many of the citizens sought to avenge what they had lost. The weimar huntington Republic was instantly blamed for signing the versailles Treaty. Many called the weimar Republic traitors for the signing of the treaty. While this was going on, facts were hidden for the citizens of Germany. The actual German military officers had pushed the german kaiser for peace. The officers wanted to keep their honor and prestige in the eyes of the public.

have been blamed for the death of Jesus, the black plague, and many other events. This is purely because of ignorance. Germany despised the Treaty of Versailles. One of the articles of the treaty was that Germany limit their army to 100,00 men. Since germany glorified the number one thing in the country, it stabbed Germany s pride and militarism. The country was also forced to pay reparations and accept guilt for the war.

Most of these people were the citizens of Germany. The german army intended to deliver the german Offensive of 1918, this final attack would guarantee german victory. The government then pushed the german citizens to hang on just a little longer so they may be the victorious country. The government controlled the flow of information to the german citizens using propaganda, this information mislead them to believe that they were just about to win. But because of the United States admission to the war, germany was forced into submission. The citizens of Germany were outraged. They had been misled and they were full of questions. They wondered why many of their soldiers were still in the city of Belgium, if they had really lost, why wasn t Germany invaded? They also wondered why the government had said they were just about to win.

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The rise Of Hitler Essay, research Paper. The rise of hitler, after World War 1 the allies intended to permanently cripple germany. Through the versailles Treaty they would do this. The document stole germany s essay nationalism, pride, and power. It left Germany helpless and lost. Many believed that Germany had been absolutely exploited and cheated under the terms of the treaty. At the time nobody knew, but the versailles Treaty would be the very seed of the next world war. The end of World War 1 shocked many people.

The rise of hitler essay
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  2. " The rise Of Hitler Essay research Paper". History Essay sample on the rise of Hitler. The split would eventually lead to the creation of two distinct political parties: the a collection.

  3. The rise Of Hitler Essay research Paper. Economic Aspects of Versailles Treaty and The rise Of Hitler - essay example. After the defeat of Central forces in World War 1, a treaty was signed. The rise and Fall of the rise and fall of hitler essay adolf Hitler by william. Interwar Germany: The rise and Fall of weimar and the rise between.

  4. The, rise, of, hitler, essay, research Paper. The rise of, adolph, hitler contained many key factors that allowed him to become the powerful. The, rise, of, hitler, essay, research Paper, the rise of, adolph, hitler contained many key factors that allowed him to become the. The, rise, of, hitler, essay. This essay will be discussing the rise of, hitler and the nazis during 1919 to 1933. One of the major events that occurred which affected Hitler 's rise.

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