Resume story

resume story

Cornell Career Services: Resume purpose

To borrow from the world of boxing, your resume and cover letter are like a one-two punch. Each one alone has power, but together they deliver a winning combo that can help get you the match for the job you want. Above all, its the match that you are after. The match to the job interview and the job. You need to help the employer see all the ways obvious and less obvious that make you a great fit for the d you do that by crafting both your resume and cover letter in a way that shows how much of your experience, even. In effect, you are telling a story. But its a wonderful story. Its a story about where to start?

Technical skills Resume Writing Tips

But it had better be a compelling resumes narrative based on real achievement. Not just one page that attempts to squash your life and career into a prescribed list of bulleted items. And certainly not a work of fiction. They essays resumed their courage. he stopped for a moment and then resumed speaking. normal services will be resumed in the spring. we resumed the negotiations. She sat down and resumed her work. After the rain stopped, the teams resumed play. he will resume training as soon as the injury is better.

Its also easy to spot an honest broker, theyre the the ones who reference their biggest professional failures and show what they learned from them. Maybe they worked for a big start-up that went belly-up. If you reference it, you know Ill go look at what happened. So turn the negative into a positive for. When you write that narrative and re-read your final draft, strike anything that makes that distant alarm we all have deep inside our souls start beeping. If you cant hear it, then pal you have a bigger challenge on your hands than looking for a job. Every resume must tell a story alright.

resume story

5 Tips to update your Resume

But there it is, on his LinkedIn page, a claim of a university degree, and a double major too, if you dont mind. There is a guy who worked for me for years who claims responsibility for a well-known venture i founded fully a year before he joined my company. Thats presentation more than self-aggrandizement. This stuff is everywhere. I know youve seen it, too. I know you have friends with resumes and LinkedIn profiles that make claims you know are bogus. And these days, when its so easy to check, so easy to be unmasked, embellishment is especially stupid. Theres a difference between showing yourself in the best possible light and outright exaggeration. To an experienced hirer, its very easy to spot a bullshit artist.

But because youre writing a pitch doesnt mean you sell too hard and cross the line between touting your stuff and lying. Now we have the second reason why those artificial one-pagers are crammed with exaggerated claims of unparalleled achievement; basic human folly. An old sales guy once told me that it aint lyin if youre sellin. Except that. Especially when youre selling yourself. I have a brother who has a page here on LinkedIn. He never went to college, in fact he thought college was only for dilettantes like.

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resume story

Quick resume & cover Letter book: Write and Use

All this will take time as Mark Twain once said, i didn't have time to write a short letter, so i wrote a long one instead. The process will also take reflection, hard work, endless revision and of course, the ability to communicate. Its that last piece, the communicating, that most candidates find tough, which is revealing in itself. Why would I hire somebody unable to communicate the special difference that makes them a viable candidate in the first place? The ability to communicate is pretty damn fundamental. So youd be surprised how poorly many candidates do when i ask them to append an opening narrative to their basic one-pager. Im not just talking about essays spelling errors and basic grammatical errors, Im also talking about an inability to construct a compelling argument.

If you cant do that about your own candidacy, youre not going to be of much help to me at all, no matter what discipline you specialize. Inside any company, established or start-up, there's a natural competition for attention and resources. The internal sell is an important aspect of any job. If you can't argue effectively for your piece of the pie, you'll never get anywhere. Every resume narrative is a pitch and any good sales pitch has a logical internal momentum that leads to an inevitable conclusion. Its important to anticipate objections and slam the door firmly on each one, exist so in the end there is only one outcome. You get to close.

What led you here, inevitably, to this place? Im lucky enough to mentor several young people. One of them got a ba, then an mba, then instead of heading for an investment back or a consulting company, he set off traveling around the world. He worked to resuscitate outward bound Australia, and followed that up by spending a year traveling through south East Asia and up into India and eventually nepal, where he made it up to Everest base camp. Then he reached the ripe old age of 27 and began to worry that he had fallen far behind the career path of his more conventional college friends.

He sent me his one-pager, i showed him how to write a resume narrative. It differentiated him by highlighting his sense of adventure, his risk-taking, his cultural openness, his ability to quickly engender trust and mutual respect in new relationships. It positioned him as a most unusual and resourceful young man. Hes a rising star in google sales now. A conventional one-pager would never have got him through the door. Hed never sold anything except himself. Writing a resume narrative is not easy. Start with a summary three or four line paragraph, thats the most difficult part of the process but its the plot to the story youre going to tell. Pluck three of four highlights from your life and career, look for a common theme that links them and build from e centerpiece of the narrative is unchanging, though the lead-in and concluding paragraphs are customizable depending on the nature of the job you're competing for. .

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Both pages should work together, seamlessly, the one painting the picture, the other filling in the canvas with detail. The narrative connects the dots. . It makes sense of your career path. In it, I want you to tell me how you got here. Paint for me a coherent picture of who you are, where youve been, what makes you tick and most important, where you want to go, and why, given all that, the job Im about looking to fill is the logical next step in your career. What have you found out about me? How does that relate to you?

resume story

But its the main reason why the classic one-pager is crammed with exotic claims of extraordinary professional saga achievement and revenue production. (Ill get to another reason in a moment). If you added up all the claims of inflated revenue conjured up and reported in tidy bullets on one-page resumes, you would find it hard to understand why The Great Recession happened at all. Look, if you did do it, you never did it on your own anyway. So dont claim you did. Besides, it's not the number but how you made it that matters. This is why, despite the screening software, im a big fan of a page that tells your story first, a narrative page that precedes the one-pager and its tidy bullet-points, not a cover letter but a narrative that tells your particular story.

you find adults like that? Now we come to a problem, the problem of the one-page resume. The one-page resume is a useless fraud perpetrated by college employment counsellors and human resource professionals who wouldnt know a p l from a hole in the ground. It reveals next to nothing that is meaningful about a job applicant. And the higher up you go, especially once you start looking for a functional leader, like the head of marketing, the product director, the sales honcho or their deputies, its a dangerous thing indeed on which to exclusively rely, even when making the first cut. Now i know that, depending on the position and the field, resumes may get their first read from a machine, with software that scans them for keywords to winnow down the candidates. I understand the theoretical efficiencies in that.

Thats why three out of four startups fail and nine out of ten never earn a return. Since the most important determinant of success or failure in the first place is the quality of the people you hire, not the quality of engineering, not the financing, not the virality potential of the product, not even the original market insight but the quality. What on earth are a quality people? When the overlords of the valley talk about A quality people, what they appear to be talking about are peoplejust like them, so the a quality people theyre talking about are driven, hyper-competitive, scary smart, and often imperial in manner. Theyre also badly messed up, social misfits. And their passion business blinds them. It destroys their ability to flexibly adapt. It leads them to ignore the market, or to explain away its teachings.

Is a two-page resume ever OK?

He stopped for a moment and then resumeed speaking. More meanings of this word and English-Russian, russian-English translations for resume in dictionaries. I get to do the things I like. One of my favorites is working with early start-ups in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, helping them embed organizational process without sacrificing speed or harming the special culture that the founders want their new company to live. Thats the thing about the people who start digital companies they have an unencumbered, intuitive sense of opportunity and often an idealistic vision of the kind of company they want to create, but they know next to nothing about business. Like how to hire smart, for example. The valley is hermetically sealed in its own bubble of conventional wisdom and its own system of self-reinforcing circular belief, which is strange, given that its primary purpose is designing more efficient alternatives to accepted practice, which would seem to require barbing an open mind. But mainly its a place of rigid, cashmere uniformed one-hit wonders and wannabes, stampeding towards their current notion of the future in one vainglorious herd. Digital mania facilitates an easy glide from failure to the next big thing with no pause for reflection or self-examination along the way.

Resume story
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