The one that got away essay

the one that got away essay

The one, that, got, away, essay

I dont believe people will be satisfied living in such a state as that. They would want to be put out of their misery. Legalization would cause many changes. It would give rights to the person who does it, rather than the person who dies. It is about the right to kill, rather than the right to die.9 Physicians would need to be trained in more areas regarding this, such as information about medications and dosage, and about the mentality of the patient. They will need to gain expertise in understanding patients motivations for requesting it, assessing their mental status, diagnosing and treating depression.

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Euthanasia supporters often try to get sympathy by relating stories to make one feel like suicide is the only option in their case. The media has sparked a lot of interest, and continues to show stories like this. Simi linton, psychologist, says, Im disturbed at how the media treats it, as: here are these poor folks; lets help them end their lives (qtd. It makes it seem as if would be inhumane to deny anyone this option. Basically, it is the quality of life that is the main concern of the patient. They may feel that life is not worth living exist in their state. It would not be humane to insist that every means be taken to keep someone alive. A physicians main concern is to relieve suffering, so sometimes there is only one way to achieve that goal. At the time that efforts are no longer doing any good, the main concern is to make the patient comfortable and alleviate symptoms such as pain.6 Drugs do not always get rid of all the pain, especially when it is excruciating. Sometimes a patient will be drugged into unconciousness with severe pain that cannot be controlled.9 This does not seem like effective pain management.

Most people who have reported that they would consider it give reasons such as that they would not want to be a burden, would not want to live in pain, or would not want to depend on machines or others. The main argument for the support of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide is that people should have the right to control their life and death, and should be able to end their lives when they wish if they are suffering needlessly. It is argued that it is a private choice and society has no right to be concerned. They usually portray it as a case of individual liberty. One source states that euthanasia, if legalized, would be the ultimate civil liberty, since it would secure the freedom to determine and to control our own death.8 Physicians must then decide if they are willing to take part in either directly killing the patient. The physician should follow the demands of the patient, even if it means killing them, because that would respect their wishes and the rights of the patient. Physicians treat patients with the purpose summary of restoring health. If the patient cant be restored to a reasonable level of living, it shouldnt be wrong to discontinue.

the one that got away essay

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The two sides of the issue are being debated. On one side are the people who father's think it is not a physicians place to kill a patient, because he/she should only help, not harm. The opposition thinks that suffering is the real harm. The debate comes at the point of the onset of the terminal illness, when it will be time to decide on the means. This is sometimes called the kevorkian moment.2 Proponents give examples of people who could be helped, while opponents give counterexamples of people who may be harmed. There are many moral and legal considerations. The support for a physicians participation is increasing. According to opinion polls, about 60 of people in the. About 15 of physicians practice it when it is justified.7 It is actually impossible to know for sure how much takes place because incidents are usually kept secret to avoid prosecution.

It was advocated in the late 1800s, and has been a topic for debate since the early 1900s.2 Doctors have been helping patients die for centuries. Some cultures today have people that will stop eating and wait to die when they become seriously ill.13 The right to die movement is encouraged by several factors. Modern technology has come along so as to extend human life. The fear of the dying process is of great concern to some people, especially when it accompanies physical and psychological suffering. Patients are becoming more in charge of their own fate and have more of a voice. Finally, there is concerns about the high health care costs. They cost more than 60 billion annually, and 1/3 of Medicaid payments go to patients in their last year of life.13. Medicines main goal has always been the preservation of life. Now, this is being challenged in an attempt to change.

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the one that got away essay

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A physician assisted suicide is when the patient does the actual act, but the physician provides either enough information or the means to.8 One source defines it as a desperate good measure, justified only in exceptional cases where every effort has first been made. Usually the means of suicide is lethal doses of a poison such as pills, an injection, or gas. Motive causes euthanasia to be distinguished from murder, because its intent is merciful and is done out of kindness. The physicians intentions can make considerable difference in regard to how their act will be classified. The most common reason for a patient to want this aid is because of a terminal illness.

Unbearable suffering has caused the person to become intolerant of the physical and/or emotional pain. The other reason is a physical handicap that is debilitating and the patient would rather die than live with. Most people are able to cope with this, but in some cases it is impossible for the patient to. In ancient times, euthanasia was encountered often. However, suicide was condemned. During the sixteenth century, some people began to see it as more of a personal choice. It eventually became decriminalized, but assisted suicide and euthanasia are still crimes in most countries.3 The introduction of powerful analgesics caused a rise in the interest in the right to die movement.

Opposers and protestors have good arguments. No one really knows what would happen, so they just use opinions to predict. Because of all the media attention, i will try not to discuss the many things that are already known. I found myself intrigued at what I didnt know, and found my views profoundly affected. After reading current articles about what was going on legally and about cases, reviewing the history of this topic, and reading books showing the two opposing viewpoints, i have made my conclusions. I will show how people are currently handling this and how they are being viewed.

I will discuss the main arguments on both sides. Finally, i will show what I concluded from this and how my views have been altered by information that I did not know before. I will begin by explaining how the terms are defined. Euthanasia is taken from Greek roots and means good death.3 Active euthanasia is a direct and deliberate intervention to kill the patient. It is intended to end the life of the competent, terminally ill patient who makes a fully voluntary and persistent request for aid in dying.8 Voluntary euthanasia is when the patient requests the action, and it is involuntary if the patient is not mentally competent. Passive euthanasia is witholding treatment from a patient.

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There never seems to be a prosecution of doctors who participate in these acts, even though they frequently go to court. I wondered why this occured and what the laws really said regarding this. I also the wondered how people distinguished between forgoing medical interventions and actually assisting in the suicide. As i approached the research, my main questions were regarding opposers. I really did not know all the problems that could occur. Research about this brought to light many things that are not discussed in the media, although this is a highly publicized subject. I found that it is very difficult to bring the debate to an end shredder because all the arguments are really just matters of opinion.

the one that got away essay

Nowadays with all the progress that the medical profession has gained, people who are terminally ill have more options, and there have been continued efforts to give them the right to die when they choose this option. I was registration interested in researching this topic because i think the debate has a lot to do with psychology, which i am very interested. This dilemna has been hotly debated and I was open to seeing how this movement was progressing. Basically, in the beginning I was a proponent on this issue, and believed people should not be denied their wishes when they wanted to end their pain. However, i was open to learning more about the opposite stance and what the reasons for opposition were. It always seemed unusual to me that suicide was not illegal, but yet it was illegal to assist in one even with a consenting party. I wondered how this could be, and how people could deny people this right in unending pain.

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The one that got away essay
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