Dentistry personal statement

dentistry personal statement

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Dentistry personal statements vary greatly and dont have to follow a strict structure. However, you need to make sure that your personal statement flows and follows a logical framework. We would suggest using the structure below as a starting point to ensure all the key points are covered. In brackets, we state the main theme for that section of the dentistry personal statement. Why i want to study dentistry (motivation). Work experience (exploration volunteering (exploration wider reading and study (exploration extracurricular activities (suitability). Conclusion (motivation what you need to do: keep a reflective diary and make sure that it is kept up to date. Using the free personal portfolio is a good way to do this.

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This page covers the key information on how to write a great Dentistry personal statement, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to actually write one! What is a dentistry personal Statement? Ucas describes the personal statement as an opportunity to sell yourself to your prospective school, college or training provider, which in this case would be the dental schools you are applying. You need to show that you have the key qualities to study dentistry and that you have knowledge of the career. Your Dentistry personal statement can be up to 4,000 characters, which is around 500 female words or 47 lines of size 12 script. As the length is highly restricted you need to be precise and use building key unique selling points to get ahead of the competition. What Should my dentistry personal Statement Include? Your personal statement should cover three main areas: Motivation Why do you want to study dentistry? Exploration What have you done to learn about Dentistry? Suitability what skills do you have that make you a good fit for Dentistry? How Should i structure my personal Statement?

I was also elected a sports prefect for year 7, with the emphasis being placed on participation in school and housing activities, and to create better relationships with members of upper school. I have also sat as a representative on the sixth form council as well as chairman for the form council. I believe i have an eagerness to meet the challenges i know dentistry will present. I am enthusiastic, excited and motivated, and armed with enough compassion and confidence to enter the world of dentistry. And believe it will allow me to make a thorough contribution to my social and academic life write as a student of dentistry. Dentistry personal Statement - the medic Portal. As part of the dentistry application process, you need to write a short essay about yourself on your ucas form, known as a dentistry personal statement. The purpose of a dentistry personal statement is to tell the Universities that youre applying to all about yourself, and to persuade them that you are a great candidate to study dentistry.

dentistry personal statement

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Away from academia, i believe that I have fulfilled my potential in many areas of school life and beyond, i have represented numerous sports teams; including rugby and athletics teams, specialising in the owl shot put, this has obviously taught and increased my confidence, communication and. Although, my greatest passion is Badminton which has immensely improved my hand to eye co-ordination and reflexes, i have represented the city of Birmingham badminton squad since the age of 13, and am continually motivated to attend training sessions, with the ultimate goal of achieving. At the moment, i am about to commence a training process, which will eventually see me befriending terminally ill children at Acorns Children's Hospice. I am looking forward to the challenge of this difficult, yet mentally strengthening role. I believe that I will learn first important lessons and will gain much from the experience. I have also recently completed an emergence first aid course, which provided in-depth knowledge of common medical emergencies. I am a senior prefect within the school community, a position of great responsibility, which involves working with the staff of the school to help with its smooth running. Duties have included assisting at important days for the school such as open days and the eleven plus entrance exam. The role has also required a time commitment during the school day and beyond.

Here i learnt the real extent to which dentistry is a career, which can truly improve the quality of people's lives. Furthermore, i witnessed the close relationships that a dentist creates with his patients, and I therefore find the combination of meeting and working with new people and diagnosis very stimulating. Dentistry is also a career which allows a great deal of scientific application along with patient care and allows me to make use of my manual skills. In addition, i believe that dentistry is an ever expanding sector which provides endless opportunities for further study and specialisation, whilst at the same time providing a secure, fulfilling and worthwhile career. My decision to read dentistry was reinforced by my work experience at Priory dental Practice and Clive harris and Associates Dental health On this, i witnessed a number of complex procedures such as tooth crowning, dental implants, tooth bleaching and endodontic procedures. At their in house dental laboratory i witnessed the construction of bridges, veneers, crowns and moulded dentures and even had the opportunity to take impressions of a set of teeth. This experience showed me that dentistry is a multi-faceted career and success is highly dependant on good dentist-patient interactions and mutual understanding between both parties, along with collaborations with other staff allowing for the most efficient and effective administration of treatments. I believe that a dentist needs to be at the same time; a highly skilled physician, a psychologist, a business manager, but above all a leader and communicator. Therefore studying Economics at as-level has given me an insight into the economic and business practicalities of running a dental practice.

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dentistry personal statement

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Give yourself time to organize your thoughts, write well and edit as necessary. And dont forget to proofread, proofread, proofread! Here are a few things to avoid when writing your personal statement: Writing what you think the admissions committee wants to hear. Using a gimmicky style or format. Summarizing your resume or repeating information directly from your transcripts or recommendation letters. Waiting until the last minute to get started on your statement. You might be interested.

Making your application stand out, this video provides suggestions on developing your applications strategically to highlight your strengths and maturing competencies for a future in dentistry. 10 tips to apply. Some tips for applying to dental school—apply early, ask early, research, proofread your work, be organized and talk to your health professions advisor! Faq, have some burning questions about dentistry and/or dental hygiene? Check out our faq section to see if we have the answers you're looking for! My initial exposure to taking dentistry as a prospective career path came on a family holiday to India, where i resided with beauty my cousin who is a self-employed practising dentist.

Do not risk. These are to look at and to be inspired by, not to copy. Personal statement, your personal statement is a one-page essay (not to exceed 4,500 characters, including spaces, carriages, numbers, letters, etc.) that gives dental schools a clear picture of who you are and, most importantly, why you want to pursue a career in dentistry. Although there is no set of rules mandating what a strong personal statement should include, here are a few tips to help you successfully craft a winning personal statement: Explain a defining moment that helped steer you toward a career in dentistry. Consider using that moment as the focal point of your essay.

Be colorful, positive, imaginative and personal when discussing why youre a good candidate for dental school. Ask yourself—in a pile of 100 applications, would i enjoy reading my statement? Be sure to convey your passion for dentistry in your statement. Dont use jargon, clichés or big phrases that you would not use in daily conversation. Remember, dental schools want to know about the real you. Be original and thoughtful: Discuss how you would contribute to the profession and patient care, all of which will help you stand out from other applicants. Tell your story—make sure the essay is your story, not someone elses. Ask a friend, relative or faculty advisor to read your essay and provide constructive criticism. . Ask them to think about whether the essay is a good representation of your character, and what they know of your ideals and aspirations.

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It includes examples of golf lots of personal statements that candidates have actually used to apply business to university, and may therefore be useful for applicants writing their personal statements to look. It is very daunting starting a personal statement, especially if you have never written a document like it before - these personal statements can be used for inspiration, or as an example of how to structure your personal statement. By reading through the various statements in this list, you should hopefully gain an understanding of the common themes present in personal statements and how to exploit this to your advantage when writing your own. A word of warning, not all of these personal statements are exemplars - they are not perfect. This is a cross-section of personal statements submitted over many years, and they are not necessarily personal statements that have achieved offers. You also need to understand that personal statements that have achieved offers are not automatically perfect. A note on plagiarism, it should go without saying, but do not copy any parts of any of these statements. Ucas has a very sophisticated plagiarism checker which will check your submitted statement against these and other personal statements, and any discrepancies may be used against you. In the worst case scenario, it may lead to ucas contacting the universities you have applied to and the forced withdrawal of your application to study your particular subject.

dentistry personal statement

I am confident that I have the necessary academic background to statements be successful in the study of dentistry. Furthermore, i offer the practical experience that I have obtained through my work experience, specifically the summer internship spent at a local dentists surgery. With this in mind, i feel I have the correct mixture of skills that will allow me to be successful in the pursuit of a career in dentistry. I am conscientious, detail-orientated and I have a genuine desire to pursue this area of study to the highest possible level. All of these factors, i believe, will combine to ensure that i am a suitable candidate for a place on the dentistry course at the University of London. Your personal statement is vital in ensuring you get the university place you want. Don't take a chance with. Secure your university place today! Introduction, this is the tsr personal Statement wiki library of dentistry personal statements.

academic career, i have taken part in a wide range of extracurricular activities, all of which have allowed me to develop transferable skills which will further support my study of dentistry.  Sporting activities and other teamwork-based activities have allowed me to hone these skills and my capacity for leading others in pulling together in order to achieve a desired result.  I feel this is relevant and important to dentistry, as it is often necessary to draw on several different specialisms in order to achieve the best possible care for the patient.  Furthermore, the communication skills that I have developed, over the years, will allow me to communicate effectively with a wide range of patients.  This will be of particular importance when it comes to communicating complex scientific issues in a way that is understandable to patients. I am genuinely passionate about pursuing a career in dentistry.  Moreover, i believe that studying dentistry at the University of London will enable me to develop a detailed and comprehensive academic understanding. . It will also give me the opportunity to work in multiple outreach environments in order to develop my patient-handling skills.  It is this combination of academic rigour and research excellence, together with the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a practical context that has attracted me to study dentistry at the University of London.

My passion for healthcare and specifically dentistry was furthered during my a-level courses where i studied biology, chemistry and Mathematics, achieving a, b, b grades. These courses enabled me to gain a fundamental understanding of the nature of dentistry. my interest in healthcare has been long established; however, it was the all-embracing ability of dentistry to transcend both scientific and sociological areas of study, not to mention the fact that a practising dentist database remains with the patient for a considerable period of time, that. In addition, i was concerned with the lack of continuity of patient contact within the medical field and felt that my inter-personal skills were better suited to long-term relationships such as those seen between dentist and patient. Having determined that dentistry was my career of choice, i then undertook a summer internship at my local dentists surgery. Throughout this internship, i was involved with a range of services, such as routine check-ups and more complicated extractions. It soon became clear to me that dentistry was definitely my passion, not least because i found the scientific side challenging and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the interpersonal aspects too and found the psychological element of dealing with often very nervous patients very rewarding, particularly when the desired result was achieved. I also became aware of the huge range of specialist practices that were available within the dental profession and this has spurred me on even further to the pursue dentistry academically at the University of London.

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This is a sample personal statement written by our professional writer. Please note that our website is scanned by various anti-plagiarism software, so do not attempt to copy/paste this personal statement. You will get caught and your university career will be over before it has begun! To get a custom-written personal statement, just complete the literature order form and we will write an original personal statement, based specifically on the information you give us, which will never be published or resold. Dentistry has been an area of great interest to me from a very young age and i am now keen to pursue this career by studying at the University of London. I have always been particularly interested in the scientific nature of dentistry, as well as the compassionate and healthcare factors involved. . I have a genuine desire to offer the very best healthcare to patients, as well as being keen to pursue the rigorous and demanding study required in order to fully grasp the scientific concepts.

Dentistry personal statement
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  4. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to write each section get it reviewed! My initial exposure to taking dentistry as a prospective career path came on a family holiday to India, where i resided with my cousin who is a self-employed practising dentist. Use this sample dentistry personal statement in order to help and provide an example statement, when it comes to writing your dentistry personal statement. A well written dentistry personal statement from our professional service can make all the difference in your application! Aadsas requires an essay from each applicant that will give admissions officers a personal account of who the applicant is, what his or her interests are, and why he or she is interested in the field of dentistry. Exercise dental personal statement examples to get admission in the desired university.

  5. This is the tsr. Personal Statement, wiki library of dentistry personal statements. It includes examples of lots of personal statements that candidates have actually used to apply to university, and may therefore be useful for applicants writing their personal statements to look. Learn how to write a great. Dentistry personal statement at The medic Portal!

  6. We hope our collection of ucas. Dentistry personal statements provides inspiration for writing your own. Please do not plagiarise them. Your personal statement is a one-page essay giving dental schools a clear picture of who you are and why you want to pursue a career in dentistry. This is a sample personal statement written by our professional writer. Please note that our website is scanned by various anti-plagiarism software, so do not attempt to copy/paste this personal statement.

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