Essay on growing up healthy

essay on growing up healthy

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The government should allocate more funds for health education and preventive measures because it is said that prevention is better than cure. I strongly agree with this statement and will sight several reason to support my stand. First, a healthy community can definitely help to cut-off the budget of the officials spending on health and therefore, this money can be used for other measures in order to improve the country's status. For instance, the government can develop infrastructures such as, widening of city roads and maintenance in public transport to minimize the problem with regards to traffic congestion. Second, the community folks can perform their jobs well when they are not sick and it can benefit the country by having more people who are working in the country, as they can perform their roles and responsibilities at work, home and in the society. A person who is physically and mentally fit is more likely a disciplined individual and thus, the likelihood for violence will decrease, helping the government battle against crime. Last, a healthier lifestyle like having a regular exercise and eating vegetables can help people live longer and can spend longer days with their loved one's enjoying the different creations made by the creator. In my experience, working in a hospital and dealing with patients almost everyday, makes me realize how good health can be a beneficial tool in attaining happiness.

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To be suit for norms of modern era we should, at least, invest some fraction paper of money spending for healthy cure. Cause of it in this era, cure itself costs a great deal of money. If we spent even 1 portion out of billion for health education and measures of prevention we will succeeded. It shows both how huge is amount spent for cure and how prevention is effective. Health care - thinking about current moment. Health prevention - thinking about future what do you think of this Essay on health education? You can comment below to help the student improve their spondylolisthesis score. Spending of the health Budget by dev (Philippines). Prevention is better than cure. Do you agree or disagree that out of the country's health budget a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health and education and preventive measures?

Health care and education is the responsibility of list both the government and individuals. you can offer feedback on this health Education Essay by clicking the link below. Prevention or Cure by Abduhakim (Bukhara, uzbekistan prevention is better than cure. Out of the countrys health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventive measure. To what extent do you agree or disagree? What shall we do to achieve this goal? From my point of view there should be several changes in the sphere of health care. Despite the fact the a vast quantity of money is spending in this there are still considerable drawbacks occurring. To solve the problem, as I mentioned above, we should change money delivery system.

essay on growing up healthy

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Making these services open to the public means more educated and healthy country men; it would drastically improve the economy and quality of living in the nation. Individuals should emphasize the need of health and education as tools to help them live well and advance in the work force. It is a person's job to take care of themselves by eating well and doing regular exercises. There are selfless folks whom are qualified to teach; these volunteers willingly go to rural areas and educate the locals. There is only so much one person can do without the support and assisstance of other people, organizations and the government. Both sides are capable of different and contributing abilities; it takes two to tango, the government and the people. In my understanding, leaders cannot lead with no followers and followers have nothing to depend on if they have no leader.

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essay on growing up healthy

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I'm very curious about them because they are tempting. I hate mexican food because it's too spicy. I like japanese food especially sushi but homemade. To essay my mind the most tasty is Italian food especially pizza. For a healthy person there's no room for smoking, alcohol or drugs because they are sure to destroy both body and brain.

To keep healthy and fit we'd better avoid anxiety and stress, keep to healthy food and be sportive. By robee, some people say that health care and education should be the responsibility of the government but others think that it is the responsibility of the individuals themselves. Discuss both views and give writing your opinion. Health care and education are two key factors to the development and progress of a country; ongoing arguments and discussions are becoming more intense pertaining to whether the responsibility should fall to the government or individuals alone. I do not believe that it is necessary for either party to take control of all the aspects but rather both sides must have their own part on the issue. Political leaders should be sensitive and mindful of the expansion and improvement of quality in medicine and formal education. Public hospitals and schools should be set up and well maintained for less well off citizens that do not have the means to access services from private institutions.

The Greek used to say "a sound mind is in a sound body". Nowadays different kinds of sports become more accessible for people. Vast network of sport clubs offers a great choice of them having necessary equipments and trainers helping choose the right set of exercises. The most healthy kind of sports are swimming, jogging and yoga. Healthy lifestyle presupposes healthy food. Usually healthy food is simple.

The daily menu includes meat, fruits and vegetables, milk products. Fruits and vegetables contain different vitamins and give us energy. I prefer milk to coffee, seafood to meat, vegetable soup to fatty broth. People go on a diet especially women. But I prefer to keep healthy life day to sitting on a diet occasionally because some diet may appear harmful for our health. Also i avoid eating in restaurants or cafes especially fast food. I prefer homemade food. I don't mind national kitchen when I go to this or that country. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes serving delicious national meals.

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That might not be the case for precisely all children, he or she can turn our fine, but are you as a parent willing to take with the chance? Your children are your responsibility, be there for them, and let them be the best that they can possibly be! Healthy life style, nowadays life is becoming more and more stressful. People live under the pressure of various problems social, ecological, economical and others. They constantly suffer from stress, noise and dust in big cities especially urban places. In order to overcome all difficulties a person should be strong and healthy, take care of physical and mental health. There are several ways to do that. Sport is of primary importance.

essay on growing up healthy

A lot of divorced kids are having a hard time desk dealing with rage and many children blame themselves for their parents divorce, and that is a heavy burden to bare for a couple of preteens or children. Many divorced children do not get the care and tenderness all children need to become a healthy individual, and the fact that. Quick is on business trips all the time do not give the children a proper environment to excel and thrive. If this is true then the violent behaviour is a way for Jenny and Kate to get their fathers attention and subconsciously show that they are having some problems and they have a hard time dealing with them. They lash out to their father in hope that they will get their deserved tenderness and care that they have been longing for subconsciously for ages. Jenny and Kates parents might not be divorced, but. Quick is on trips all the time that does not change the fact that they lack the fundamental needs from a father figure. The title of the short story is also giving the reader something to think about, because when the readers of the short story are done, then they will all have the same question:Is my kid going to become violent, because i was not there? If you apply common sense to this particular question there is no doubt that the answer yes.

a long time on the. It makes sure that as a parent you need to be aware of your childrens behaviour and as a parent you make sure that the violent phase is just that, a phase ones child needs to go through to become a respected adult who can. The protagonist in this short story is Robert quick and the narration is in first person. The fact that the narrator is first person and that the reader gets quicks points of views makes the story more personal and caring. He is having a hard time dealing with the girls violence and how they behave and that affects the reader because the sympathy lies with Robert quick. Quick is a loving father, worried, a husband, caring and he is devoted to during right by his children and their upbringing. Jenny and Kate are very central characters in the short story, they are the whole reason why quick is having doubts about their upbringing and the reason he is bitten by the family dog Snort. Jenny and Kates violent behaviour could be explained by the lack of a father figure. In the short story the reader is made aware that this is not the first time robert quick has been on leave with work which is shown in this paragraph:He had hoped indeed that they might, as often before, have been waiting at that corner. The girls violent conduct could be explained by the lack of male dominance and authority in the household.

Jenny wants to be taking seriously about and she has become a caretaker and more of an equal individual. The realism can be seen in the same paragraph because, for Jenny and for many other preteen girls this is how they will react to the situation at hand. That exact way of dealing with an issue does not seem unrealistic for a girl her age. Violence is also a genre in the short story. The violence in the short story makes the reader aware that Robert quicks children are not so innocent, sweet, childlike, naive, guiltless, uncomplicated, and straightforward as we are lead to believe that they are. The paragraph that expresses the loss of quicks daughters childish innocence is best presented by these lines:Her face, close to his own, was that of a homicidal maniac. This behaviour is expressing something that quick has never seen in his children before and he finds it frightening and wrong, but in the end he realise that it is just a step on the way to becoming a more accomplished individual and human being.

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Growing Up is a short story written by joyce cary. The short story is about a father who comes home to his children and wife after a long work related vacation, but neither the literature children nor the wife is quite how he remembers them. The genre of this particular short story is realism, violence, development and or puberty. The aspect of realism in the short story is shown by how the children behave themselves. The children in the short story have gone through a development and or puberty in the past couple of years and now, robert quick the main character of the short story is beginning to notice. We will write a custom essay sample. Growing up or any similar topic specifically for you. This development and realism aspect can be found in this paragraph:having reached this superior position she poked the plaster. This paragraph indicates that, the narrator and main characters daughter Jenny, has progressed, she is not just a child anymore.

Essay on growing up healthy
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Living without permanent, long-term housing creates a proof number of stressors for children and families, but being homeless can be particularly detrimental to the healthy development. Free essay : When analyzing children growing up in poverty a lot of factors come in to play such as their physical.

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  1. What shall we do to achieve this goal? From my point of view there should be several changes in the sphere of health care. Health prevention - thinking about future. What do you think of this Essay on health education? Growing, up, a reflection, essay, on, life essays. 50 a, healthy, lifestyle, essays, topics, titles examples In English free.

  2. Hydroponics Growing Without soil Essay. Healthy eating is a detrimental part of human life as it determines the energy level and ability of the body to fight diseases. There is a difference between eating health and eating to fill ones stomach. Healthy diet Essay example. June 21, 2015 by marvel 2 Comments.

  3. Both bottles are golden with bronze covers. What this does is keeps the weeds from growing up due to no sunlight. There are people who work hard. Grow Up Essay research Paper Grow UpGrowing. Hamlet Growing pains Essay research Paper Hamlet.

  4. Read this essay on Growing. Growing up to grow up is a concept that I find hard to explain. Its hard to draw a line between the process of growing up and be a grown up, suddenly you just are. Healthy lifestyle Essay, english Composition Writing on healthy lifestyle. Essay example 1: skin Cancer and healthy behavior skin cancer is the.

  5. I found this" while trying to break my writers block for an English essay. It may be cheesy and overused, but I think there is more importance to it than just a saying on a hand towel. Pondering this, i found my answer for what I want to be when I grow. Social connectedness is related to health. The more we connect with friends, meet new people, and participate in community lifethe healthier we are!

  6. Healthy lifestyle presupposes healthy food. Usually healthy food is simple. The daily menu includes meat, fruits and vegetables, milk products. There are several ways to do that. Change your lifestyle and reduce stress, but in this essay i want to talk about playing sports and keeping a healthy diet.

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