Essay on leopard animal

essay on leopard animal

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Estimating the percent of mature individuals ( 2 years of age) in the wild Snow leopard population has been historically difficult, but with the extensive application of camera trapping new information is available. In 21 camera trapping studies conducted in 6 countries between 20comprising more than 29,165 trap-nights, a mean.3 of Snow leopards captured in photos were independent animals (Appendix 1 in the supporting Information). Snow leopards become independent at between 18 and 26 months old, hence, a small percent of independent cats in camera trap photos may not yet have reached the mature age class (2-year olds). With few exceptions, published felid population estimates do not include dependent cubs. Camera-trapping derived density estimates are an example where exclusion of cubs applies. The global population estimate of 4,080-6,590 Snow leopards (McCarthy and Chapron 2003) only includes mature individuals.

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Two other females of estimated age in the same study likely gave birth when 3-4 years old, again indicating successful breeding at 2-3 years old. Sexual maturity and breeding at 2-3 years old appears to be consistent across a range of large wild felids (Berry. 1997, hunter 1998, kelly. 1998, balme. 2012, hunter. 2013, miller 2013, miller and Funston 2014). The iucn red List guidelines (iucn standards and Petitions Subcommittee 2016) define 'mature individuals' as individuals known, estimated or inferred to be capable of reproduction. The guidelines also state that age of first reproduction in the wild may be later than the age at which an individual is biologically capable of breeding. Hence, mature individuals in the red List context are those capable of breeding, not just those actually breeding in any given year. Snow leopards are capable of breeding beginning at 2 years of age and thus meet the iucn definition of mature individuals, even if they do not actually start aim to breed this young.

Additionally, recently published information includes relatively rigorous surveys conducted over larger areas (see below). Snow leopards are known to breed at 2 or 3 years of age for (Leif Blomqvist, International Snow leopard Studbook keeper, helsinki zoo, pers. Comm., jay tetzloff, us association of zoos and Aquariums Snow leopard Species Survival Plan coordinator, pers. Comm., McCarthy and Chapron 2003). Field observations are consistent with Snow leopards breeding at 2 or 3 years of age. Of two known-age females in a long-term radio-telemetry study of Snow leopards in Mongolia, one gave birth at the age of 3 years and the other at age 3 or 4 years (O. And Panthera/Snow leopard Trust unpublished data). Since breeding occurs in February/March and birth occurs in may/June, this means that one female definitely bred at age 2 years and the second bred when either 2 or 3 years old.

essay on leopard animal

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Rating ( 0 score) - 0 votes. There are no robust estimates of Snow leopard global population size and the various figures available are best regarded as guesses: 4,080-6,500 (McCarthy and Chapron 2003 4,500-7,500 (Jackson. 2010 and 3,920-6,390 (Snow leopard Working Secretariat 2013). There are several difficulties to overcome in making reliable estimates of Snow leopard population size (Snow leopard Network 2014 namely this species secretive nature, generally low density, sparse (or sporadic) distribution and remote terrain contributing to generally low detection proposal rates and small sample sizes that. Until recently, most studies were conducted over rather small areas, sometimes smaller than the home range of a single Snow leopard, rendering the information inadequate to make population and density inferences over larger areas (Appendix 1 in Snow leopard Network 2014). Furthermore, not all studies report the size of the surveyed area, thus precluding generation of density estimates. These limitations are starting to be addressed, for example through the adoption of more robust methods, such as spatially-explicit recapture models from camera data (e.g., Shrestha. 2013, Thinley. 2014, Alexander.

Though this is a good example, we know that you can do much better. Therefore, mull over the 20 topics above, pick one, narrow it down, and research to your hearts content to create a great research essay on animal behavioral ecology. References: davies,., Krebs,., west,. An introduction to behavioural ecology. Raven,., johnson,. Optimal foraging and beyond: How starlings compe with changes in food availability. The ecology of fear: optimal foraging, game theory and trophic interactions. Significance of memory properties in prey choice decisions. Previous foraging success influences web building in the spider Stegodyphus lineatus.

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essay on leopard animal

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Foraging theories have been proposed to try to model animal foraging patterns. The models created work on the assumption that foraging animals try to maximize the return and minimize the effort exerted. The models also take into account the distribution of the individual animals in a fixed foraging area. The behavioral aspect of these theories focuses on how and why the animal made the decision to start foraging in a particular area. Finding food in the wild is impossible without certain instincts. These instincts are laws part of the animals nature.

However, some foraging behavior is so complex that it can be considered as a type of intelligence. Social foraging animals need insight learning, problem solving abilities, and memory. They respond to environmental changes by altering their tactics. The knowledge about forage comes from a deep instinct retained over generations. Socially foraging animals exhibit more sophisticated mechanisms. They react to changes in the foraging environment effectively.

Think of it as an outline that you have to follow. Though the length of the sample might not be the same as your instructors requirements, follow this template (unless you were given one) to secure a good grade. Sample research Essay: Social Foraging Behavior in Animals. Does efficient social foraging exhibit a special intelligence in animals? Foraging is the most common technique used by animals to find sustenance.

Individual and social foraging behaviors both exhibit a certain level of instinctual knowledge which can be thought of as intelligence. Since most animals categorized as social foragers can exhibit complex social communication and problem-solving skills during group hunting, it is likely that these animals are more effective at foraging than non-social foragers. There are two major types of food seeking strategies employed by animals: sit and wait (the kind employed by spiders, rattlesnakes, etc.) and active searching (used by dragonflies, coyotes, etc.). Carnivores use a combination of both these strategies to find prey. It is a well-known fact that animals cooperate among their own species. By doing so, they can increase their own fitness levels. Social foraging behavior is when two or more animals cooperatively look for food. The level of cooperation is the main factor which differentiates among this behaviors:  uninvited foragers which can be from the same specie or a different one, cooperative hunting, commonly seen by lions, wolves and wild dogs, eusocial animals extreme cooperation as seen, for example,.

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Just make sure you address something specific. For example, if you choose to research Environmental Kinship cues, focus on the online specific case of essay Cuckoos and reed warblers. A general topic such as Parental Care patterns in Fish can be narrowed down to studying the nesting patterns of the sockeye salmon. Quick tip: make it Specific by focusing on a particular Animal Specie. We could have made the topics very specific, but this would have sacrificed the nature of the essay. Besides, you could have ended up writing a research essay eerily similar to that submitted by one of your classmates. So, use the topics as an excellent starting point instead. The following lines offer a short sample essay to help you out.

essay on leopard animal

Behavioral Ecology of Insect Parasitoids, biparental Care patterns in Animals. Parental Care patterns in Fish, parental Care by Brood Parasitism. Factors Influencing the diversity of Mating Systems. Understanding Animal cooperation, imprinting as a kinship Determination Method. Inclusive fitness and Hamiltons Rule, since you are supposed to write a research essay, some of these topics will be too broad. However, you can narrow down your topic and form a specific research question to explore in your essay. Additionally we have prepared a set of 12 facts on behavioral ecology as well as our complete guide on how write a research essay on the matter. You can also santa explore a controversial issue within the broad range of the topics above.

Habitat Climate. How the life cycles of Migratory birds Becomes Attuned with the cycles of Their Target Habitats. The marginal Value theory and Animal Foraging Behaviors. The gene-based and Resource-based Sexual Selection Strategies of Animals. The causes of Sexual Conflict in Animals. The evolutionary consequences of Sexual Conflict. Inter-Family conflicts in Behavioral Ecology, characteristics and Advantages of Optimal Foraging Behavior.

Behavioral Ecology is a fascinating and vast field. It is also an interesting subject as it aims to simplify the complex interaction of environments and animals. However, as fascinating as this subject may be, you may feel blank when assigned a research essay. Most students often get stuck at the very first step of the process: coming up with a topic. This can be an overwhelming feeling, especially if your deadline is looming around the corner. Luckily, we are here for your rescue. We managed to come up with 20 great topics related to Animal Behavioral Ecology. You can choose any of the following 20 topics to write on, or be inspired by them to come up with your own summary research essay topic. The causes of Variations in Male mating Strategies Within a specie.

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Essay on leopard animal
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  4. View an animal rights essay for ielts - learn how to write an essay where you have to discuss two opinions. Since you are supposed to write a research essay, some of these topics will be too your hearts content to create a great research essay on animal behavioral ecology. Don t wait until the last minute and settle for a boring book bag. Find the bag of your dreams, from leopard print to fake fur. Essay, sample rome during the period of 753 bc to ad 476 could be seen as a military country. The country was regularly involved in mili.

  5. 2003 but genetic analysis of intraspecific variation in the Snow. Leopard has not yet been done. A solitary leopard may remain on a kill for up to a week (Jackson. Can be used with other leopard patterned bulletin board materials. List of animals and animal babies, from antelope - calf to zebra - foal.

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