Fall of the berlin wall essay

fall of the berlin wall essay

Fall of the berlin wall essay, paper writing help

When you get there, just start clicking on things. The german History museums living Museum Online has several sections of interest concerning German History. The sections most relevant to the wall are geteiltes deutschland (divided Germany) and deutsche einheit (German Unity). Unfortunately all texts are available only in German. But if you cannot read German, at least enjoy the very significant collection of images. The berlin Wall Associations Memorial Site and Documentation Center is quasi-governmental in the sense that it was established by the berlin Senate. The websites front page contains a clickable diagram of the three main structures that make up the memorial site on Bernauer Strasse in Berlin. If you visit the documentation Center portion of the site, there are a few pdfs available for download in the publications.

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Freiheit, einheit, demokratie (Freedom, Unity, democracy) is presented as the official Federal government website for the anniversary and is maintained by the Interior Ministry. It has a collection of speeches ( Reden texte )and photos ( Bildergalerie ). Most content is available only in German, though some of the speeches are available in English as well. The german Embassy in London has a rather good collection of Berlin Wall and German reunification material. . The link ive given takes you to their article a short History of German reunification, but also look along the left-side navigation when you get there, and youll see other available links. Other Organizations The Brandenburg Technical University has a fantastic web site that allows you to view the perimeter of the berlin Wall on a map. The map contains several pinned locations, which you can click on to see photos of whats there. The name of the side is denkmallandschaft Berliner mauer (Memorial Landscape of the berlin Wall). Sadly, at the time that I summary type this it is only available in German. Nevertheless, i think it could be fun to click around and see things even if you dont understand the captions. Give it a try: when you get to the front page, click on the map to the right of the screen, which takes you to the main map screen.

The wall Street journal Online has an interesting timeline of events leading up to the fall of the wall, as seen from within the pages of their own publication. From the german newspaper the, frankfurter Allgemeine zeitung, this very nice interactive page showing click-able parts of the wall. Each click gives you more info. (Unfortunately just in German.) government, the official Berlin website from the Online communications division of the berlin mayors office, has a large section dedicated to the wall, including photos, documentation, listings of memorial sites, shredder information concerning the 20th anniversary, and more. The Stiftung zur Aufarbeitung der sed-diktatur, the official German federal government organization that investigates, appraises and publishes material about the east German communist dictatorship, dedicates a section of their site to the 20th anniversary of the peaceful revolution and German Unity. The material is only in German. Moments in Time 1989/1990 (German name: Wir waren so frei ) is a project of the federal office of civic education. It has lots of information in both German and English, and many of the photos are licensed under Creative commons licenses, giving the opportunity for the images to be used elsewhere.

fall of the berlin wall essay

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The target audience is, of course, students studying for their gcses. Three short pages of info about the wall. Bbcs On This day entry for the 9th of november. Includes video and list shredder the recollections of witnesses. The, bBC has also devoted an entire section of their news site to the revolutions of 1989. AP_Berlin19 is a flickr account belonging to the ap and containing several photos showing scenes of celebration from november 1989. (Update : the photos seem to be gone. Hopefully theyll be back.).

Germanys international broadcasting network, deutsche welle, has a nice slide show in English entitled. Whats left of the berlin Wall. What makes it most interesting are the textual descriptions that accompany each photo. German television network, zdf, in its, mediathek, makes it possible to search for and watch clips from its television shows. When you get there, use the upper-right search box and enter ddr as the search term. Youll get a very nice collection of results, but of course they wont be so enjoyable if you do not understand German. If you do understand German, this feature is highly recommended, particularly (in my opinion) because of the series of clips called countdown. Mauerfall (Countdown to the fall of the wall which shows original zdf news broadcasts from 1989. Bbcs gcse bitesize entry for Berlin Wall.

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fall of the berlin wall essay

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Expect the web to be bshf full of interesting commemorative coverage of this anniversary. . There will be lots to look at and lots to search for, so ive gangsterism put up this page as a kind of directory which you can bookmark and return to now and again to see whats been added. Update 09 november 2009. The day is finally here! Congratulations Germany, have a fantastic celebration!

Update 02 november 2009. Besides this page, i have posted a lot of content about the berlin Wall and East Germany in the weeks leading up to the anniversary. Be sure to check them out too! Sections, major Media, government, other Organizations, private websites. Videos, major Media, german magazine, der Spiegel has added a good quantity of English-language content at their 20 years After the wall topic page. I highly recommend this as a source of English-language content from the german perspective. Update 09 november 2009: Der Spiegel has now, on the day of the anniversary, put up an even better English-language page with lots of links to photos and such.

Should it be torn down or preserved? More berlin Wall Pictures, photos by james leblanc, photos of Berlin and the berlin Wall. Before and After pictures. Eastside gallery Photos, beautiful photographs of the east Side gallery. The east Side gallery is one of the few remaining sections of the berlin Wall. Artists were invited to paint segments of the wall.

Bart Hasselfield took these photos in 1990 when the paintings were at their best. The fall of the berlin Wall: The weekend After. Frederik ramm travelled to berlin the day after the wall opened and took many photographs of the area around the Brandenburg Gate. Complete list of Frederik's images Other related links Many other links related to The house at the Bridge. Including ddr (East Germany berlin potsdam and German history. This page was last built on Thu, aug 14, 2003 at 4:28:35 pm with Frontier. Please send comments to). 9 november 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the. Fall of the berlin Wall. .

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(69K the berlin Wall Today, ddr - aktion wiederaufbau der mauer. Rebuild the wall (bring along your sense of humor.). The vanishing Wall, the wall is disappearing from Berlin. One of the last remaining sections of the wall is known as the east Side gallery. This article discusses how this last section is in danger of vanishing. (Also contains some good pictures.). Rare species thrive in Berlin Wall's shadow. It sounds so absurd, but the berlin Wall made the area known as the death strip a treasure trove for botanists and biologists. Feelings are running High About Berlin's East Side gallery.

fall of the berlin wall essay

Contains good background material on the creation of the wall and what caused its collapse. The berlin Wall as seen by Alex Butel/46 Infantry Rgmt. This site contains a lot of great pictures of the berlin Wall but they are easy to miss. Scroll down the main page until you are just below two pictures of the wall. There is a table with small yellow essay buttons before each entry. Click on the buttons to go to the picture pages. Chipping Away, excellent photograph of people chipping away at the berlin Wall with hammer and chisel.

wall from Professor Gerhard Rempel of Western New England College. The berlin Wall, the second Economic Miracle, the wall Cracks. Berlin Wall Photo Exhibition by the realschule - renningen. Many excellent and interesting photographs of the berlin Wall by the students of the realschule - renningen who visited Berlin in 1988. The fall of the berlin Wall. Ode to joy and freedom, a fascinating personal essay on the fall of the berlin Wall.

It is a jpeg image (527x593 pixels) about 39K. Copyright The deutsches Historisches Museum. History of the berlin Wall, chris de witt's Berlin Wall Website. Chris de witt provides an in-depth collection of photographs of the Berlin Wall and personal essays concerning its history. An excellent research site for anyone essay interested in the berlin Wall. The berlin Wall site at The Free university in Berlin. A condensed but very informative history of the berlin Wall. An excellent starting point for learning about the wall.

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The house at the Bridge - berlin Wall Links. The house at the Bridge: The berlin Wall. Visit our Berlin Wall page for pictures of daddy the fall of the berlin Wall. Building the berlin Wall, cnn cold War Berlin Wall episode. The ninth episode in the cnn cold War series covers the berlin Crisis from 1958 to 1963 including the construction of the berlin Wall in 1961. August 15, 1961 at the Brandenburg Gate. On the third day of construction of the berlin Wall, it consists of a thin strand of barbed wire at the Brandeburger Tor. Between the columns, you can see a variety of military vehicles.

Fall of the berlin wall essay
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following the fall of the wall in 1990, with the concept of collecting images evocative of the wall s formal presence, to permanently).

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  1. the cold War; the period of détente; the short period of glasnost and perestroika; the fall of the wall (1989 and after the wall.35. Berlin wall essay - if you need to know how to write a amazing essay, you have to learn this Get an A help even for the hardest essays. The fall of the berlin Wall : a personal Account This is the only written personal account of the fall of the berlin Wall. An outdoor museum shows pictures of the first ones crossing the border after the fall of the wall. Many links to sites with information related to the berlin Wall.

  2. Tips on How to Order, essay. Learn How to Order. Essay, online german, essays, enlightenment and Religious Tolerance of the fall. Have to write an essay or research paper on the Great Berlin Wall? Check out this guide for writing this exact paper. After the fall of the berlin wall it was predicted that as a gateway to central Europe, berlin would regain its pre-war role.

  3. Links and resources concerning the, fall of the, berlin. Wall, including links to external sites and summaries of the content you'll find. If you need an essay describing the act of destroying the, berlin wall and its circumstances, feel free to use the custom essay sample. Prepare to do fearsome battle in the regional Championships for HeroClix and Dice masters as well as many other amazing side events. The cold War was a period of military and political tensions between the soviet Union (and Warsaw Pact members) and the us the factors.

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