Global responsibility report

global responsibility report

Global Responsibility report, goals progress 2014

By partnering with feeding America, we are leveraging the largest domestic hunger-relief and food-rescue nonprofit network in the. S.—to redistribute unsold food to families and individuals struggling with food insecurity. As of March 2017, we have donated 1 million meals, and we expect to increase our donations exponentially to 50 million meals annually at scale. To enable food donation, Starbucks is providing financial support to food banks to invest in program infrastructure, which includes refrigerated vehicles that can safely transport rescued food. Our hope is to see others leverage this infrastructure which would further increase the programs impact in terms of meals donated as well as a reduction in the food waste footprint, which is estimated to be 70 billion pounds each year, according to feeding America. The foodShare program not only donates meals, it also connects our partners with their local food banks to donate their time through service projects. In addition, the partnership with feeding America not only invests in the food bank network, but also allows Starbucks the opportunity to lend support to advocacy efforts around hunger relief programs at the national and local levels.

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Around the world, we provide training and support to young people in ways relevant to their needs and opportunities. Welcoming and Hiring Refugees Refugees represent a population who seek a chance to rebuild their lives and have a fresh start in the face of extraordinarily difficult circumstances. In keeping with our long-standing history to create opportunity for all and to invest in the people who are a part of the communities where we do business, Starbucks is leading a global effort over the next five years to welcome and employ 10,000 refugees. Expanding Starbucks College way Achievement Plan by the end of 2016, we had over 6,000 partners participating in the Starbucks College Achievement program with 227 graduates. In March 2017, we announced the pathways to Admission, a program that provides partners the ability to work toward admission tuition free. Creating opportunities 2020 goals veterans and Military Spouses Hire and honor 25,000 veterans and military spouses by 2025 Starbucks College Achievement Plan Graduate 25,000 partners by 2025 and increase accessibility and performance Opportunity youth Embrace and employ 100,000 by 2020 Refugees Welcome and employ 10,000. Every Starbucks store is a part of a community, and were committed to strengthening neighborhoods wherever we do business. Donating ready-to-eat meals In the spirit of Our Mission and Values, partners across the country advocated for a solution to donate unsold food to the communities we serve. Through a new and unique strategic partnership with feeding America, we will rescue 100 of food available to donate from all of our. S., company-owned stores by 2020, positioning Starbucks as the sector leader in food rescue.

In March 2017, we announced that we met our goal 18 months early and have expanded our goal to 25,000 by 2025. Our commitment extends beyond hiring. It owl includes expanded benefits, establishing places for our veteran and military family communities to connect with one another, creating volunteer opportunities and leveraging their unique leadership experience to positively shape our company and our world. Hiring Opportunity youth Starbucks is embracing and employing tens of thousands of youth, ages 16-24, who are disconnected from work and school, to help them achieve their dream and our shared future. Starbucks led the launch of the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative with 50 other employers in 2015. The countrys largest employer-led coalition committed to creating pathways to meaningful employment for young people, the coalition has reached its goal of hiring 100,000 Opportunity youth—two years ahead of schedule. Starbucks is committed to hiring 100,000 opportunity youth by 2020 and the coalition is now aligning with the cross-sector goal of creating one million opportunities by 2021. The group will continue to capture and share new recruiting and human resources practices tailored to hiring, retaining and advancing Opportunity youth. S., Starbucks is also opening stores in low-to-medium income communities that are equipped with training centers where we work with local nonprofits to provide job-skills training to young people.

global responsibility report

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S., canada, the. Our goal is to engage 10,000 partners globally by paper 2020 and create a network of sustainability champions. Greener retail 2020 goals, greener Stores 10,000 Greener Stores globally by 2025 Greener Cup double the recycled content, the recyclability, and the reusability of our cup by 2022. Greener Power Invest in 100 renewable energy to power operations globally by 2020 Greener Aprons Empower 10,000 partners worldwide to be sustainability champions by 2020 creating opportunities helping people achieve their dreams. As a leader in hiring great talent, Starbucks has and will always look to create opportunities for our partners (employees) and customers in the communities we serve. Hiring Veterans and Military Spouses Hiring and honoring veterans and military spouses allows us all to benefit from their leadership, experience and sense of service. In 2013 Starbucks committed to hiring at least 10,000 veterans and military spouses by 2018.

3) we will promote and incent the use of for here and reusable cups. Since 2005, Starbucks has invested in renewable energy, and achieved a milestone last year by purchasing the equivalent of 100 of global company-operated stores electricity consumption, primarily utilizing renewable energy certificates (RECs) from the us and Canada and through green electricity supply contracts across Europe. Starbucks is the number one purchaser of renewable electricity in its sector on the epas Green Power Partnership National Top 100 list. . Last year, Starbucks joined The Climate Group RE100, a coalition of some of the worlds largest businesses committed to using renewable electricity. . As we look to the future, starbucks will focus on identifying new, geographically relevant ways to buy renewable energy and bring new renewable projects onto the grids of the countries where we operate around the world. Greener Partners, we are focused on galvanizing our partners (employees)who are passionate about sustainability to inspire, teach and learn from them. In 2016, we piloted the Greener Apron program with both retail and non-retail partners—a voluntary certification program that helps partners learn about environmental sustainability through three short modules co-created with Arizona State Universitys School of Sustainability. More than 1,100 partners participated when we launched the pilot. In the spring of 2017, we will expand the program to be available to partners in the.

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global responsibility report

VMware, global, impact, report : Annual Progress Update

Starbucks is the largest builder of green stores in our sector and our stores accounts for 20 of the leed-certified retail projects globally. Now, Starbucks will deepen its commitment to environmentally friendly retail by developing a store verification program known as Greener Retail. Greener Retail will drive sustainable innovation and efficiencies throughout the store portfolio, not just limiting verification to new stores. Our goal of achieving 10,000 Greener Retail stores by 2025 will encompass new and existing stores by evaluating building standards, utility efficiency targets, and Partner engagement. This new program positions Starbucks to truly leverage its scale for good and become the worlds greenest retailer.

Innovating a greener Cup, starbucks has made significant progress to green up the cup and recognize that there is still a long way. We were the first company to offer a discount for bringing a reusable cup, the first to include 10 post-consumer fiber (PCF) in our hot cups and we have led the industry in advocating for increased recycling ppt infrastructure. While we can recycle the cup in many communities today, we will continue to collaborate with local governments and stakeholders to increase recycling in all of our company-owned markets. Our goals for 2022 are designed to accelerate progress to achieve a greener cup. 1) we aim to double the recycled content in the hot cup, and explore alternative materials for cold cups. 2) we remain committed to recycling and will work to double the number of stores and communities with access to cup recycling.

Going forward, we invite our partners and customers to share the journey with us and to follow the Challenge at staincoffee. Org, issuing our First Sustainability bond, in may 2016, we issued our first. The company will use the net proceeds from the offering of 500 million to enhance its sustainability programs around coffee supply chain management through Eligible sustainability Projects. We are committed to 100 ethically sourced tea and cocoa visit m/responsiblity to learn more about our commitment and progress. Sustainable coffee 2020 goals, sourcing Commitment 100 Ethically-sourced coffee, open-source agronomy. Train 200,000 coffee farmers by 2020.

Planting Trees, provide 100M trees to farmers by 2025. Global Farmer Fund 50M invested in funding for farmers by 2020. Leading the way in greener retail. Celebrating a 30-year legacy of environmental leadership we have long understood the planet is our most important partner. Our approach toward green retail continues with ambitious goals for 2020 and beyond. Greener Stores, starbucks is proud to have built over 1,200 leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified stores in 20 countries.

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With this global network, we aim to train 200,000 coffee farmers by 2020. How we are working with others to make all coffee 100 sustainable. We diary know that greatest challenges in coffee can be solved faster if we collaborate and share solutions. Therefore, starbucks is one of the founding members of The sustainable coffee challenge, a diverse industry coalition led by conservation International with the call to action of making coffee the worlds first sustainable agricultural product. The Challenge began in 2015 at the United Nations climate talks in Paris and has grown to more than 60 members across the industry, including other roasters, ngos, and the governments of Mexico and Rwanda. The Challenge is now pulling together the industry pre-competitively to develop innovative solutions to ensure the prosperity and well-being of farmers, workers and communities, sustained supply of coffee, and conservation of nature. Specifically for Starbucks, we have an opportunity to partner with others and go beyond our own commitment of 100M trees. Through the sustainable coffee challenge, the industry is coming together to commit to one billion trees, while developing shared principles for responsible renovation.

global responsibility report

In 2016, Starbucks began funding a new project in Oaxaca, mexico with Conservation International focused on delivering a net positive model to reestablish coffee as a livelihood. Oaxaca was once a globally important origin for high-quality specialty coffee, but productivity has declined significantly due to climate change, lack of market access, poverty, migration, and statement other challenges. Ci will work with local partners to improve farmers shade management systems and increase alternative income streams ultimately stabilizing farming communities in Oaxaca and enabling farmers to continue growing coffee. Ci will also train producers in water conservation to protect freshwater resources, and will follow a human rights-based approach, recognizing the importance of gender and ethnic traditions to ensure the active participation of women, indigenous farmers and their families. Starbucks currently operates eight Farmer Support Centers in key coffee producing countries around the world, from Indonesia to Rwanda. There, with our open-source agronomy approach, farmers get free access to the latest findings of our top agronomists, including new varietals of disease-resistant trees, and advanced soil management techniques. Building on traditional growing methods will help farmers continue to improve both the quality and yield of their crops, and their profitability, ensuring the future of high quality coffees for everyone. In 2016 we expanded this network to include a farmer Support Center in Mexico.

we exceeded this goal in just over a year. To build on that success, Starbucks will quadruple its commitment by providing 100 million healthy coffee trees to farmers by 2025 by leveraging our green coffee purchases in coffee growing communities most impacted by climate change. We will work in collaboration with Conservation International (CI) and our partners on the ground and will share what we learn across the industry, to ensure that other farming communities looking to replace their trees can benefit from this program. The Starbucks Global Farmer Fund is a 50M commitment to provide financing to coffee farmers. Through these loans, farmers have the ability to support agronomy, restoration and infrastructure improvements. This work directly influences coffee quality, sustainability and overall profitability for the entire specialty coffee industry. To support critical issues coffee communities are facing, the Starbucks foundation partners with organizations with local expertise to build sustainable solutions. Since 2014, the Starbucks foundation has awarded origin grants to support smallholder farming families in coffee and tea-growing communities, reaching approximately 47,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries. By 2020 we plan to reach 250,000 people.

We will continue to work with that last 1 to bring producers along on this journey with. Such as the Starbucks Reserve eastern dr congo lake kivu coffee, where we are working with producers to expand our ethical sourcing effort. Moving beyond our 100 ethically sourced commitment, we are joining with others to make coffee the worlds first sustainable agricultural product. Starbucks believes we can increase the prosperity and resiliency of one million farmers and workers who grow our coffee in coffee communities around the world. We will do this by investing in coffee communities, sharing our technical coffee knowledge, and innovating with new approaches. Investing in Farmers, thanks to our partners and customers, more than 25 million trees have been donated to coffee farmers. This effort began In September 2015, when Starbucks launched the One Tree for every bag Commitment to help ensure the long-term supply of coffee and the economic night future of coffee farmers.

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Good things are happening. Our 2016 Global Social Impact Performance report marks our progress as a company, one thats performance-driven, through the lens of humanity. In a year of tumultuous changes around the world, weve exceeded most of our goals to help our people and the communities we serve, while achieving another year of record financial performance. Weve reached this milestone by being purposeful in our decisions and our actions—and its how we will move forward in the years to come. We will focus pdf in four areas where our commitment and scale can make the biggest impact: making coffee the worlds first sustainable product by doing our part to improve the lives of at least One million people in coffee communities around the world building and. Our future in sustainable coffee, starbucks is proud to have reached the milestone of 99 ethically sourced coffee. However, we are not done yet.

Global responsibility report
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  3. Were halfway through the year and m is revealing some of the top selling items so far including interesting regional differences. Other Global Centre for R2p publications. Joint ngo press Release welcoming the Increase of un peacekeepers in the central African Republic Global Centre for the responsibility to Protect and other ngos. S global sustainability site tells the bigger story of how our products are connected to people and our efforts to promote equality, improve working conditions and protect the environment. 2017s Global Impact Report Update reflects the strides VMware is making across three pillars of impact: Product, Planet and people.

  4. The Starbucks Mission Statement reflects the values of corporate social responsibility. Learn about our contribution to communities like yours. Every day, we multiply growth by connecting people and possibilities. Just ask kat Crabill. Kat is one of the 2017 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest winners.

  5. What is the role and Responsibility of a for-Profit Public Company? Good things are happening. Our 2016 Global Social Impact Performance report marks our progress as a company, one thats performance-driven, through the lens of humanity. In 2018, he accepted the task once again this time giving us the download while he gets ready for work. Why does this matter? Well, walmart is a big company, so the grr is a big report.

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