Holi festival essay in sanskrit

holi festival essay in sanskrit

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I now observe holy habitation. Turning aside This awful (awe inspiring)sanctuary, my friend, must not be violated. Here, therefore, stop the car; that I may descend. I hold in the reins. The king may descend at his pleasure. Having descended, and looking at his own dress. Groves devoted to religion must be entered in humbler habiliments (garments). Take these regal ornaments; the Charioteer receives them and, whilst i am observing those who inhabit this retreat, let the horses be watered and dressed.

Holi festival essay in english?

By visiting the abode of essays holiness, we shall purify our souls. As the king (may his life be long!) commands. Looking on all sides. That we are near the dwellingplace of pious hermits, would clearly have appeared, even if it had not been told. Do you not observe them? See under yon trees the hallowed grains which have been scattered on the ground, while the tender female parrots were feeding their unfledged young in answer their pendent nest. Mark in other places the shining pieces of polished stone which have bruised the oil fruit of the sacred Ingudì. Look at the young fawns, which, having acquired confidence in man, and accustomed themselves to the sound of his voice, frisk at pleasure, without varying their course. Even the surface of the river is reddened with lines of consecrated bark, which float down its stream. Look again; the roots of yon trees are bathed in the waters of holy pools, which quiver as the breeze plays upon them; and the glowing lustre of yon fresh leaves is obscured, for a time, by smoke that rises from oblations of clarified butter. See too, where the young roes (deers) graze, without apprehension from our approach, on the lawn before yonder garden, where the tops of the sacrificial grass, cut for some religious rite, are sprinkled around.

Having seen with your own eyes the virtuous behaviour of those whose only wealth is their piety, but whose worldly cares are now at an end, you will then exclaim, "How many good subjects are defended by this arm, which the bowstring has made callous!". Is the master of your family at home? Our preceptor is gone to sómatirt'ha, in hopes of deprecating some calamity, with which destiny threatens the irreproachable sacontalá; and he has charged her, in his absence, to receive all guests with due honour. Holy man, i will attend her; and she, having observed my devotion, will report it favourably to the venerable sage. Be it so; and we depart on our own business. The golf hermit and his Pupil go out. Drive on the car.

holi festival essay in sanskrit

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Saluting them It is replaced. He places the arrow in his quiver Herm. With joy worthy is that act of thee, most illustrious; of monarchs; worthy, indeed, of a prince descended from Puru. Mayst thou have a son adorned with virtues, a sovereign pdf of the world! Elevating both his hands Oh! By all means, may thy son be adorned with every virtue, a sovereign of the world! Bowing to them my head bears with reverence the order of a bráhmin Herm. Great king, we came hither to collect wood for a solemn sacrifice; and this forest, and the banks of the malini, affords an asylum to the wild animals protected by sacontalá, (Shakuntala) whom our holy preceptor Canna (Kanwa) has received as a sacred deposit. If you have no other avocation, enter yon grove, and let the rights of hospitality be duly performed.

Enter a hermit and his Pupil. Slay not, o mighty sovereign, slay not a poor fawn, who has found a place of refuge. No, surely, no; he must not be hurt. An arrow in the delicate body of a deer would be like fire in bale of cotton. Compared with thy keen shafts, how weak must be the tender hide of a young antelope! Replace the arrow which thou hast aimed. The weapons of you kings and warriors are destined for the relief of the oppressed, not for the destruction of the guiltless.

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holi festival essay in sanskrit

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He could not escape. The horses were not even touched by the clouds of dust which they raised; they tossed their manes, erected their ears, and rather glided than galloped over the smooth plain. King Dushmant: They soon outran the swift antelope. Objects which, from their distance, appeared minute, presently became larger: what was really divided, seemed united, as we passed; and what was in book truth bent, seemed straight. So swift was the motion of the wheels, that nothing, for many moments, was either distant or near. He fixes an arrow in his bowstring.

He must not be slain. This antelope, o king, has an asylum in our forest: he must not be slain. Listening and looking Just as the animal presents a fair mark for our arrow, two hermits are advancing to interrupt your ebay aim King Dushmant. Then stop the car. The king is obeyed. He draws in the reins.

Aditi, - deity, parent of Indra. Officers of State and Police, bráhmins, damsels, hermits, pupils, Chamberlas, warders of the palace, messengers, and Attendants. Act  1 act ii act iii act iv acct vi act vii shakuntala by kalidas Translated from Sanskrit by sir William Jones Translated in the year 1789 act  1 Scenea forest Dushmanta, in a chariot, pursuing an antelope, with a bow and quiver, attended. Char (Charioteer) looking at the antelope, and then at the king When I cast my eye on that black antelope, and on thee, o king, with thy braced bow, i see before me, as it were, the god Mahésa chasing a hart (male deer with. King Dushmant : The fleet animal has given us a long chase. There he runs, with his neck bent gracefully, looking back, from time to time, at the car (chariot) which follows him.

Now, through fear of a descending shaft, he contracts his forehand, and extends his flexible haunches; and now, through fatigue, he pauses to nibble the grass in his path with his mouth half opened. See how he springs and bounds with long steps, lightly skimming the ground, and rising high in the air! And now so rapid is his flight, that he is scarce discernible! Charioteer : The ground was uneven, and the horses were checked in their course. He has taken advantage of our delay. It is level now, and we may easily overtake him. King Dushmant: loosen the reins. As the king commands. He drives the car first at full speed, and then gently.

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Priyamvadá, - shredder damsel attendant on her. Mádhavya, -the Emperor's Buffoon. Gautami, - an old female hermit. Sarngarava, -a brahman, saradwata, - a brahman. Canna, - (Kanwa) Foster-father of Sacontalá. Cumbhilaca, - a fisherman. Misracesi, - a nymph. Matali, - charioteer of Indra. A little boy casyapa, - deity, shredder parent of Indra.

holi festival essay in sanskrit

Thus kalidas may have been alive during this period. See page 'moon Calendar' for vikram year. The story of Shakuntala and king plan Dushmant appears in the Adi parva of The mahabharata. Kalidas adapted the story for this play. Shakuntala, the fatal Ring, an exquisite love story, persons of the Drama. Dushmanta, emperor of India. Sacontalá, - (Shakuntala) the heroine of the piece. Anusuyá, - damsel attendant on her.

with drawings depicting scenes from the play. In 1789, sir William Jones translated into English Kalidasa's Sanskrit play. This translation not only played an important role in bringing about a renaissance in Indian literature, but also greatly influenced European literary traditions. Sanskrit Literature, drama- a masterpiece by kalidas, written 2000 years ago (Sanskrit classical literature). Translated by sir William Jones in 1789. Herde wrote after reading Shakuntala: "A masterpiece that appears once every two thousand years". Kalidas in his other writings  refers to the capital city of Ujjain of the greatest Emperor of India vikrama Aditya and the vikram Calendar is in its 2060th year.

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Holi festival essay in sanskrit
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