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Yes you should put it in your resume. Put down the college and the year you attended. This will show that you have some higher education and would be better suited that a high school graduate. You can also put in your major. Since you didn't get a degree don't put a degree in there. It is very common and acceptable for a student to list their current college education on their resume. Simply indicate that you're presently in college and have not finished your degree.

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Then just list them and end with an active noun that is descriptive and appeals to management, (ie: achiever, thinker, winner etc.) good Luck! Generally not 'on'. That is, printed onto the page. It is not unusual for a passport-sized photograph to be attached by paperclip. Some companies ask for this. It is not necessary or advisable to put a picture on essay your resume. The practice of including a picture on a resume is more common outside of the United States. With the use of Linkedin and other social media sites a picture is acceptable and much more common. It is not appropriate to imprint the picture on the resume itself or attach a photo unless specifically requested by a potential employer. If you have a college degree, you can list just the high school and college you graduated, on your resume. When you fill out an application for employment, you should list your high school and all college work.

You should only put it if you have specific honors or diary awards that are relevant to your job serach that you'd want to mention. Otherwise, you may want to work it in to your cover letter or the interview instead. If seeking a job in education in the same town/area where you went to high school, it could be the right thing to get you a position over someone else. In many other cases, it would not be seen as important. Hi there, this question has stumped me a couple of times too! What I have heard from several recruiters and hiring managers is that a if you are applying for a specific job (like through a corporate web site or email you should use your Last Name, first Name as the title. If you are posting your resume online, where it will available for many hiring personnel, you should pick your top skills or special qualities (from the employer's point of view).

order on resume

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If you're making an acting resume, almost anything and everything goes. Anything from burping the abcs to juggling, to wiggling your ears. Always put any languages you speak. No, because you don't want dates to limit yourself within that company. You also want to keep your resume flexible for different jobs. You should only put the important jobs you've had on a resume. Thismeans that if you've had quite a few different jobs you should onlyput about. Most resumes do not include a previous employers phone ese are usually provided upon request and not specifically listedon the resume.

There can never be enough references on a resume however you don't want to over do it either. I'd say three to four at most. You might also want to write a cover letter after you took sometime to find out the kind of business this company does and how you feel that you will fit. That depends what type of resume. You want to put something that will get you noticed. There could be 100 people trying to get the same job as you, so you have to put things you can do that most other people can't. Put things that will be helpful in the job area you are applying for.

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order on resume

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But don't attach more than 3. Yes, even if the temp agency didn't assign you to any projects. When you enter a temp agency and fill out the paper work, you become an on-call employee while they try to find you work. If the company you are currently applying for does an in depth background check (usually high-end corporate jobs, government jobs or jobs that require you to be bonded) sees the temp agency listed and its not on your resume, they may disqualify your resume. If the ad doesn't have a name then address it to the "Personnel Manager." Contact information your goal for employment your work experience your educational background Additional items that is related to the job for which you areapplying, such as training, certifications, and other activities.

You may want to add hobbies if they are job related or employ jobrelated skills. Nyou better believe it! It is a bonus in many thesis cases, particularly if the interviewer has military service. It also demonstrates the ability to follow orders and often provides a wide variety of experiences as well as specialized training. NUnless your discharge is under "less than honorable conditions in which case you're opening yourself up to some tough questions. Yes it can help you a lot while finding a job.

I believe that it is an incredible 30 nation wide average drop out rate. In making an application to a college or university your academic achievement is much more important. However, early success can often leave a student burned out, or too confident in their supposed abilities. Most all colleges or universities will consider an apparent serious application from a student who likely will be more senior than the typical age of college bound students, and whom probably wasn't a very good student in high school. If this is your case consider requesting an interview with an Academic dean in order to discuss the matter.

Stress that you are committed to success, that you will make whatever necessary sacrifices are necessary in order to achieve your goal of a higher education. If accepted you are likely to get a lecture; probably on how this institution will not tolerate failure to measure up its standards! That you had better put out 1 percent and that if there is one single complaint, one single screw. You will be history! Likely you will be so happy that your being given a second chance that you will meet all these well intended threats with a big stupid grin, and leave the deans Office entirely committed, happy, and punch drunk. Understand that the staff of a college or university is a valuable resouce which will not be squandered on a scoff-law lazy person. Such people are robbing the resources which been amassed from those who would seriously profit from the experience and contribute to the future of society in general. Nobjective: to finhallenging and rewarding atomsphere in whican excel as well develop the skills necessary for achieving my goals. If you have more than one person who can verify your work ethics, moral character and capabilities, it will certainly help your cause.

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I highly recommend you not list your work number unless you're really sure you can take a call. Some phone systems are monitored just as internet connections at work are. It has been my experience that, with certain exceptions, like applications for college, no one cares very much, if any, about your High School academics. I used to just say; "Graduated from accredited (State) High Scool: name of school the date. The fact that you did paper graduate indicates that, at least, you had the internal fortitude to stick with something and complete it at an early age. This is more important to an employer than your academic achievement, and an employer may shy away from over-achiever who would distain hard work, or repeditive tasks. The current drop out rate is so high that siginicant numbers of people can't even say they graduated from any high school.

order on resume

If you have a home number and a cell number and you use both numbers regularly i would suggest to list your home number and your cell phone, but again, only if you will be able to answer it in a professional manner. Otherwise, just list your home number. Sure, particularly if it has voicemail. Make it easy for me (the potential employer) to reach you. I see cell phone numbers increasingly placed first on essay resumes. And don't worry if you don't have one. Just list your home number.

to travel on a daily basis to get to work. If your commute time is too much, the employer may reject your application simply based on that. 48 people found this useful, answer. The envelope should contain your name and address (no title) as the corner card (upper left hand corner) and be addressed whenever possible to an individual such as the department Manager. If you cannot learn that person's name, send it to the hr manager (use the name, if possible). 10 envelopes are best to send your resume, and use a commemorative stamp and address by hand - print if your handwriting is unclear. Do not type nor use address labels. If your cell phone number is the primary number that you use for communications, yes you should list your cell number. If you do list it, however, you need to be sure to answer your cell phone in a professional manner at all times.

Answer, including a physical address is not necessary on the resume, as long as you make it known that you're willing to fill out all the appropriate information upon being hired. If you're sending your resume to a large, reliable paper company, then there shouldn't be any problems with them abusing your information. However, if you're applying to a small company with relatively little public information, it's understandable that you would want to hold back personal information until being hired. Besides personal safety, other benefits of not including an address include not receiving a rejection letter, no economic profiling, and not being rejected based on the distance between work and home. Instead of receiving a rejection letter, a hiring manager will have to call your home or send you an email since there is no physical address for them to contact, and courteous employers will have to contact you to let you know you've been turned. If they contact you by phone or email, this gives you an opportunity to sell yourself once more, especially if the person calling or emailing you is the person who interviewed you. You can ask about any other positions within the company, or at the very least, find out how you did on your interview and where you could use improvement to sell yourself better next time. Sometimes, when you put an address on your resume, an employer might do a search on your neighborhood to find out whether you live in a high-profile area or a low income one.

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An address should definitely be on a resume! It's basic information that an employer needs to know when creating their files. Employer's aren't going to sell your information or make it public, so it will be kept in confidence. It's information that will go on a job application, W4, I9, etc. Not having it on there can open the door to an employer's wondering if you: Hiding something, afraid they won't keep it in confidence. Don't have a place to live or somewhere to contact you. How else are they going to contact you?

Order on resume
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