Portfolio management presentation

portfolio management presentation

A Practical, approach to portfolio management

Work at 300 dpi at whenever possible. Develop your portfolio images with print in mind, even if youre creating an online portfolio. You never know when work will need printing. Downsizing for the web is easy once the files are assembled. Venture beyond pre-made templates. The exception to using pre-made templates is custom work, unusual formats and packaging.

Presentation Tips for your Graphic Design Portfolio

Show what word youre proud of and think will interest a potential employer or client. Present your art creativity at its best. Customize templates to suit your needs. Most image templates provide layered files. If your project doesnt have a journal or rubber stamp, eliminate those layers. In addition, move objects around to create an arrangement that works for your project. You dont have to use the templates. Show your development process (when its relevant). Consider showing development work if you think other design concepts had merit. Art directors love to see concept sketches. It gives them insight as to how you think.

What do you want to show off? Do you want to show a zoomed view? Do you want the gender view to be from above, or from the side? Think like a movie director—zoom in, shoot from different angles and learn when to say, thats a wrap. Show the strengths and hide the weaknesses. Do you love the business card but hate that you had to compromise on the envelope design? Dont show the envelope. You think the annual reports financial pages are boring?

portfolio management presentation

A proven project portfolio management process

In Denise boslers, preparing your Portfolio bootcamp, shell show you the best way to develop and perfect a winning graphic design portfolio to help you land your ideal job or clients. Whether youre refreshing your portfolio, creating a new print or digital portfolio, or youre looking to attract a freelance following, this course will help you present your work in an eye-catching, impressive way. In this course, denise will help you navigate the process of creating a knockout portfolio that not only reflects your talent, but also puts your work in front of the people who need to see. At the end of the course, youll be armed with a fresh portfolio and poised to take the design world by storm. Learn more and register! Want a sneak peek? Here are a few of Denises tips for presenting your work from the course: photo from Shutterstock, create thumbnails for each of your projects. Sketch out your desired look. Do you show everything in one large image or show it in a series of smaller images?

Portfolio management Services in India prabhudas

portfolio management presentation

Taming Change with Portfolio management : Unify

For example, the risk-reward balance is autobiography commonly checked using the bubble chart shown earlier. A final check is to analyze product and technology roadmaps for project relationships. For example, if a lower priority platform project was omitted from the protfolio priority list, the subsequent higher priority projects that depend on that platform or platform technology would be impossible to execute unless that platform project were included in the portfolio priority list. An example of a roadmap is shown below. This overall portfolio management process is shown in the following diagram. Once this balanced portfolio that has been developed, it is checked against the business plan to see if the plan goals have been achieved projects within the planned r d investment and resource levels and sales that have met the goals. . Then the project portfolio has to be checked against the resource plan to see if it is feasible or what resource actions must be taken.

With the significant investments required to develop new products and the risks involved, portfolio management is becoming an increasingly important tool to make strategic decisions about product development and the investment of company resources. In many companies, current year revenues are increasingly based on new products developed in the last one to three years. Therefore, these portfolio decisions are the basis of a companys profitability and even its continued existence over the next several years. Product development Forum Home page 2016, Examples courtesy. The presentation of your work is one of the most essential factors in the success of your graphic design portfolio. Even if your work is absolutely stunning, it wont speak for itself if the presentation isnt equally strong.

The scoring method uses a set of criertia (potentially different for each stage of the project) as a basis for scoring or evaluating each project. An example of this scoring method is shown with the worksheet below. Weighting factors can be set for each criteria. The evaluators on a product Committee score projects (1 to 10, where 10 is best). The worksheet computes the average scores and applies the weighting factors to compute the overall score.

The maximum weighted score for a project is 100. This portfolio list can then be ranked by either the development priority index or the score. An example of the portfolio list is shown below and the second illustration shows the category summary for the method. Once the organization has its prioritized list of projects, it then needs to determine where the cutoff is based on the business plan and the planned level of investment of the resources avaialable. This subset of the high priority projects then needs to be further analyzed and checked. The first step is to check that the prioritized list reflects the planned breakdown of projects based on the strategic allocation of the business plan. Pie charts such as the one below can be used for this purpose. Other factors can also be checked using bubble charts.

Portfolio management Strategy - perpetual Energy Inc

It may also breakdown the r d investment into types of development,. G., technology development, platform development, new products, and upgrades/enhancements/line extensions, etc. Once this is done, then a portfolio listing can be developed including the relevant portfolio data. We favor use of the development productivity index (DPI) presentation or scores from the scoring method. The development productivity index is calculated as follows: (Net Present Value x Probability of Success) / development Cost Remaining. It factors the npv by the probability of both technical and commercial success. By dividing this result by the development cost remaining, it places more weight on writings projects nearer completion and with lower uncommitted costs.

portfolio management presentation

While this visual presentation is useful, it cant prioritize projects. Therefore, some mix of these techniques is appropriate to support the portfolio management Process. This mix is often dependent upon the priority of the goals. Our recommended approach is to start with the overall business plan that should define the planned level of R :D investment, resources (e.g., headcount, etc. and related sales expected from new products. With multiple business units, product business lines or types of development, we recommend a strategic allocation process based on the business plan. This strategic allocation should apportion the planned r d investment into business units, product lines, markets, geographic areas, etc.

a two-dimensional graph that shows the trade-offs or balance between two factors such as risks. Profitability, marketplace fit. Product line coverage, financial return. Probability of success, etc. The chart shown above provides a graphical view of the project portfolio risk-reward balance. It is used to assure balance in the portfolio of projects neither too risky or conservative and appropriate levels of reward for the risk involved. The horizontal axis is Net Present Value, the vertical axis is Probability of Success. The size of the bubble is proportional to the total revenue generated over the lifetime sales of the product.

The weighting of the goals in making decisions about products varies from company. But organizations must balance these goals: risk. Profitability, new products. Improvements, strategy fit. Product line, long-term. Several types of techniques have been used to diary support the portfolio management process: heuristic models, scoring techniques, visual or mapping techniques, the earliest Portfolio management techniques optimized projects profitability or financial returns using heuristic or mathematical models. However, this approach paid little attention to balance or aligning the portfolio to the organizations strategy. Scoring techniques weight and score criteria to take into account investment requirements, profitability, risk and strategic alignment.

M: it, portfolio management : Unlocking the

Portfolio management is used to select a portfolio of new product development projects to achieve th following goals: Maximize the profitability or book value of the portfolio. Provide balance, support the strategy of the enterprise. Portfolio management is the responsibility of the senior management team of an organization or business unit. This team, which might be called the Product Committee, meets regularly to manage the product pipeline and make decisions about the product portfolio. Often, this is the same group that conducts the stage-gate reviews in the organization. A logical starting point is to create a product strategy markets, customers, products, strategy approach, competitive emphasis, etc. The second step is to understand the budget or resources available to balance the portfolio against. Third, each project must be assessed for profitability (rewards investment requirements (resources risks, and other appropriate factors.

Portfolio management presentation
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  4. The portfolio management Services was initiated in 2009 to offer complete assistance in delivering growth to investors. We offer solutions based portfolio management services on complete need analysis that are uniquely designed to meet growth needs in a holistic manner. Taming Change with Portfolio management is a powerful presentation of the cutting-edge discipline of portfolio management applied to organization-wide change events. The most effective leaders approach change as a powerful force to be anticipated and leveraged. They tame change by managing it. Perpetual Energy Trust is an independent natural gas producer based in Calgary, alberta, canada.

  5. Even if your work is absolutely stunning, it wont speak for itself if the presentation isnt equally strong. In Denise boslers Preparing your Portfolio bootcamp, shell show. A proven project portfolio management process. Paper presented at Project Management Institute Annual Seminars & Symposium, san Antonio,. Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time.

  6. A comprehensive approach to portfolio management to select new product development projects to maximize value, achieve balance & support strategy. In addition to regular management activities, the portfolio should also be subjected to a more formal quarterly review, and thats what this checklist is designed to support. Portfolio (briefcase a type of briefcase collections. Portfolio (finance a collection of assets held by an institution or a private individual Artist's portfolio, a sample of an artist's work or a case used to display artwork, photographs etc. The presentation of your work is one of the most essential factors in the success of your graphic design portfolio.

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