Poultry farming business plan ppt

poultry farming business plan ppt

Poultry, business, plan, complete Pdf Free template

The benefit/cost ratio discounted revenue/Discounted Cost. B/c ratio 7,124,598/2953,745.7.41. Estimating the Internal Rate of Return for the poultry farm.3 table-3 year Discounted Factor@20 Net Present Value @20 Discounted factor @50 Net Present Value@30.833 1,535,219.0.667 1,229,281.694 1,788,507.4.444 1,144,232.4.579 1,460,295.9.296 746,541.6 4,784,022.3 3,120,055. Irr lower Discount Rate (Difference between the two discount rate) x (npv @lower discount rate/Absolute difference between the two npv) irr 2030x(0.605).26 irr.26 Since the present interest rate in banks is 20 and this project has an internal rate of return.26. It means for every N1 invested, the investor will receive.30k after paying 20k to the lender, he will be better off by 10k. The project evaluated thus far, is therefore good enough to be embarked upon considering its positive response to the present value, its favourable benefit cost ratio.41 greater than one and its internal rate of return.26 after an interest on funds loan. 10 Recommended LinkedIn Corporation 2018 Public clipboards featuring this slide no public clipboards found for this slide select another clipboard looks like youve clipped this slide to already.

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Cost of feeds/cycle Starter feeds 30bags@ N2,000/bag x3 N60,000.00 Finishers feeds 30bags@ 1500/bag x3 N45,000.00 Total N105,000.00 Cost of wood shaving N500/bag @ 5bagsx3cycle n 7,500.00 Cost of utilities Power/Electricity one.5kva generator @ N65,000.00 Water for Farm Activities by local well digging N20,000.00.5. Administrative expenses N59,200.00 Medication and Vaccination N22,200.00 Grand Total N2,290,000.00 An office sales outlet already exists for direct sales marketing. And if the already acquired cost of farm land and the registration is subtracted from the total cost, we would have incurred N1,540,000.00 as cost. Sales realization and profit assume 10 mortality rate of birds at each cycle. 10 of 500birds/cycle 150 birds. No of live birds for sale 1,350 birds Sales of 1,350birds@ N2,500/birds N3,375,000./annum Sales of 60 management used feed sack@ 50 each N3,000 Sales of poultry waste as manure N5,000 Gross Total N3,383,000.00 Profit total revenue- total cost 3,383,000 1,540,400 N1,843,000.00.22 second year project cost. Administrative expenses Papers for record keeping 1roll@ N1,200.00 (achieved) Repair and maintenance N50,000.00/year Total N59,200.00 Medication and vaccination Antibiotics x3cycle N6,000.00 Vaccines( Newscastle and Infection bursal disease) x3cycles N9,000.00 Dewormer N3,600.00 Disinfectants N3,600.00 Total N22,200.00 grand total cost cost of fixed Assets Cost of farm. No of live birds for sale 1,350 birds Sales of 1,350birds@ N2,500/birds N3,375,000./annum Sales of 60 used feed sack@ 50 each N3,000 Sales of poultry waste as manure N5,000 Gross Total N3,383,000.00 Profit total revenue- total cost 3,383,000 805,900 N2,577,100.00.23 third year project cost. Drinkers 20pieces @ N200/drinker N4,000.00 heater 10heaters @ N1500 each N15,000.00 Thermometers 2pieces@ N1,000 each N2,000.00 Buckets 4pieces@ N500/bucket N2,000.00 Total N27,000.00 working capital cost of birds Cost of Birds(doc cycle: 500 birds@ N120/birdsx3 cycle N180,000.00 Cost of feeds/cycle Starter feeds 30bags@ N2,000/bag x3 N60,000.00. Grand Total N840,900.00 8 sales realization and profit assume 10 mortality rate of birds at each cycle. No of live birds for sale 1,350 birds Sales of 1,350birds@ N2,500/birds N3,375,000./annum Sales of 60 used feed sack@ 50 each N3,000 Sales of poultry waste as manure N5,000 Gross Total N3,383,000.00 Profit total revenue- total cost 3,383,000 840,900 N2,542,100.00.0 evaluation of the project.

Production is to be started on a small scale with 500 day old chicks (DOC) which will be run in three cycles within a year. Within the first 2years of small broiler production, the farm will be expanded to medium scale production. In after 3years, production is structured to be in large scale. 2.1 market and marketing assessment target markets are eateries such as Mr Biggs tantalizer, hotels and open market. Market approach would be done by informing stakeholders of the target markets on regular basis as well as distribution of fliers and posters. Direct sales could also be achieved through refrigeration and sales through scaling in our office at 1, Alafia close, by tokunbo Ojo Street,Olororo, behind First Bank Plc, Ojoo ibadan. Our online market platform would also be an advantage to projecting and boosting our sales. 2.2 financial assessment.21 project cost financing 1st year feasibility Study cost of Fixed Assets Land: 5acre of farm Land and survey registration N750,000.00 (achieved) building structure (Poultry house) N500,000.00 Total cost of fixed assets N1,250,000.00 Cost list of Farm Implements feeders, 20pieces @ N200/feeder N4,000.00. Cost of birds Cost of Birds(doc cycle: 500 birds@ N120/birdsx3 cycle N180,000.00.

poultry farming business plan ppt

Example Of a, poultry, business, plan, genxeg

Since the net Present Value of this project is positive, according to the condition put in place for every Agricultural project, this poultry project is therefore worth embarking. The benefit cost ratio on the other hand must be greater than one for such an agricultural project to be worth embarking. The benefit/cost ratio discounted revenue/Discounted Cost B/c ratio 7,124,598/2953,745.7.41. The project is expected to span through three years after which further expansion is embarked upon. Most risk involvement in the project could be theft in the farm and nonchalant attitude towards embracing proper management practices. 3.0 production process and assessment production is structured in an all-in-all out method. Three cycles of production will be embarked upon in a year, each cycle taking 15weeks (12weeks of production and 3weeks downtime period each).

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poultry farming business plan ppt

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Though, with good management practices and commitment, many of these problems can be curtailed. 1.1 boldan farms interest in the project this proposal aims at establishing a poultry farm at akinyele local government area of Ibadan, oyo state. Precisely, the farm is located within Isioye village inside moniya. Our farm is a 5acre land area in which about 2acre out of it has been designated for the purpose of raising the poultry birds. We have proposed to start with 500 day old broilers which will be ran three times within a year for three years after which the establishment can be expanded further across the acreage. After the first three years of practise, we hope to increase the number of birds to about three thousand per year depending on the feasibility of the present research. Presently, we are focussing on the production of 1,500 broiler chicken within a year in three cycles.

The various investment finances needed for this project has been explained further in the subsequent pages bothering on the cost implication of the project, the estimated accrued revenue and profit after which the project feasibility is determined through calculation of the net Present Value. 2.2 executive summary the objective of this study is to continuously produced market sized broiler chickens of 1,500 within a year without much loss whilst reducing runner costs yearly and maintaining stable revenue for subsequent years within the constraints of our budget. The approach to be embraced is a stringent method of record keeping and management staff discipline through responsive adherence to our objective. The cost incurred aside the already existing farm land and office space that serves as a direct sales outlet is about N1,540,000.00(One million five hundred and forty thousand) in the first year with an accrued revenue of N3,383,000(Three million, three hundred and eighty three thousand. Subsequent year also recorded an improved revenue and cost. The discounted factor is the present bank lending rate in Nigeria as approved by the cbn in January 2016.

Global demand for poultry product is in the excess of 39million tonnes. It was estimated that by year 2000, poultry was the most widely consumed meat in the world. Of the approximately 170M tons of meat currently produced annually around the world, 40 is pork, 29 beef and 22 poultry (fao, 2001). As a result of this, commercial poultry production in Nigeria needs to be broadened. Aside ensuring that Nigeria would stop being a dumping ground for all categories of such products that may be harmful to peoples health, expanding the poultry business would create job for our teaming youths and in the long run have a positive effect on our. Presently, there is need for the government to invest heavily in agriculture in order to encourage more participation through the introduction of subsidies and credits.

Provision of research laboratories including introduction of technology to ensure increased production and improved yield, is necessary. Aside the beauty of the poultry industry experienced if the business is running fine on a good note without any challenges, the industry in recent time have also being faced with so many unanticipated challenges like the outbreak of the avian influenza viruses that made. Market challenges can be very tasking too. Before the birds are matured, a market survey ought to have been done but due to inadequacy of labour and funds many farmers hardly undergo such measure and this may lead to loss of funds through unprofitable sales processes. The management of the poultry is also a big challenge because without a manger with the knowledge of the enterprise, there may be total shut down of the business. Theft is also a big problem and also. Attack by other predators on the farm.

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2.2 executive summary.0 production process and assessment. 4.1 market and marketing assessment. 4.2 financial apple assessment4-8.21 project cost and financing /sales realisation for year1.22 project cost and financing/sales realisation for year2.23 project cost and financing/sales realisation for year3.0 project financial evaluation.8-10.1 table-1: expected cost and return for the whole project.2 table-2. I.0 introduction with the increasing demand for poultry products such as turkey and other related birds in the market, many suppliers of the product for some years now have been experiencing pressure on the need for them to beef up resources and increase production. For some years before the discovery of oil, the agricultural industry was the main stay of Nigerias economy. The oil boom led to the general substitution of exportation of agric products in Nigeria for importation due to the inability of our margaret farmers to meet the demand in the local market. To a large extent, such practises have affected our Gross domestic Product considering the negative effect of importation on our economy and to a large extent there was an increase in unemployment because 85 of Nigerians were thought to be involved in agriculture initially.

poultry farming business plan ppt

Degree obtained: Bachelor of Agriculture in Agricultural Economics (October, 2010). Secondary Education: Opebi Grammar School, Ajanaku street, Opebi, lagos. Boldan agro ventures 1,Alafia close off tokunbo Ojo Street behind 1st. Bank, olororo busstop, Ojoo ibadan. Our goal, to connect various agro based industry in the country by opening up online business marketing and consultancy services to enable ease of consumers reach whilst involving in practical agriculture through field cultivation. Mission statement, to be a world class online agricultural marketing and consulting firm known among agro based producers in Nigeria and around the world whilst sustaining the health of the nation through production of high quality agricultural products. Vision statement, be the pioneering enterprise in online agro market research whilst sustaining our position as the highest producer and distributor of agricultural products to meet global need and especially in Nigeria. Table of content pages.0 introduction.1 about boldan farms.

government, moniya, ibadan, oyo state. Business ownership, type of Ownership:- sole Proprietorship. Date of Completion:- 10th. February, 2016, place of Birth:- oyo state. Educational background, tertiary Education: University of Ibadan, Ibadan, oyo state, nigeria. Higher Degree: Masters in Agricultural Economics ( in-view).

So thereis a great prospect being succeeded. Each and every people need chickens and eggs. Eggs are the ingredients of cake, bread, omelet etc. So restaurant, bakery, hotel, community centers needs eggs andchickens everyday. As the different customers has high demand essay of chickens andschool of business studies, seu3. Successfully reported this slideshow. Business plan fooultry farm investment.

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Also provide some additional facility to ours customers and consumers that arenot provided by other suppliers: we reached our product (chickens eggs) to the night customers by our owntransportation with a low transportation cost. If any dreadful products are identified by the customers we always make itchange. Processed meat are also supply if customer feel need. we also supply product by credit to a limited amount. Poultry business is full with competitors. But there have a great prospect of succeed, because most of the suppliers are not able to adequately supply theproduct. Market research and analysis: As we know, bangladesh is a over populated country. So, there is no equilibriumbetween demand and supply and more or less suppliers fail to satisfy thecustomers. Most of all, in food business if it is daily product there is no loss.

Poultry farming business plan ppt
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  2. To meet the demand of customer and built strong customer relationship, to create the employment. If you are determined to start your own chicken farm, here is a free poultry farmi ng business plan sample you can use to develop yours. For broiler and egg. Plan all activities around net/gross ratio; Farm 1: 50,000 - 45,000. Saving c over crop seed; Start a manure herd; Grow winter forage for livestock/poultry.

  3. Bury on farm, at least 300 feet away from a watercourse and 3-ft deep, above the wet season high watertable. Look for hatcheries participating in Voluntary national poultry Improvement Plan (npip). Eggs are laid by broiler hens (parent flock). Male chickens are call ed cockerels and female chickens are called pullets or hens. Business concept: Purpose of the venture: 2015.

  4. Business plan development anigaseelanseelan. Name of the business: Kapilan poultry farm Type of the business: Retailer. Poultry farm business plan of kashere community by sunday7benjamin. Business plan of poultry farm - free download as Word Doc (.doc /. Docx pdf fil e (.pdf text File (.txt) or read online for free. Changes to poultry health care you may need to remove from your program sick birds that you.

  5. Presentation on Business plan. Fulfilling only the 40 of the demand. In this scenario, poultry farming has got a huge potential in Nepal. Business plan fooultry farm investment name of Firm: Boldan A gro ventures. Project: Production of Broiler chicken Location.

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