Report file

report file

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Add The sum of values for two column references. Subtract The difference between values for two column references. Multiply the product of values for two column references. Divide the ratio between values for two column references. Params Optional Specifies an argument column or a filter reference. Data-type Optional Specifies the data type of a constant column.

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Hidden Optional Specifies whether the column business value should be hidden in the report. Valid values are true and false. Column-ref Optional Specifies a reference to a column identifier. The reference is used to pass a column value as an argument to a filter or another column. Function-name Optional Specifies the name of the calculation to apply to the associated mbean attribute values. This element is only valid when the type element is function. Valid values are: sum The sum of all retrieved attribute values. Avg The average value for all retrieved attribute values. Min The minimum numeric value for all retrieved attribute values. Max The maximum numeric value for all retrieved attribute values.

Name, optional, specifies an attribute or method name on the mbean. For composite data types, the name element can contain a slash delimited name sequence. Header, optional, specifies the column header. If this item is omitted, the value of the name element is used instead. Delim, optional, specifies a character barbing that is used to separate column or array values. Valid values are: tab, space, or any non-whitespace character. Query, optional, specifies information necessary to construct a jmx query to find all mbeans contributing to the report or column.

report file

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The type element defines the resumes type of the column in the report. Valid values are: attribute (default) A column which contains the data guaranteed from a mbean attribute. Key a column which contains the value from a mbean key attribute. Method a column which contains the result of an mbean method invocation. Function a column which contains the result of a function or aggregation. Global a column that contains a value not related to any specific mbean. Global column names are report-time, report-count, and node-id. Constant a column which contains a constant string of numeric value. Property a column which contains a value of a java system property.

Xsd file which is located in the root of the coherence. Jar library and at the following Web url: the report-config element is the root element of the deployment descriptor and typically includes the xsd reference, the coherence namespace reference, and the location of the coherence-report-config. report-config element Reference, table b-1 lists all non-terminal report file deployment descriptor elements. Table b-1 Report File deployment Descriptor Non-Terminal Elements column, used in: row, description, the column element contains information to generate a report column. The column element supports the use of an id attribute to uniquely identify the column. The id is used within the column-ref element. Table b-2 describes the subelements of the column element. Table b-2 column Subelements, element, required/Optional, description type. Optional, specifies an XmlColumn implementation.

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report file

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To export to a csv file, you should additionally choose the encoding (utf8, usb cp1251) and a delimiter (comma or semicolon). Depending on the state of the Show column headers checkbox, the file will start with the header line or immediately with the data. This appendix provides a detailed reference of the report file deployment descriptor elements and includes a brief overview of the descriptor. Appendix c, "Report Group Configuration Reference for a detailed reference of the report group deployment descriptor elements. B.1 Report File deployment Descriptor, the report file deployment descriptor specifies a report for displaying management information that is based on Coherence mbeans. Coherence includes many predefined report files for most of the mbeans.

The default files are located in the coherence. Jar file in the /reports directory. The reports can be modified as required or new reports can be created. Chapter 6, "Analyzing Reporter Content analysis for additional information about the default reports. The report file deployment descriptor schema is defined in the coherence-report-config.

In such cases, you can select automatic page width, and the width of the page will correspond to the largest row in the table. Auto, compact is selected, the cell width is equal to the length of the largest word. If Auto, no wrap is selected, the cell width is equal to the largest phrase in it (no line breaks are applied). Note that if the automatic page width is selected, the page format and orientation become relative — they define only the height of the page, not the width. Excel (.xslx) is a popular product from the microsoft Office suite.

Here the data is presented in the form of spreadsheets. The report is divided into several tab pages. The data is automatically stored in tables and is suitable for subsequent processing by the tools of this program. When exporting a report to pdf, html, excel the alignment is used. The columns with text (names of sensors, geofences, drivers, users, sms and notification text, location addresses, etc.) are aligned to the left. The columns with numeric data (time, duration, speed, mileage, fuel, payments, count, etc.) are aligned to the right. Csv is a text file format used for the presentation of tabular data. Each line of this file corresponds to one line of the table, and the columns are separated from each other by a special delimiter character - a comma or a semicolon. Each table is saved in a separate file.

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Pdf is a widely known file format. To view these files Adobe Acrobat reader is used (for Windows os only). This type of file is well suited for parts printing. You can additionally specify the page orientation (landscape paper or portrait) and format (A4 or A3) when exporting a pdf-file. For reports with a large number of columns, the. Page width option may also be appropriate. The standard page width is fixed which means it depends on the selected page format and orientation. However, if the table is too wide and does not fit the specified page width, this table will not be exported (only the heading will be displayed).

report file

If there is no need to show the location, you can disable links to google maps in pdf and Excel files by marking the corresponding checkbox in the export parameters. In order to disable the function described above, use the. Disable links to google maps in pdf and Excel files option. More parameters can be adjusted for some file formats. Those additional parameters are described below. Usually you export to a file a report that is already in the browser. However, you can also generate a new one according to the parameters set noise in the left panel. In this case, you should check the. Depending on the browser settings, you will be offered to open a file or save.

scaled in such a way that geofences are shown on the map along with the above mentioned elements. Only gurtam Maps can be attached to the report. Furthermore, the map layer can be hidden (using the. Hide cartographic basis option) — in this case tracks and markers are shown on the blank background. The function of using a link to display the location (if the coordinates are available) is supported for the files exported in pdf or Excel. It works as follows: open the exported report (PDF/Excel place the cursor on the corresponding field of a report, for example, the beginning/end time or address information from the unit (the cursor pointer changes to hand ) and click on the link. Google maps cartographic service will be opened in your browser, where the marker indicates the location.

If the name is not specified, the file is formed with the default name. Activate the, compress report files box to compress the file into an archive. For html, csv and xml formats, and if the total amount of files exceeds 20 mb, forced archiving occurs even if the checkbox long is not checked. With other formats, archiving is performed in accordance with the checkbox state. The, split chart by: option allows to receive, depending on your selection, a separate chart for each day or week of the reporting period. Indicate whether it is necessary to attach the map to the exported report. Graphical objects (such as map, chart) can be exported only into html or pdf files. Note that the map will be attached to the file only if any graphical elements (such as tracks, markers, geofences, etc. ) are selected in the report template.

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To get a report as a file, press the. Export to file button. Specify the desirable file format or several formats at once. For some formats, you may need to specify additional export options. Reports in the form of night files can also be received by e-mail automatically using jobs and notifications. The report file can be assigned any name by entering it manually in the. File name field of the export dialog.

Report file
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Family relation ships, ltd. A report on a visit to the library of smk teluk kananx - download as Word Doc (.do c /.docx pdf file (.pdf text File (.txt) or read online.

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  1. I have created a schedule scan which occurs daily at 1:30 am and I have requested a report file to be generated, appending after the scan. Where does avg save the report file? To file a police report in person: Filing a report. If you have questions about your online report, or need additional help please email. When viewed. Csv file a status report will appear as; winz automated Status Report FilenameS_7001_R.

  2. How to file a police report. Three methods:Filing a report in Person Filing a report Online filing a telephone report Community. The report file deployment descriptor specifies a report for displaying management information that is based on Coherence mbeans. The report file can be assigned any name by entering it manually in the file name field of the export dialog. If the name is not specified, the file is formed with the default name.

  3. What is a report file? Every day thousands of users submit information to us about which programs they use to open specific types of files. On this page you can create a report of the scan results. You can specify whether you want the report to be created as a plain text file, or in xml format. You can upload a report definition file, an image, a document, or any file that you want to make available on the report server. Type a name for the new item.

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