Undp human development report

undp human development report

2016, human development Report

Timor-Leste cannot increase its non-oil gdp over the long term more than any other country. This graph shows average real gdp growth since 1980 (or when data is available) in every country, as well as projections through 2016. China has achieved 10; the maldives, cambodia and Bhutan are between 7 and 8; with a few others between 6 and. Optimism often can be useful, but impossible dreams are impossible to achieve. On, a government press release justified their double-digit growth targets. Timor-Leste's Human development Index over Time using old and new calculation methods The new method hides the lack of improvement. Every year, undp calculates a human development Index hdi for every country, combining indicators of health, education and income.

Human development Reports, united Nations development Programme

The report also emphasizes the quality of public investment, and recommends that more money should be invested in health and education. Nevertheless, it has been toned down by resume the inevitable cautious editing of publications by multilateral institutions which depend on government permission to remain here, and by institutional sensitivities raised by unplanned pre-release publicity. Lao hamutuk is known for frankly sharing facts and analysis, and I wont disappoint you today. I will underline a few of the reports main points, more forthrightly than undp can, in an effort to help improve the lives of current and future generations of Timorese. Long-Term average annual real gdp growth, for all countries Long-term growth above 7 is unachievable. Gross Domestic Product gdp is often used to indicate the size of a countrys economy. Although many experiences most recently obvious in Egypt show that gdp growth often doesnt benefit less affluent families, thats a discussion for another time. The hdr presents a moderate-to-high growth scenario to achieve annual growth in real non-oil gdp averaging.3 over the next 15 years. Although this is less fanciful than the double-digit dreams behind some macroeconomic models, it is still unrealistic. China is the only nation which has achieved such growth rates over a long period, and Timor-Leste is totally different from China in size, education, population control, industrialization, government management of the economy, export markets, working conditions, wages and human rights.

Timor-Leste must Win Independence from Petroleum. By charles Scheiner, lao hamutuk. . The timor-Leste human development Report is a major contribution to the challenge of moving Timor-Leste away from dependency on non-renewable resource provides a welcome alternative to the divisive partisanship, self-censorship, and wishful thinking which often prevails here, where enticing visions are pursued regardless of whether. In contrast with papers based on short-term institutional or political agendas, the nhdr seriously discusses the actual situation in Timor-Leste and suggests concrete, practical ways to develop our economy to improve living standards and sustainability over the long term. The report contains valuable ideas to improve thinking about how Timor-Leste can attain and surpass the millennium development goals. It is a much-needed complement to other reports which trust in macroeconomic statistics, models or theories that dont consider the realities of each country, especially one as exceptional as Timor-Leste. Specific recommendations to develop the non-oil economy, especially in areas of agriculture and added-value processing, will help Timor-Leste move away from its unfortunate distinction of depending writings more on exports of nonrenewable resource wealth than any other country in the world.

undp human development report

National, human development Report 2018

Rui maria araujo (Council of State deputado joaquim Amaral, untl rector essay Aurelio guterres, and Charles Scheiner from la'o hamutuk. At the launch, undp distributed a packet including. Executive summary (also, tetum and, portuguese a, press Release (also, tetum and, portuguese ) and. Statistics summary (also, tetum and, portuguese ). La'o hamutuk's comment, timor-Leste must Win Independence from Petroleum is available in English and, tetum, with an accompanying.5mb powerpoint slide show (also, tetum and as 1 mb pdf, also, tetum ). Click on any of the graphs below to see it larger. The following business week, the, government issued a press release challenging the transparency and data in the undp report. . A few weeks later, undp removed the report from their local and global websites, although it is still downloadable from la'o hamutuk.

The 2015 Human development Report Work for Human development examines the links, both positive and negative, between work and human development in a rapidly changing world of work. Fast globalization, technological revolution, demographic transitions and many other factors are creating new opportunities, but also posing risks. The report examines how the benefits of this new world of work are not equally distributed, generating winners and losers. The report argues for a broader notion of work, one that goes beyond the jobs framework, to confront both persistent challenges such as human deprivations, inequalities, unsustainability, and gender imbalances in paid and unpaid work as well as emerging ones erosion of jobs, skills gaps. It concludes with a series of policy recommendations on how to enhance human progress through promotion of workers rights and broader access to social protection. Undp 2011 National Human development Report for Timor-Leste Updated 3 november 2011. After three years of work, the United Nations development Program (undp) released its third. Human development Report for Timor-Leste (4 mb pdf) in may 2011. Entitled "Managing Natural Resources for Human development: developing the non-Oil Economy to Achieve the mdgs the 158-page report was launched by President Jose ramos-Horta on Other speakers included undp head Finn Reske-nielsen, economist rui gomes, and a panel.

2017 Zimbabwe, human development Report

undp human development report

Human development Reports, undp in pakistan

On, the United Nations development Programme (undp) in the russian Federation launched the human development Report in the rf for 2006/2007, "Russia's Regions: goals, Challenges, and Achievements". It is the eleventh publication in a series of national human development reports started in 1995 by undp in cooperation with the government of the russian Federation. The new Report further elaborates the topic of the millennium development goals (MDGs) adapted for Russia and covered in nhdr 2005. Today, russia experiences one of the highest economic growth rates in the world, but at the same time faces a major challenge due to unequal distribution of economic growth benefits among the population and dramatic regional diversity. It presents a mosaic effect as regards of human development and implementation of the millennium development goals (MDGs proclaimed in the millennium Declaration and specifically adapted for Russia.

The report attempts to give a comprehensive survey of regional human development problems and to identify positive socio-economic policies aimed at overcoming them. In a situation, when levels of economic development of different regions are in a range from those of African countries to countries in Central Europe, the report emphasizes the diversity of regional development priorities and opportunities for changing people's quality of life. It also describes the most successful regional experiences with state, regional, and municipal programmes that contribute to regional and national attainment of mdgs. Click the links below to download Full version in pdf format: cover Page, authors List, sponsors, to readers, table of Contents, foreword, mdgs adapted for Russia, executive summary, chapter frida 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter. Can we contact you later to ask your opinion about the product you just downloaded? If yes, please leave your email below, we will not use your information for any other purposes. Summary, work, not just jobs or employment, is crucial for human progress: Of the worlds.3 billion people,.2 billion are in jobs, and many others engage in unpaid care, creative and voluntary work as well as other activities or prepare themselves as future workers.

According to evgeny gontmakher, head of the center for Social Policy Studies at the Institute of Economics of the russian Academy of Sciences, the research showed that we have not solved the problems in the years of stability, but accumulated them. In the opinion of Andrey markov, world Bank head of Social Programs in Russia, the social expenditures that the State has been making until now are not an investment into the long-term human development, but payments, which are inflexible and to that matter, not affecting. Representatives of the government and legislative bodies of the russian Federation, embassies, international and non-governmental organizations, academia, and mass media participated in the presentation. To download full version of the report click. Here, authors, executive summary, undp offers you the opportunity to purchase this publication for.

Us.00 per copy or equivalent in rubles, from 10 to 50 copies. Us.00 per copy, and for more than 50 copies. Us.00 per copy. The, human development Reports for the russian Federation are available in Russian and English. Please refer all inquiries to undp, united Nations Office, 9 leontyevsky lane, 125009 Moscow, russia, tel. Natalia voronkova, nhdr project coordinator) or by e-mail at we wish you good reading!

Undp, united Nations development Programme

All available reserves need to be mobilized for this task: improvement of roles health plan and reduction of mortality, greater economic activity and employment rates among various age and social groups, improved levels of employee qualification and greater labor productivity, inter-sector and interregional redistribution of human resources. The report presents Human development Index (HDI) for Russia and its regions. It also contains the first-ever calculated Gender-related development Index (gdi which takes into account the impact from differences between men and women in basic hdi indicators: life expectancy, literacy rate and access to education, as well as access to income. The findings of the report were presented. Anatoly vishnevsky, director of the Institute of Demography at the State University-higher School of Economic (su hse and a lead author of the publication, as well as other members of the expert team, namely sergei zakharov, deputy director of the Institute of Demography at the. They spoke about fertility trends, the impact of demographic challenges on economic development, and the scale of social spending. Prominent Russian experts, who participated in the discussion, shared with their comments to the report.

undp human development report

The report is intended for top managers, political scientists, scientific researchers, teachers and high school students. On the United Nations development Programme (undp) in the russian Federation presented the 2008 National Human development Report. Russia facing Demographic Challenges. This is the twelfth of the kind in a series launched by undp in cooperation with the government of the russian Federation and prepared by prominent national experts since 1995. Demography, as much as economic and social progress, is a part of the concept of human development. Long life and health are the basis, which enable extension of human choice, creative life, material prosperity, access to high-quality education and full participation in society. Without them, many opportunities remain unavailable and many ambitions for a better life unattainable. The report analyses the main aspects of the major demographic challenges and offers recommendations for social and economic reforms, which could help reduce mortality rates, improve the present birth rate, regulate and manage migration flows, and at the same time, alleviate adverse consequences of demographic. Elvira nabiullina, the minister for Economic development of the rf, emphasized in her Address to the nhdr readers that our common objective is accelerated human development in Russia as a precondition for the countrys extremes full-scale socio-economic development.

to reflect the new socio-economic trends that have affected this process in the past few. The report was prepared in relation to the discussion of the global progress towards achieving the mdgs at the un general Assembly in September 2010. The report pays special attention to bridging the remaining regional disparities as reflected the presented. Human development Index (HDI) for Russia and its regions. Link to the full text of the report. Energy sector and Sustainable development, the 13th Human development Report for the russian Federation, Energy sector and Sustainable development, assesses impact of the energy sector on the countrys economy and human development. The global economic crisis has brought many problems, but it also offers a window of opportunity for Russia to transform its energy sector, which evolved in its present form during the late xx century, into a modern high-tech vanguard for the national economy in the. Issues, which are the traditional subject matter of human development reports economic development, income levels, employment, education and health care are discussed in the context of energy theme.

The full text of the report in English. «Modernization and Human development it is the 15th Report in the ongoing series, started in 1995 jointly by undp and the ministry of Foreign Affairs of the russian Federation as the Projects National Executing Agency. Since 2011 the faculty of Economics at Lomonosov moscow State University has acted as the national Executing Agency for the Project mainstreaming Human development in Russia. The main goal of the 2011 Report is to study statement the tasks of modernization in the context of human development, highlighting the necessity for the modernization of Russias economy and social sphere and enhancement of its institutions. This approach is a logical continuation of the previous Reports. The 2011 Report identifies the basic components of modernization, addresses main parameters of the post-crisis economy and social challenges in Russia and analyzes the development of social and institutional infrastructure to determine the role of human development in Russias new economy. The presentation was attended by the representatives of Russian executive and legislative bodies, international organizations and ngos, scientific circles and mass media. Please download the full version of the report /documents/nhdr2011eng.

Human development Report

The nhdr-2013 was presented on may 21st at the Analytical Centre of the government of Russia (Moscow). This is the sixteenth national report that will conclude the russian nhdr series, started in 1995. The 2013 Report addresses the global agenda and the national context for the transition to sustainable development, looking at social, environmental and economic factors. New approaches to education and science for sustainable development, health care, green economy models and sustainable development indicators are discussed in the report's ten chapters. The report also looks at energy sustainability and energy efficiency, climate change agenda and regional development policies, as well as the role of civil society and business in the transition to sustainable development. The report reflects on the statement of Russia's Prime-minister Dmitry medvedev at the rio20 Conference on Sustainable development (June 2012 in particular, on the prospects for the green growth models, russia's role as a steward of globally important forest and water resources, and the challenges. The event was attended by the representatives of Russian government and parliament, international organizations and ngos, summary expert and research community and mass media. The full text of the report in Russian.

Undp human development report
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  4. The 2016 Human development Report (HDR) focuses on how human development can be ensured for every one—now and in future. Since 1990, the undp human development Report s annual hdi rankings have been widely followed by governments, media, civil society and development. Download the complete Arab Human development Report in one big file (5,209 KB). The Acrobat reader is needed from Adobe systems to view these pdf files.

  5. Nations in Zimbabwe run a series of communications and advocacy on gender equality and women. Human, development, reports (ahdr), united. Arab, human, development, report. Development, programme undp ) in the russian Federation launched the human development Report in the rf for 2006/. Link to 2002 undp human development Report on Timor-Leste ukun Rasik a'an: The way ahead (also portuguese). The 2015 Human development Report Work for Human development examines the links, both positive and negative, between work and human development.

  6. Belarus National, human, development, report. You are at, undp, belarus. National, human, development, report 2016. The choice of a theme for this report has been determined by the countrys. Undp, africa, human, development, report.

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